What Are Gas Vs Electric Stove Monthly Costs?

Most people only look at the price tag when shopping for a gas or electric stove. While some stoves are cheaper than others at the store, that doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way once they’re installed in your kitchen. Instead, you should also consider the monthly cost of operating a gas or electric stove.

You can expect to pay approximately $6.99 a month to operate a gas stove and $10.95 for an electric model. Those prices depend primarily on local energy costs, which are higher or lower depending on where you live. For gas stoves, the type of gas also affects the monthly cost. Natural gas costs less than propane or other gasses typically used for cooking.

This guide will walk you through the differences between gas and electric stoves that affect their monthly cost. Then, you’ll learn what affects those costs. You’ll even discover a few ways to reduce monthly expenses, whether you’re using a gas or electric stove.

Gas Vs Electric Stoves; What’s The Difference?

The monthly costs associated with using a gas or electric stove are different. That’s because both types of stoves function very differently to generate the heat you need to cook your meals.

More importantly, each stove type uses a different fuel to function. As you’ll see through the rest of this guide, some fuels are more expensive or more efficient than others.

So, to understand where those monthly costs come from, let’s look at how gas and electric stoves work.

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Gas Stoves

As the name suggests, a gas stove burns flammable gas to generate heat. The gas flows through lines and valves towards the stove’s burners. Then, the gas is ignited to start the flame that produces heat under your pots, pans, and other kitchenware.

Gas stoves also come in several different versions, depending on the type of fuel you want to use. 

For example, you have gas stoves that run on:

Because of how a gas stove functions, your monthly costs to use one will depend mainly on the cost of gas in your area. For instance, natural gas is cheaper than propane in many regions across the country.

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Electric Stoves

Electric stoves are much more straightforward. They plug into a special 220-volt wall outlet and draw electricity to generate heat. The stove does that by channelling electricity to heating elements that glow red-hot underneath your pots and pans as you cook.

As you can see, the monthly cost you pay to run an electric stove only depends on the price of electricity in your local area.

In some cases, the monthly cost might be lower for homeowners who rely on renewable energy. For example, a household that generates most of its power using a solar power system would pay less every month to use an electric stove.

How Much Does A Gas Stove Cost Per Month?

You can expect to pay around $6.99 to run a gas stove every month.

Of course, that’s an estimated cost that comes with a few assumptions. 

That cost assumes that you’re using your gas stove for only an hour a day. Naturally, that duration will depend on the household. Some will use their gas stove much more frequently, and others less so.

That monthly price tag also assumes that you’ll pay 23 cents for that hour of gas every day. But, as you’ve seen earlier, gas prices will not be the same in all towns and cities. Plus, some gas types are cheaper than others.

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How Much Does An Electric Stove Cost Per Month?

An electric stove will typically cost more to run every month than a gas model. Assuming you use the electric stove for an hour every day, you can expect to pay $10.95 per month.

Again, those prices will depend largely on where you live. Some municipalities charge more than others regarding your household energy bill.

Plus, as mentioned before, some households rely at least partially on solar energy. So if your household is one of them, you can expect to pay a lot less out of pocket to operate your electric stove every month.

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How Do You Use A Stove More Efficiently?

No matter the kind of stove you have or which fuel source it uses, you’ll be glad to know there are ways to cook more efficiently and cut your monthly costs.

Here are four ways to use a gas or electric stove more efficiently and reduce your monthly costs:

  • Preparation: Firstly, you should avoid turning on your gas or electric stove unnecessarily. You can do that by taking your time preparing all your cooking ingredients before turning the stove on.
  • Use efficient cookware: Investing in efficient cookware is also crucial. For instance, stainless steel pots and pans will heat quicker and more evenly. As a result, you’ll use less energy when cooking and reduce your costs in the long run.
  • Match cookware and burner sizes: Next, matching burner and cookware sizes will maximize heating efficiency. A burner that’s too small will take too long to heat your cookware. However, using a burner that’s too big will waste a lot of heat.
  • Clean your stove regularly: Like any other appliance, you must also clean your stove regularly. Buildups of grease and food residue will make the stove less efficient when heating your cookware.

Bottom-Line: Is It Cheaper To Run A Gas Or Electric Stove?

Without a doubt, a gas stove is cheaper to run than an electric stove. 

Gas is a much more efficient source of energy for cooking overall. That’s why it remains a popular choice for kitchen stoves, even though high-tech electric models have been on the market for a very long time.

But, never forget that there are several types of gas stoves. You can find gas stoves that use fuels like LPG, propane, butane, and natural gas.

So, which is the cheapest to run among those gas types?

The American Gas Association (AGA) claims that natural gas is the most affordable source of home energy for cooking and many other uses. They also project that natural gas will stay cheaper than other sources (like electricity) at least until 2040.

Let’s suppose your top priority is to pick the stove with the lowest monthly operating costs. In that case, choosing a gas stove over an electric one is the first crucial step. 

Still, you can save even more by choosing one that uses natural gas as fuel instead of other types like propane or LPG.

Gas vs Electric Stoves: Other Considerations

Aside from your monthly costs, it’s also worth remembering that gas and electric stoves have different setup costs as well.

A gas stove might be cheaper to run month to month, but it has a higher startup cost. That’s because you’ll need a licensed professional to install a gas supply system in your home.

For example, that system could be a natural gas line connected to your municipal gas supply. Or, it could even involve setting up a propane tank outside your home, with a line leading into your kitchen to your stove.

Setup is much more straightforward for electric stoves, though. The only thing you need to do is prepare a 240-volt wall socket which you’ll plug the stove into. A qualified electrician can get that sorted out for you without a problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you understand the monthly costs of using a gas or electric stove.

Is An Electric Stove More Expensive Than Gas?

Buying and installing an electric stove is less expensive than a gas model. However, despite lower upfront costs, electric stoves cost more to operate. That’s because electricity is a more expensive energy source, leading to higher monthly costs.

Do Gas Stoves Save Money?

Yes. Gas stoves might have a higher setup cost upfront if your house doesn’t already have a gas line installed. However, gas is a more efficient and affordable fuel for cooking than electricity. So, you’ll save money every month.

How Much Does A Stove Cost?

Electric stoves can cost anywhere from $350 to $1,700 per unit, while gas models can cost between $300 and $2,200. The broad difference in prices depends on the stove’s size, the number of burners, plus any additional features and accessories.

What Is Cheaper, An Electric Or A Gas Stove?

Electric stoves are typically cheaper than gas models, but only slightly. These days, you can find equivalent gas and electric models that cost approximately the same. However, gas stoves use cheaper fuel, so you’ll pay less for monthly operations costs.

How Much Is Stove Gas A Month?

Stove gas can cost about $6.99 a month if you use the stove for one hour a day. That cost will differ depending on the type of gas that you use and your local energy costs. For example, natural gas is cheaper than propane or other kinds. Also, gas is more affordable in some parts of the country than others.

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