Dryer Not Spinning. How To Fix It?

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If you’ve run into the problem of a dryer not spinning, there are a some reasons why this might be happening.

These are a few simple ways in which you can resolve the dryer not spinning problem or if you’re dealing with drum roller problems and need to replace a part that’s malfunctioning.

Drive Belt

Your dryer is rotated by a drive belt. Over time this drive belt can wear out and eventually snap.

This is often caused by overuse of the machine, or if it is an older machine, regular use over a prolonged period of time can cause the drive belt to wear out.

If it has snapped, you’ll have to replace it in your dryer.

Similarly, with most dryer repairs to fix the broken drive belt, you’ll have to

  • Remove the front panel of your drying machine
  • Remove the front bulk-head of the dryer to easily access the drive belt

Once removed, you’ll see the snapped/broken drive belt. Make sure to purchase the same series/model number, for the specific dryer model and manufacturer piece you own.

For some dryers, you can purchase a generic drive belt if it fits around the drum where the belt rotates. Once replaced, the dryer not spinning issue should resolve itself once you replace the front panel of your drying machine and place the front bulk-head back into place on the dryer.

Worn Drum Roller

Most dryers have two or more rollers which support the rear of the drum, and some dryers will also have two or more rollers to support the front of the drum.

It depends on the make/model of your drying machine as to the placement of the drummer roller and axles.

If this has worn out, you’ll have to replace the worn out drum roller(s), depending on how many are in your drying machine.

Even if all rollers aren’t worn out, if you are replacing one, you might as well replace all of them if the dryer is older, so as to prevent this issue from stopping the dryer from spinning in the future.

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If the roller or roller axles have worn out, the drum will have trouble rotating in the dryer. This might cause it to pause, and eventually, to stop spinning entirely.

Many dryers will also squeak because of this worn part.

Again, the best solution is to replace all rollers and axles at the same time.

Similarly to the belt repair, just remove the front panel and bulk-head to access these pieces.

You can manually spin them to see if they’re rotating or having difficulty rotating smoothly.

Once replaced, make sure you test the roller and axles by manually spinning them to ensure smooth, even turning.

Replace the dryer parts and run a dry cycle to see if it has resolved the problem.

Repairing or Replacing a Faulty Drum Glide

Certain dryers have a plastic glide which supports the front of the dryer when it is operating.

This is the piece you notice on the inside of the front panel of your dryer when you open/close it.

If the drummer glide is worn out, this can cause the drum to bind to the front of the machine.

This in turn, causes it to pause or stop spinning all together when you turn on a dryer cycle.

This will place a strain on the drive motor if it is not replaced as soon as you notice the issue.

You can purchase a replacement drummer glide at nearly any home improvement store or specialty store.

Make sure it is the right size for your dryer. Simply open the front of the drying machine, remove the bulkhead and front panel of the dryer.

You’ll notice that to remove/replace the drummer glide, you don’t need any equipment.

Just remove the worn drummer glide (some machines may have two), and replace it.

Once replaced, test the spin cycle on your dryer.

Replacing the Worn out Drum Bearings

A rear drum and drum bearing is present on certain dryers to support the drum. In the event the drum bearing is what’s causing the dryer not spinning issue, you’ll have to replace it.

Because the bearing is worn out, the drum is going to have difficulty turning.

This will in turn, result in noisy operation of your machine.

If not replaced, this can also cause damage to other parts of the dryer, which will require more significant repair in the future.

To replace this part, you’ll have to remove the control panel (remove rear screws from the dryer), remove the bulkhead and front panel from the dryer.

Unhook the control panel tabs. Once you remove all screws, you’ll reach under the drum to remove the drum bearing (you’ll have to push the idler pulley forward to access it).

You’ll have to remove the drum in order to access the rear drum bearings.

This is a more complex replacement job, so it might require assistance by a licensed and certified repair technician. For most homeowners, it’s best to call a service technician for this type of repair.

Drive Motor Issue

The motor operates the blower wheel and it drives the dryer belt.

If no obstructions are seen preventing the dryer wheel from rotating seamlessly, and you hear a humming sound from the motor, you’re probably dealing with a motor that has failed.

This is going to require a replacement drive motor in order to resolve the dryer not spinning problem you’re dealing with.

Similar to the last repair, this is a more complicated (and larger) repair job, which is going to require specialized tools and experience.

Therefore, the best solution is to hire a certified repair technician to repair the drive motor (if possible) or to replace it if the motor is beyond repair.

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Broken Idler Pulley or Tension roller.

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