Blinking Light On My Roku – How To troubleshoot?

Roku devices are sleek and beautifully designed. But, unfortunately, the players and remotes only have one or two lights to indicate their status. So, when those lights start blinking, it can be pretty confusing to understand what that means.

A blinking red light on a Roku player means that it’s not receiving enough power. However, a white blinking light instead points to a connectivity issue with your home WiFi, internet, or with its HDMI cable. Lights on the Roku remote can also blink to indicate one of two issues. The remote could be failing to pair with the player, or its battery is running low.

At first glance, the blinking lights you see can be pretty confusing and frustrating. But don’t worry! This guide will help clear the air and show you what those blinking lights mean and how you can fix them.

Is There A Light On Roku?

Yes, your Roku device has three lights that you must be aware of.

You can find the first light on the Roku device itself. It’s an LED light on the front-facing part of the device.

The remaining two lights are on the Roku remote. There’s one light on the front and a second one at the remote’s battery compartment.

You must take a moment to familiarize yourself with all three of these lights. When they start blinking, each light will indicate a different issue that requires your attention.

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What Does The Light On My Roku Mean?

As we saw in the previous section, each of the three lights carries a different meaning. So here’s what each of those lights represents:

  • The light on the Roku device shows if the device is receiving power and if there are any WiFi connectivity issues.
  • The front light on the Roku remote relates to the remote’s power supply. On some remotes, this light is also the pairing indicator. 
  • The battery compartment light behind the Roku remote relates to the pairing between the remote and the Roku device.

As you can imagine, understanding what each Roku light means will help you troubleshoot issues quicker if any of them start blinking.

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Why Is My Roku Device Light Blinking?

There is only one light on your Roku device. However, it can blink in two different colors: red and white, each with a different cause.

Let’s take a closer look at what triggers the light to blink in those two colors.

Roku Device Light Blinks Red: Power Issue

When you see that the light on your Roku blinks red, that means there’s a power supply issue. To be more specific, the problem is that the device isn’t receiving enough power to operate correctly.

This problem typically happens when you plug your Roku device’s adapter into a power strip, surge protector, or anything similar. 

What’s happening here is that those items add an extra layer between the Roku and the wall socket, preventing it from receiving the complete power supply it needs.

Thankfully, the solution to this problem is very straightforward. First, disconnect the Roku device’s power adapter and reconnect it directly to a wall socket. Then, with no additional layers in between, the device can get all the power it needs, and the red light won’t blink.

The same problem can also happen with USB-powered Roku devices. When the red light blinks on these devices, you have two options:

  • Plug the Roku device into another USB port that supplies more power. Some USB ports provide more power than others.
  • Use the power adapter that comes with the device and plug that into a wall socket. That will ensure your Roku device gets all the power it needs to work correctly.

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Roku Device Light Blinks White: Connectivity Issue

Another possibility with the Roku device’s light is that it blinks twice in white instead of red. When that happens, the device is experiencing a connectivity issue and not one related to its power supply.

Your Roku is a wireless device that connects to the internet through your home WiFi network. When the device struggles to communicate with your home router, it’ll blink in white to alert you of the problem.

Overall, the solution to resolve the blinking white light is to improve the device’s WiFi connectivity. There are two practical ways you can do that:

Unfortunately, the connectivity issues that trigger the white light to blink can also go beyond your home WiFi network. For example, if there’s a disruption with your internet service provider (ISP), you’ll see this light blink as well.

Although less likely, a blinking white light can also indicate an issue with the HDMI cable. Thankfully, you can troubleshoot this issue quickly by testing your Roku with another HDMI cable to see if the problem continues.

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Why Is The Light Blinking On My Roku Remote?

When the light on your Roku remote blinks, it’s because either the battery is weak or there’s a pairing issue. That light might blink in white or green, each color representing a different issue.

Start your troubleshooting by focusing on the batteries. The most straightforward way to test your remote is to switch the current batteries for a new pair. 

If the root cause is a power supply issue, that will restore functionality to the remote and stop the light from blinking.

However, if the light continues to blink, then you’ve ruled out the batteries and can troubleshoot it as a pairing issue.

In that case, check the flashing light’s color. If the light is flashing white, that means the remote is not paired to your Roku device.

When that happens, you must press and hold the remote’s pairing button until the light blinks in a green color. That will mean the remote is in pairing mode and is seeking to pair with your Roku player.

The green light will stop blinking as soon as you pair the remote with the player.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some other frequently asked questions that you might find helpful when troubleshooting the blinking lights on your Roku.

How Do I Reboot My Roku?

You can perform a hard reboot on your Roku player by unplugging it from its power supply. Then, leave the device alone for 1 minute, so all retained electricity dissipates naturally. After that time passes, reconnect the device and turn it on again.

How Do I Reset My Roku Remote?

Resetting the Roku remote is very straightforward. First, remove the batteries from the remote. Then, leave the remote alone for at least 1 minute. That will give it enough time to release any leftover power inside. 

Then, put the batteries back in. If the remote is still unresponsive, replace the batteries with a fresh pair.

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How Do I Power My Roku?

Ideally, you should power your Roku using the power adapter that comes with it. That’s especially true with USB-powered Roku devices because not all USB ports provide enough power. When connecting the adapter, be sure to connect it directly to a wall socket and not through a power strip or anything similar.

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How Do I Get My Roku Remote To Work?

You need two things to make your Roku remote work correctly. Firstly, it must have fresh batteries inside to provide it with power. Besides that, you must be sure to pair the remote to your Roku player

Press and hold the pairing button until you see the green blinking light, which means it’s in pairing mode.

Why Is My Roku Light Red?

The red light on your Roku player can mean two things. First, if the light is red and blinking, the device isn’t receiving enough power. However, if the red light is solid, the device is overheating. Unplug it immediately and let it cool down completely. Protection Status