Why Dyson Deep Clean Cycle Button Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide

Dyson humidifiers can be left to function automatically for extended periods. However, you must still perform regular deep cleans to keep them functioning optimally. The cleaning process is meant to be a one-button task, but why would the Deep Clean Cycle button not work?

When the Deep Clean Cycle button on your Dyson Humidifier isn’t working, check to ensure that the unit receives adequate power. It’s also possible that a minor glitch is causing the unit to require a quick reset. The button will also be unresponsive if the water pump is faulty or its electrical contacts are dirty.

This article will be your troubleshooting guide for the Deep Clean Cycle button. Read through to the end to find out why this problem happens and what you can do to sort it out:

Why Is The Deep Clean Cycle Button On My Dyson Humidifier Unresponsive?

Here are the most likely reasons the button is unresponsive, plus the solutions you can use to resolve each one.

Power Supply Issues

About this: Dyson humidifiers receive their incoming supply from a removable power cord. One end of that cord plugs into the wall socket, while the other goes into a port at the back of the humidifier unit.

Directly above that port is a small light that lets you know that the power cord is connected and working. However, that light is small and at the device’s rear, so you can’t see it from the front.

How it causes the problem: Dyson humidifiers are silent devices. And as mentioned above, the light that illuminates when you plug the cord in is at its rear.

So, the first reason to rule out when you push the Deep Clean Cycle button and nothing happens is that the unit has power supply issues. More specifically, there’s likely a lack of power due to a power cord problem.

The cord might be torn or ripped, or have come out of the port behind the humidifier.

How to resolve it: Firstly, disconnect the power cord from the wall socket. That will make it safe for you to inspect the cord without any risk of electrocution.

If the cord is free from damage, reconnect the cord and ensure that it’s plugged into your humidifier port correctly.

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Minor Electronic Glitch

About this: Dyson Humidifiers, like most other Dyson products, are appliances with very high-tech components used in their manufacturing.

For example, Dyson humidifiers, in particular, have advanced thermostats, humidistats, and microprocessors. 

These components work together to measure your room’s air quality with precision and deliver the results that you want.

How it causes the problem: The challenge with high-tech appliances is that the more they rely on cutting-edge components, the higher the risk of a glitch occurring.

Glitches are temporary malfunctions that are too challenging to pinpoint and troubleshoot. However, they’re often easy to clear with a reset of the device and its components.

In this case, the Dyson humidifier is likely suffering from a glitch preventing it from carrying out the deep clean cycle when you push that button.

How to resolve it: As you read above, the root causes of these glitches are almost impossible to pinpoint. So, you can skip to the part where you clear it by resetting the Dyson humidifier.

Firstly, disconnect the humidifier from its power source. Then, let the humidifier sit undisturbed for at least 5 minutes. 

Any retained electricity inside the unit will dissipate naturally and reset its components during that time.

After you’ve waited long enough, you can plug the Dyson humidifier back in and turn it on.

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Dirty Electrical Contacts

About this: When you remove the water tank in your Dyson humidifier, you’ll notice several electrical contacts. Those contacts supply power to the humidifier’s water pump to drive water to where it’s needed.

The correct functioning of that water pump is crucial to the deep clean cycle. So, as long as the pump is in excellent working condition, you’ll get a reaction when you press the Deep Clean Cycle button.

How it causes the problem: Unfortunately, the electrical contacts can get dirty after extended use. Dust, dirt, and impurities from water could have built up around those contacts. 

When those buildups become severe enough, they’ll interfere with the water pump’s power supply.

As you saw earlier, the water pump is crucial to the deep clean cycle. So if the electrical contacts are dirty and the pump can’t run, the deep clean cycle won’t begin when you press the button.

How to resolve it: You’ll have to clean the dirty electrical contacts to restore function to the water pump.

Firstly, disconnect the humidifier from its power source. Then, remove the water tank from your Dyson unit.

Removing the water tank gives you access to the pump column and its electrical contacts. Use a dry cloth to clean those contacts thoroughly, removing any visible impurities.

Once you’re done, replace the water tank and restore power to the unit.

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Faulty Water Pump

About this: Your Dyson humidifier has a built-in water pump. Its purpose is straightforward: to bring water from the tank up through the column so it can be converted to a mist.

You can imagine how critical the water pump is to the humidifier’s entire operation. Without it, water can’t get to where it needs to be. That will prevent the unit from humidifying your room to the set levels.

How it causes the problem: Your Dyson humidifier is unresponsive when you press the Deep Clean Cycle button because its water pump is faulty.

When the pump fails, it can’t take water from the tank to carry out the deep clean process.

As a result, the machine doesn’t respond to you.

How to resolve it: The only way to deal with this issue is to replace the water pump with a new one. Dyson doesn’t make its appliances repairable by users. So, fixing the pump as a DIY home repair is out of the question.

Therefore, the best step for you is to contact Dyson directly. Their technicians can troubleshoot your unit more accurately and confirm the root cause of the problem.

Depending on your warranty terms, Dyson might replace the water pump or the whole humidifier at no cost to you.

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Additional Questions and Answers

Here are a few more ideas on how to troubleshoot your Dyson humidifier:

How Do You Cancel The Deep Clean Cycle On A Dyson?

You can cancel the deep clean cycle on a Dyson humidifier by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds. The LCD screen will show that the cycle has ended.

Can You Run Vinegar Through A Dyson Humidifier?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean your Dyson humidifier. However, rinse any part you clean with vinegar thoroughly before reassembling and using the humidifier.

What Kind Of Water Do You Put In A Dyson Humidifier?

Ideally, you should use distilled water in your Dyson humidifier. You can use tap water, but that’s not good for the humidifier in the long run. Non-distilled water will have impurities that can cause calcification and other buildup in your humidifier.

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When Should I Clean My Humidifier?

You should clean your Dyson humidifier once a week. However, cleaning it more often is an excellent idea if you use it heavily or if your indoor air quality is terrible.

How Do I Clean My Dyson Loop Amplifier?

You can remove the Dyson loop amplifier and clean it with a cloth. Wipe away any dust and ensure that there is nothing blocking air from passing through.

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