Why Amana Dryer Won’t Start Just Clicks – Troubleshooting Guide

Several problems might prevent your Amana dryer from starting. However, if you find that the dryer won’t start but makes a clicking noise, that narrows down the possible causes.

The clicking noise from your Amana dryer that won’t start likely comes from a faulty door switch, blown thermal fuse, damaged control board relay, or a broken belt. These problems will cause your dryer to click as it attempts (but fails) to start a new drying cycle.

This guide will help you understand the possible causes behind this problem. But, more importantly, you’ll also learn how to solve this problem and minimize your dryer’s downtime.

Why Does My Amana Dryer Click But Won’t Start?

When your Amana dryer won’t start, but you hear a clicking sound, here are the causes you’ll want to troubleshoot:

Faulty Door Switch

What it is: Your Amana dryer can only function safely and efficiently if the door remains shut throughout the cycle. Opening the door mid-cycle could lead to injuries and let all hot air escape the dryer drum.

For those reasons, each dryer is equipped with a door switch that senses when the door is open or closed. A closed door clicks the switch and signals to the dryer that it’s safe to operate.

On the other hand, opening the door will trigger the same switch and force the dryer to turn off.

How it fails: The door switch is physically activated every time you open and close your dryer door. That can lead to excess wear over an extended period, preventing the switch from functioning correctly.

You’ll still hear a click when you shut the dryer door, including when you do so right before trying to start a new dry cycle. 

However, the fault switch will mistakenly signal that the door is still open and prevent the dryer from starting.

How to fix it: This problem is solvable by replacing the faulty door switch with a new one. In addition, you can test the switch with a multimeter to confirm it’s not working correctly.

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Then, remove the screws holding that switch and its electrical connector. That will allow you to mount the replacement switch in its place and connect it to the same wires as before.

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Blown Thermal Fuse

What it is: Amana dryers produce a lot of heat, so they can dry your laundry. Despite that, the dryer remains safe as long as it doesn’t overheat and reach dangerous temperatures.

Overheating dryers cause a significant number of house fires every year.

The dryer has several features to prevent dangerous overheating, including the thermal fuse. That fuse is triggered by excessive temperatures and will break the dryer’s electrical circuit to shut off the heating element.

How it fails: As you can see above, a blown thermal fuse will cause the heating element to shut off. 

Despite that, you can turn the dryer on and adjust its settings like normal. Unfortunately, the dryer won’t start because the thermal fuse is not functioning. Still, you’ll hear the dryer click as it tries to start your chosen drying cycle.

How to fix it: Once a thermal fuse blows, your dryer can’t use it anymore. So, you can consider it a disposable safety feature in your Amana dryer.

Your only solution is to replace the affected thermal fuse with a new one. Once you install it, the electrical circuit is no longer broken, and your dryer can start normally again.

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Damaged Control Board Relay

What it is: Your Amana dryer’s control board is basically its brain. It consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) where components transmit electrical power and signals to the dryer’s components.

Some of those components are called relays, which are electrical switches. Each one allows the dryer to turn a dryer function on or off according to the cycle you’ve chosen.

An electrical relay will produce a soft click when they turn on and off.

How it fails: An electrical relay on the control board can fail for two reasons. 

Firstly, it can fail mechanically. Remember: the relay is an electric switch that turns on and off countless times throughout its life.

After many years in use, the switch could wear out and cause the relay to fail. Despite that, you will still hear it click as the dryer tries to activate the relay.

Secondly, a relay can also suffer damage from an electrical fault. Power surges and short circuits are common electrical faults that can damage components like relays.

How to fix it: Failed electrical relays are not meant to be repaired. Instead, you’ll have to get yours replaced with a new one. 

Some relays are more complicated to replace than others. So, don’t be afraid to engage a qualified technician for this particular repair.

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Broken Dryer Belt

What it is:  Your Amana dryer uses a belt to transfer turning power from the motor to the drum. The motor turns the belt which then turns the drum so your clothes can tumble freely inside.

Belts are mostly made from rubber, though some manufacturers will add a few other materials into the mix. Still, being made of rubber means a dryer belt will gradually become loose and wear out with extended use.

How it fails: Another likely cause to troubleshoot is that your dryer belt has worn out to the point that it breaks. Your dryer will still turn on like usual, but nothing will happen when you try to start a new cycle.

As the machine tries to start a new cycle, you’ll hear a clicking sound from the inside. That sound comes from a switch that prevents the motor from turning unnecessarily. That switch is triggered when the dryer’s belt breaks.

How to fix it: Dryer belts are replaceable, and, thankfully, they’re relatively more affordable than other dryer parts.

Firstly, you must remove the dryer panels to access the inside and remove the broken belt. You must take out any broken belt pieces to prevent future problems.

Next, wrap the new belt around the motor, drum, pulleys, and belt tensioner. This part of the process takes some physical energy, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

Once the belt is on, turn the drum manually to ensure that the belt is aligned correctly. A misaligned belt can come off while the dryer runs, so a thorough check is always an excellent idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need a bit more guidance? Here are a few more helpful questions and answers to help you troubleshoot an Amana dryer that won’t start but just clicks:

Are Dryer Belts All The Same?

No, dryer belts are not universal, which means they’re not all the same. Belts can differ in size, length, materials, and more. So, always purchase a genuine Amana belt compatible with your dryer model when you need a replacement.

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Why Do Dryer Belts Break?

A dryer belt will break if it’s the wrong size for your dryer or if it’s been installed the wrong way. Besides that, overloading the dryer will place excess strain on the belt and break it.

Do Dryer Doors Lock?

Yes, dryer doors should lock automatically once the drying cycle begins. The door will unlock automatically once the cycle ends after the dryer has cooled down to a safe temperature.

Is It Safe To Leave A Dryer Unattended?

You can leave a dryer unattended, but it’s best to stay close throughout the drying cycle. Despite the dryer’s protective measures, dryer fires can still happen. Being close by allows you to respond quickly and minimize damage and injury from that fire.

Is It Normal For A Dryer To Make Noise?

Dryers will make minimal noise under normal conditions. However, any unusual noises like squeaking or grinding are signs of a problem that you must troubleshoot immediately.

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