Whirlpool Oven With Locked Door E2 F3. What Is It And How To Unlock It?

If you’ve ever handled household appliances and their problems, you’ll know they use error codes to tell you there’s a problem. Your Whirlpool oven is no different, and the E2 F3 error code is one you should understand.

A Whirlpool oven showing the E2 F3 error code has a problem with its oven temperature sensor or Warming Drawer sensor (if it has one). Wiring problems and control board failures can also trigger the same code. The code will cause the oven to lock itself temporarily because it’s overheating inside, but it’ll unlock automatically when it reaches safer temperatures.

When you understand your oven’s error codes, troubleshooting becomes a breeze. This guide will walk you through the issue, its causes, and its solutions.

What Does The E2 F3 Error Code Mean On A Whirlpool Oven?

The E2 F3 error appears on a Whirlpool oven when there’s a problem with its temperature sensor or the appliance’s electrical wiring.

The oven temperature sensor is likely malfunctioning, causing the oven to produce more heat than it needs. Besides that, the wiring could be burned, shorted out, or otherwise damaged. 

Those problems are typically accompanied by overheating in your oven, which triggers the door to lock automatically. The range locks its door as a protective measure to ensure you don’t open it and get injured by the excess heat.

Aside from the oven’s temperature sensor, the E2 F3 error can also be triggered by the Warming Drawer sensor in oven models that have them.

Remember: the oven door locks automatically as a protective feature. You can’t unlock the door manually, but don’t worry. The door will unlock itself once the oven has had some time to cool down.

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How Do You Fix The Whirlpool Oven E2 F3 Error Code?

Now that you know what the E2 F3 error code means, let’s take a closer look at the components that can trigger it:

Oven Temperature Sensor

What it does: The oven temperature sensor is the first and most likely trigger of the E2 F3 code. 

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The sensor comes in the shape of a rod, and it’s typically mounted on the rear panel inside the oven. 

The precise location might differ between Whirlpool oven models. Still, it’s one of the only components inside the oven compartment, so you can’t miss it.

The sensor is designed to react to the heat inside the oven. So, as the oven heats up, the metals in the sensor will react and send electrical signals to the control board.

Then, your Whirlpool oven will know if it’s hot enough or should continue raising its temperature further.

How it fails: The oven temperature sensor experiences plenty of wear inside the appliance. Remember: its materials react to rising temperatures, which means it experiences wear every time you turn on the oven.

The continuous heating and cooling experienced by the sensor can cause it to fail, especially if it’s been in use for many years.

Besides that, the sensor can also get covered with grease and other food debris over time. The worse that buildup becomes, the less accurate that sensor will be at measuring the oven’s temperature.

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How to fix: As you read above, the sensor may be dirty. So, your first step to fixing this problem is to clean the sensor as much as possible.

If the error keeps happening even after removing all dirt from the sensor, it’s faulty. Cleaning won’t do any more good, so you’ll have to remove that sensor and put in a new one.

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Warming Drawer Sensor

What it does: Some Whirlpool oven models have a built-in warming drawer. Like the oven’s primary compartment, the warming drawer also has a sensor that measures the temperatures inside.

This sensor works in the same way. It will react to rising temperatures in the warming drawer and signal those changes to the control board. From there, the oven will adjust the warming drawer to reach your set temperature.

How it fails: The warming drawer is also prone to failure from excess wear, plus exposure to grease and dirt. When that happens, the sensor can’t send accurate information to the oven’s control board.

As a result, the oven continues heating well beyond your set temperature, causing itself to overheat and trigger the E2 F3 code.

How to fix: The warming drawer sensor is also fixed by cleaning it thoroughly. If that doesn’t help, you must then install a compatible replacement.

Remember: these sensors get very hot, especially while the E2 F3 error code is active. So, open the oven door and give the sensor plenty of time to cool down.

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Wiring Problems

What it does: All components inside your Whirlpool oven are connected with wires. These wires not only carry electrical power, but they also allow signals to travel between components and the oven control board.

How it fails: Wiring issues can also trigger the E2 F3 error code. For example, a short circuit or overloading could force too much electrical current through some wires. That will cause overheating and possibly burn some of the wires.

How to fix: Damaged wiring in your oven must be replaced. Unfortunately, the process for doing that is not so straightforward. A qualified technician must disassemble your oven and identify the damaged portion of the wiring before they can replace them with new ones.

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Oven Control Board

What it does: Lastly, the oven control board acts as the oven’s brain. It sends and receives instructions to all components in the form of electrical signals. In doing so, the control board coordinates the oven’s functions to help you cook your meals perfectly.

How it fails: The oven control board consists of different electrical and electronic components. These can fail from electrical faults or from excess heat and moisture.

When that happens, it can cause your Whirlpool oven to behave erratically. For instance, the oven might overheat and trigger the E2 F3 error code.

How to fix: Unfortunately, the oven control board is not serviceable or repairable. As such, the most practical solution is to replace it with a new one.

A replacement can be costly, so test the control board with a multimeter to ensure it’s the root cause of your problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are 5 of the most frequently asked questions on this topic that you’ll find helpful during the troubleshooting process:

When Should You Not Open A Whirlpool Oven Door?

You shouldn’t open a Whirlpool oven door while it’s on because the extreme heat inside could burn you. That’s why the oven locks itself automatically when the E2 F3 code is present.

How Do I Manually Unlock My Whirlpool Oven Door?

You can manually unlock your Whirlpool oven door by pressing the Cancel/Off key. However, you must wait at least 30 seconds after pressing the key before you open the door so the oven has time to vent some of the hot air inside.

Where Do I Find The Model Number On My Whirlpool Oven?

The model number in your Whirlpool oven is on the left side rim of the oven’s tub.

Where Is The Plug For A Built-In Whirlpool Oven?

The plug for your built-in Whirlpool oven is typically found on the wall directly behind the appliance or in the next cupboard over.

How Do I Put My Whirlpool Oven In Diagnostic Mode?

You can enter the diagnostic mode by pressing these buttons: Cancel, Cancel (again), and Start. You must do so in 5 seconds to successfully trigger the diagnostic mode.

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