How To Change Printer Language To English On Canon, HP Or Brother?

Printers these days provide plenty of options when it comes to displaying languages. While English is a common choice, you’ll find that your printer can also switch to Spanish and a wide range of other languages.

You can change your printer’s display language to English through its control panel and display. The exact menu options will differ between brands. However, it generally involves accessing the settings menu and choosing from a list of different options. When you confirm your selection, the printer’s menus will switch back to English.

Keep reading to learn how to change the printer language, specifically on Canon, HP, and Brother printers.

How Do I Change My Canon Printer Language To English?

Canon printers offer a wide range of language options for you to choose from. Here’s how you can change the current language to English:

Step 1: Select ‘Settings’ or ‘Registration’

Firstly, use your Canon printer’s display and search for the Settings menu. Depending on your Canon printer model, the menu option might say ‘Registration’ instead.

The Settings menu is represented by an icon that looks like a gear.

Highlight that option and select it.

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Step 2: Go To ‘Display Switch Language/Keyboard’

After selecting the Settings menu, your next goal is to find the ‘Display Switch Language/Keyboard’ menu. That’s the menu that lists all available language options.

You can get to that menu by going to:

  1. Preferences, then
  2. Display Settings, and then
  3. ‘Display Switch Language/Keyboard’

Select that menu to see the list of available languages.

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Step 3: Choose English

Canon printers offer a long list of different language options to choose from. So, you’ll have to scroll through that list and look for English.

Highlight that language option.

Step 4: Confirm Your Choice

The final step is to confirm your choice. With the English language option highlighted, press On, and then press OK.

You’ve set your Canon printer language to English. Repeat the same steps if you’d like to switch to another language in the future.

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How Do I Change My HP Printer Language To English?

Changing your HP printer language to English is done through the printer’s touch screen.

Follow these steps to switch the display language to English:

Step 1: Restart Printer

To change the display language on your HP printer, start by restarting the device. You can turn it off at its switch or disconnect its plug from the wall socket.

After 10 seconds, reconnect the printer and allow it to restart normally.

Step 2: Swipe Left

Once your HP printer and its display are turned on, swipe left on the control panel’s display. Then, look for the printer’s setup menu.

Like most printers, the setup menu is represented by a universally-understood icon that resembles a gear.

Step 3: Press The Setup Icon

Press on the setup icon when you find it. That will give you several options for adjusting your HP printer’s functionality, including the printer’s display language.

Step 4: Select Preferences

After pressing the setup icon, the Preferences menu is the first option on the following list.

The placement of the Preferences menu in the first or second position is universal across HP printer displays. So, if selecting the first option doesn’t bring you to the Preferences menu, try the second option instead.

Step 5: Go To Languages And Choose English

Next, look for the Languages menu. That menu will show you a list of display languages you can choose from.

Select English and press ‘Yes’ when prompted.

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How Do I Change My Brother’s Printer Language To English?

Brother printers only offer English and Spanish as language options. Follow these steps to switch to English as the printer’s display language:

Step 1: Menu Key

The first step to changing your Brother printer’s display language is to press the Menu key. The key is available on the printer’s control panel, though its exact position might differ between printer models.

Step 2: Select Initial Setup

Using the up and down arrows, highlight and select the Initial Setup menu option. Then, select it by pressing OK.

Step 3: Select Local Language

Next, scroll up or down to find the Local Language menu. Press OK to select and enter that menu option.

As mentioned before, Brother printers only offer English and Spanish as language options. So, highlight English and press OK to confirm it as your Brother printer’s new display language.

Step 4: Press Stop/Exit

The final step is to exit the Local Language menu and return to the printer’s main menu. You can do that by pressing the Stop or Exit button on your Brother printer’s control panel.

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Why Does My Printer Keep Changing Its Display Language?

Whether you have a Canon, HP, Brother printer, or any other brand, you only need to change the display language to English once. After that, the language will stay the same until you manually change it to something else. 

However, if your printer changes its display language automatically to something other than English, here are a few reasons why:

#1 The Printer Needs A Thorough Reset

Firstly, your printer might be experiencing a glitch or short-term error that causes it to change to a different display language. 

The root cause of the error can be too challenging for you to identify. So instead, you can try to reset the printer, so it starts over fresh without any errors affecting it.

Turning it off and on at the switch isn’t enough. Instead, you should power cycle the printer by disconnecting it from the wall socket for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

#2 The Printer’s Firmware Is Outdated

All printers have permanent software that’s installed directly into their hardware. That software is called firmware and helps manage the printer’s functions.

Like all software, the firmware must be updated occasionally. Outdated firmware can cause the printer to behave erratically, like reverting to a different display language without your input.

Download the latest version of your printer model’s firmware and install it on your printer to resolve this issue.

#3 The Printer Has A Hardware Problem

Lastly, the printer might have a hardware problem that’s causing it to change its settings without your input.

Unfortunately, a hardware issue like this cannot be fixed as a DIY task. So, you’ll have to get a qualified technician to diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out these questions and answers to better understand your printer’s display language settings.

How Do I Change The Print Settings On My Printer?

You can change the print settings on your printer through its display panel. The display has menus that allow you to access different printer settings and adjust them as needed.

How Do I Change My Printer Settings On My Computer?

You can do so through the print management software that came with the printer. Alternatively, you can change settings through your operating system (e.g. Windows or macOS).

Where Is My Printer Menu?

On Windows, your printer menu is on the Control Panel. However, you’ll have to access the Preferences tab to find the printer menu on a macOS system.

How Can I Remotely Control My Printer?

There are several ways you can control a printer remotely. For example, you can do so through cloud printing platforms like Google Cloud Print or by connecting the printer to your local network.

Can Different Printer Users Have Different Display Languages?

Yes, but that depends on the printer model. For example, commercial printer models typically made for offices allow individual users to choose their preferred display languages. The language will change when the user keys in their ID and password. Protection Status