How To Fix LG Washing Machine?

Even great LG washers have occasional problems. How to fix LG washing machine explores some of the most common issues and how to fix them.

LG washing machines can last for at least 10 years with proper maintenance. However, you can maximize your washer’s lifespan by quickly troubleshooting and resolving its problems. First, you’ll have to know what common issues to expect.

Your LG washing machine will likely experience common problems like: 1) failing to turn on, 2) an unresponsive Start button, 3)failing to start a wash cycle, 4) or failing to turn on unless unplugged first. When you understand these problems in advance, you can troubleshoot them quicker if it happens.

This guide will equip you with the basic knowledge to handle the most likely problems your LG washer will face throughout its lifespan.

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How to Fix LG Washing Machine?

You’ll never know when you’ll come across a problem with your LG washing machine. But when that time comes, here are the most likely issues you’ll face and how you can fix them quickly:

LG Front Load Washer Won’t Turn On

What to troubleshoot: A washing machine that won’t turn on is no use to anyone. If that’s the case with your machine, you’ll want to troubleshoot the appliance’s incoming power supply, particularly:

  • The power connection
  • The circuit breaker

Why this happens: Your LG washing machine won’t turn on if it’s not receiving any electric power. 

That power supply can be controlled at two points: the power connection (i.e. the power plug and the wall socket) and the circuit breaker leading from your house’s main electrical box.

Firstly, it’s likely that the plug is not pushed fully into the wall socket. Besides that, the wall socket itself might be broken and not supplying power.

On top of that, the circuit breaker for that wall socket might have tripped or been left in the OFF position. 

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How to fix it: You can quickly troubleshoot and solve this problem by starting with the washing machine.

First, make sure that the washer’s plug is pushed fully into the wall socket. If that doesn’t help, you could also try plugging another appliance into that socket to see if it has any power.

Next, find your household’s main electrical box. That’s where all your circuit breakers will be, including the one for your washer. Be sure to push the washer’s circuit breaker to the ON position.

how to fix LG washing

LG Washing Machine Start Button Not Responding

What to troubleshoot: If your LG washer powers on successfully but the Start button doesn’t respond, your focus should be on the user control and display board. This board houses the Start button and all the washer’s other controls. 

Besides that, it’s also where you’ll find the display board that shows you the washer’s information.

When the user control and display board become faulty, parts like the Start button will stop working correctly. However, it’s also possible for the entire board to fail with all buttons becoming unresponsive simultaneously.

Why this happens: Typically, a user control and display board will become faulty from excess wear. That’s especially true if you’ve been using the washer for several years or in a high usage area like a large household or a shared living space.

However, the Start button and the board can also stop responding after suffering physical damage. For example, a hard object hitting the Start button could damage parts of the board, causing the same outcome.

How to fix it: When the user control and display board fails, the only solution is to remove and replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, trying to fix only the unresponsive Start button is not a practical solution in this case.

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LG Washer Won’t Start Cycle

What to troubleshoot: When your washer won’t start a new wash cycle, you’ll want to troubleshoot the drain filter and the door switch. 

A problem with these parts can prevent the washer from beginning the wash cycle when you push the Start button.

Why this happens: Even though your washer won’t start when you push the Start button, the problem might not be with the button itself. Instead, the washer prevents itself from starting as a protective measure.

Firstly, it’s likely that the washer senses a problem with the drain filter. A clogged drain filter will not allow any water to flow out of the washer. The washer will sense this and prevent the wash program from starting.

Besides that, the issue could be with the door or its door switch. For starters, the washer will not respond to the Start button if the door isn’t closed securely. However, a faulty door switch will cause the same outcome even if the door is closed as it should be.

How to fix it: Firstly, remove the drain filter and clean it thoroughly. The filter must not have any dirt, debris, or lint inside that might block smooth water flow.

Next, check that you’ve closed the door securely. If the door is closed, but the Start button still won’t respond, the door switch is faulty and must be replaced. A new switch is necessary because the door switch is not a serviceable or repairable part.

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LG Washer Won’t Turn On Unless Unplugged

What to troubleshoot: If you ever find yourself in a situation where the LG washer won’t turn on unless you unplug it for a period first, you’ll want to troubleshoot the main control board.

The main control board is a printed circuit board (PCB) that controls all washer’s functions. Its components send electrical signals and power to different washer components as the machine goes through the wash program you choose.

When any part of the main control board is faulty, the washer will start behaving unusually, such as not turning on unless you unplug it first.

Why this happens: Damage to the main control board can occur in several ways. For example, the board could have suffered from an electrical fault like a short circuit or power surge. However, exposure to water and excess heat can also cause damage to the board.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict what malfunction will result from damage to the board. So, while there are many different possibilities, the problem of the washer not turning on unless unplugged is undoubtedly one of them.

How to fix it: A faulty main control board will require a total replacement. However, the main control board is one of the most expensive parts of your LG washing machine to replace.

So, check for visible signs of damage on the board before you decide to replace it. Typically, you’ll see or smell signs of burned parts. When you see those signs, then you can proceed with replacing the main control board.

how to fix LG washing

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you understand your LG washing machine and its problems.

How Do You Perform An LG Washer Master Reset?

The best way to perform a master reset is to power cycle the washer. Firstly, disconnect the washer from its power supply for 5 minutes. Press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds during that time. When the 5 minutes pass, plug the washer back in and turn it on. 

Why LG Washing Machine No Power No Lights?

A lack of incoming power will cause your LG washer to have no power and no lights. First, check that the washer is plugged fully into a working wall socket. Then, check that the circuit breaker in your house’s main electrical box is also pushed to the ON position.

Why LG Washer Won’t Turn Off?

Your LG washer won’t turn off if it’s suffering from some kind of glitch or other short-term error. You’ll have to perform a hard reset on the appliance to clear that error. Disconnect the washer and press the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds to reset the washer.

How Long Do LG Washers Last?

LG washers typically last around 10 years with proper maintenance. While problems can happen during that time, they become much more likely to occur as the washer approaches the end of its lifespan.

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Can You Test Spin A Washing Machine Without Water?

Yes, you can run a spin cycle on your LG washer without any water supply. Unlike other stages in the wash program, the spin cycle doesn’t require an intake of clean water.

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