Sennheiser Wireless Headphones Troubleshooting

German manufacturer Sennheiser is one of the leading names when it comes to wireless headphones. To enjoy these headphones as much as possible, you will want to know how to troubleshoot and resolve common issues, and this guide will help you do just that.

The most common Sennheiser headphone problems are sound issues, connectivity issues, and headphone battery issues. For instance, the headphones might have no sound or play sound from only one side. Or, the headphones might fail to connect to their transmitter or the source device. Lastly, battery issues could cause the headphones to beep or fail to turn on at all.

Whatever the case might be, this guide will walk you through three categories of issues you might come across with your Sennheiser wireless headphones: common sound, connectivity, and headphone battery issues.

Sound Issues

No Sound

What happened: Suppose there is no sound coming out from either side of your Sennheiser wireless headphones. If that’s the case, then there are several possibilities to consider.

These possibilities can be grouped into headphone issues, connectivity issues, and source device issues.

  • Headphone Issues: Firstly, it’s possible that the headphones are not turned on, or the battery does not have a full charge. Next, the volume on the headphones might be turned down too low for any sound to be heard coming from either ear cup.
  • Connectivity Issues: Sennheiser wireless headphones connect to the source device through a Bluetooth connection or radio frequency through a transmitter. For Bluetooth models, the headphones might have a pairing or connection problem. Transmitter models might also fail to be paired to the transmitter.
  • Source Device Issues: A lack of sound could also highlight an issue with the source device itself, like a TV or computer. For example, the sound volume at the source might be too low, or it might be muted. In addition, the source itself might fail to produce any sound, like a computer with a damaged sound card.

How to fix it: To troubleshoot and fix this issue, you will need first to check the headphones and ensure they are charged and working. Then, check that your headphones are paired and connected via Bluetooth or to the transmitter. If necessary, disable the connection and try again from scratch.

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Lastly, confirm that the source device is generating sound in the first place. You can do this by testing it with other sound devices, like speakers or another pair of headphones.

Sound Only In One Ear

What happened: Sennheiser wireless TV headphone models, such as the RS 175 and others0, sometimes experience issues with audio only playing in one ear. This problem is likely caused by the audio cable that connects from the source device (e.g. the TV) to the transmitter.

Remember: even though the headphones are wireless, the transmitter still relies on an audio cable connection.

That audio cable might not be appropriately connected to the TV audio output and the transmitter’s audio input. Besides that, it’s also possible that the cable is defective or damaged from tears, twists, or rips.

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Any of these possibilities could cause sound to only play from one side of your headphones.

How to fix it: Inspect the audio cable connection from your TV audio output to your transmitter’s audio input. First, check that the cable is free from damage as well as kinks and twists. Then, check that both sides are connected to their respective audio jacks correctly.

Any defective or damaged cables cannot be repaired, so you will need to buy a new replacement. For the best results, it’s always a good idea to buy the replacement directly from Sennheiser.

Sound Volume Is Always Too Low or Too High

What happened: Suppose you find that the volume on your Sennheiser headphones is always too low or too high despite adjusting the volume levels. If that’s the case, the most likely reason is that the volume at the source device (e.g. TV, computer, smartphone) is set too low or too high.

Remember: the volume control on your headphones only controls the volume level at the headphones themselves. So, the volume at the source device must also be at a reasonable level.

How to fix it: To fix this, make sure that the volume setting at the source device is at a reasonable level. That way, you can comfortably adjust the volume at your Sennheiser headphones up and down as you please. The same will also be true if you have more than one pair of headphones connected to the same source, as each person can adjust their volumes individually.

Sound Drops Out Occasionally

What happened: Whether you’re using wireless Sennheiser headphones that connect through Bluetooth or radio frequency (via a transmitter), a common problem is when the sound drops out occasionally.

The reason that this problem happens is that the signal from the source to the headphones is interrupted. For example, there might be too many wireless devices operating closely in the same area, such as wireless routers or other audio transmitters.

Besides that, the signal will also drop out intermittently when you start to move too far away from the source. 

Remember: all Sennheiser wireless headphones have a limited range. So, moving too far away will cause signal disruptions that you will experience as an interruption in the sound.

