3 Reasons Why Maytag Fridge Water Dispenser Is Not Working

Maytag fridges with water dispensers offer plenty of convenience to users. Still, it can be pretty confusing when the rest of the appliance works fine, yet no water comes out of the dispenser. So, why is the Maytag fridge water dispenser not working?

Your Maytag fridge water dispenser isn’t working because of a failed dispenser switch, faulty dispenser control board, or a problematic door switch. A clogged water dispenser line or a faulty main control board can also prevent the dispenser from working.

Troubleshooting and fixing the water dispenser on your Maytag fridge isn’t too challenging. Keep reading to discover how!

Why Isn’t The Water Dispenser Working On My Maytag Fridge?

When your Maytag fridge water dispenser stops working, there are five things you’ll want to troubleshoot. They are:

Failed Dispenser Switch

The first thing to troubleshoot in this process is the dispenser switch. When you press on this switch or push against it with your glass, it’ll signal the dispenser control board to send water into your cup.

Unfortunately, a failed dispenser switch won’t do that. It won’t signal the control board to dispense water, no matter how many times you press on it.

To confirm that the dispenser switch is indeed to blame, you’ll want to test it for electrical continuity using a multimeter. If your multimeter shows that there isn’t any continuity, that means the switch isn’t working correctly.

How to solve this problem: You can solve this problem by replacing the switch with a new one. That process will involve opening the water dispenser panel and disconnecting the existing switch. Then, connect the same wiring to the new switch and replace the dispenser panel.

Faulty Dispenser Control Board

The water dispenser on your Maytag fridge is controlled by a dispenser control board. Don’t confuse this board with the main control board, which controls all of the fridge’s other components and functions.

The dispenser control board only manages the water dispenser system and its components. For example, the dispenser switch mentioned above sends signals to this control board to dispense water whenever you push on it.

When the control board suffers from an electrical surge or short circuit, it’ll stop working. Then, the dispenser won’t work even though the rest of the fridge functions correctly.

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You can find that control board behind the dispenser control panel on most Maytag fridge models. It consists of a small printed circuit board (PCB) with lots of tiny electrical components.

How to solve this problem: The only way to fix a faulty dispenser control board is to replace it with a new one. To do that, remove the water dispenser panel and locate the board. It’ll have plenty of wires attached to it, so disconnect them before you free the control board.

Then, fit the new board in its place and replace the water dispenser panel.

Problematic Door Switch

Believe it or not, the switch for your fridge door can also affect the water dispenser. That’s because your fridge will disable the water dispenser whenever you open the fridge door.

However, a faulty door switch will mistakenly signal the fridge, telling it that the door is open even when it’s not. As a result, the refrigerator will disable the water dispenser even though there’s nothing wrong with it.

To be sure whether or not the door switch is at fault, you’ll have to remove it and test it with a multimeter. As usual, you’re looking for electrical continuity in that switch. If power can’t flow through the switch, that means it’s faulty (and is also causing your water dispenser problems!).

How to solve this problem: Once you’ve ruled out other possibilities and have confirmed that the door switch is at fault, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

Firstly, pry the switch out from the fridge using a flat tool like a screwdriver. Then, disconnect the wire attached to it.

Next, attach the switch to the same wire before fitting it into the same place as the old one.

Clogged Water Dispenser Line

At this point, we’ve already explored all the electrical and electronic components related to the water dispenser. If all of them are in good working order, then it’s time to consider the problem with the water dispenser line.

The pipe is likely clogged or frozen when water doesn’t come out of the dispenser line. That’s right! Even though your Maytag fridge has a water filter, dirt and debris can still get through. That could be because the filter is old and dirty or because it’s damaged inside and fails to prevent dirt from passing through.

Besides that, a water dispenser line can also freeze over. This is because the line passes through your fridge door, and problems with the door’s insulation could cause the line to get cold enough for water to freeze inside.

How to solve this problem: Thankfully, a clogged water dispenser line isn’t too challenging to fix. All you have to do is flush the line to clear anything preventing water from passing through.

If the water line is frozen, you’ll flush it with hot water to melt the ice away. First, however, you’ll have to use vinegar or something similar to clear clogs caused by dirt.

Faulty Main Control Board

The main control board is the least likely (but still possible) cause of problems with your water dispenser. Only after you’ve ruled out all of the above should you consider that the main control board prevents your dispenser from working.

The main control board is responsible for coordinating all of the fridge’s functions. So, the refrigerator will not work correctly if any of the board’s components are faulty or damaged.

How to solve this problem: The only fix for a faulty main control board is a complete replacement. That’s why you must consider all of the other causes above and consider this solution as a last resort.

To replace the main control board, remove the panel to the board’s housing. That will allow you to remove the electrical harnesses and free the board so you can install the new one in its place.

Once you’ve replaced everything, reattach the access panel you removed initially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some other frequently asked questions you might have about your Maytag fridge and its water dispenser.

Why Does My Ice Maker Work But Not My Water Dispenser?

After the water passes through the fridge’s filter, it splits into separate lines to the ice maker and water dispenser. If one of those works but the other doesn’t, it’s likely that the line to the water dispenser is frozen. That’s why water flows to the ice maker but not the water dispenser.

How Do I Know If My Refrigerator Water Filter Is Clogged?

When the filter is clogged, water from the dispenser will taste and smell bad. Besides that, the water pressure to the dispenser will also be lower than usual.

How Do You Unblock A Water Dispenser On A Refrigerator?

You can unblock a fridge water dispenser by flushing the waterline with water. If the line is frozen and blocked by ice, you must flush it with hot water. However, if it’s clogged with dirt, you can flush it using a mixture of water and vinegar.

Will A Refrigerator Dispense Water Without A Filter?

That depends on the fridge model’s design. Some models will continue to dispense water even without a filter. However, others require installing a bypass plug, so water will still flow to the dispenser.

How Do You Reset The Water Filter Indicator On A Maytag Fridge?

After replacing the water filter in your Maytag fridge, the indicator should turn off. You can reset it by holding the water filter reset button for 3 seconds if it doesn’t.

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