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How to fix it: To fix this, first make sure that you’re not too far from the source or transmitter. The average maximum range for wireless headphones is 30 feet. Still, that differs depending on the model, so check the user manual to be sure.

Next, make sure that there are no obstacles between yourself and the source, such as large furniture. Lastly, keep any other wireless devices in the area at least 20 inches away from the source or transmitter.

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Connectivity Issues

Headphones Aren’t Connecting To The Transmitter

What happened: Sennheiser audio transmitters must be paired with each pair of headphones before you can connect to them. So, unfortunately, you can experience a common problem of struggling to make that connection happen.

If this is the case for you, the most likely reason is that another pair of headphones is currently being charged on the same transmitter.

Remember: a transmitter can be connected to several headphones at the same time. However, that’s not possible if the charger is currently used to charge another pair of headphones.

Although less likely, it’s also possible that you’re too far away from the transmitter or that the headphones you’re using are not compatible with that particular transmitter.

How to fix it: Firstly, cover the basics by ensuring that your headphones are indeed compatible with that transmitter and that you’re within their recommended range. 

If the transmitter is currently charging another pair of headphones, you can still pair and connect your other Sennheiser headphones using a different method. You can perform what’s called a ‘proximity pairing’ instead.

First, place the headphones as close to the transmitter as possible. Then, turn the headphones on and press and hold both volume buttons (- and +) simultaneously for 7 seconds. Doing this will connect your headphones to the transmitter.

Headphone Battery Issues

Headphones Do Not Turn On

What happened: If your Sennheiser headphones are not turning on, the most likely cause of the problem is a battery issue. For instance, the battery might be drained, faulty, or you might have inserted it the wrong way around.

How to fix it: To fix this issue, first check that you have inserted the battery the correct way around. Take the batteries out and confirm this by visually matching the battery’s poles to that of the battery.

Then, give your Sennheiser headphones enough time to recharge fully. The average charging time for a pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones is two hours. Please check your user manual to confirm the charging requirements for your particular model of headphones.

Suppose both of those steps fail to resolve the problem. If that’s the case, then it’s likely that the battery is faulty. Contact the Sennheiser customer service hotline for further advice, or take it to an authorized Sennheiser service centre. The manufacturer does not recommend replacing the battery yourself, as this will void the warranty coverage of your headphones.

Headphones Are Beeping

What happened: When it comes to Sennheiser wireless headphones, another common issue is that the headphones will start beeping suddenly while you’re using them. Although this might be alarming at first, it’s nothing to be worried about.

Your Sennheiser wireless headphones will start beeping to let you know that the rechargeable battery inside needs to be recharged soon. After the beeping goes on for a few moments and the battery is drained, the headphones will shut off completely.

However, if you hear a constant beeping coming from only one side of the headphones, that’s a different issue. In this case, the battery contacts might be dirty and need to be cleaned.

How to fix it: When you hear your Sennheiser headphones beeping, you should recharge it as soon as possible. That way, you can continue to enjoy using your headphones without any interruptions.

However, if there’s beeping coming from only one side, you’ll need to remove the battery from the headphones. Then, rub an eraser on the power contacts, both in the headphones and on the batteries themselves. That will remove any dirt or debris stuck on the contacts and restore a proper battery connection.

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  1. I have a pair of pair of the Sennheiser headphones Model TR 175
    IC 22099A-TR195
    FCC ID: DMOTR195
    They had been in storage for two years and had worked flawlessly prior to that.
    When taken out of storage I plugged the transmitter in and charged the batteries, which took the charge successfully. However, now the transmitter is no longer engaging. The green light only turns on for a few seconds and then turns off, which doesn’t allow for the batteries to recharge or the headphone to be used. Can you identify the cause of the problem and a solution? Thank you. Kind regards, Ronald Marsh

  2. I have a RS136 to we are using on a daily bases and we just bought a RS120 that we want to use on another TV set . But when we try to use the RS120 , we are not getting the sound fron the new TV set but we’re getting the sound from the the RS136. does it mean that we cannot use two SENNHEISER in the same house ?

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