Why Bosch Dryer Start Button Flashing?

The Bosch dryer start button can blink due to a variety of reasons. It could mean that the dryer is in an error state and needs a reset, or there are some faulty internal components. You may need to call a professional to diagnose and repair damaged dryer components.

If your Bosch dryer start button is blinking, it could be a sign that the dryer is overloaded with clothes and needs to be emptied. It could also mean the dryer has airflow problems. The dryer start button may also blink if the door is not closed properly or if there’s an obstruction in the opening.

This blog post will highlight common problems that may cause your Bosch dryer start button to flash or blink intermittently and how to fix them.

1. Dryer Airflow Problems

Bosch dryers have been designed to create the best possible drying experience. However, airflow problems can cause your clothes to take longer to dry or not dry properly. Several factors can cause airflow problems in Bosch dryers, causing the start button to flash, and the list includes:

  • The lint filter is clogged.
  • The exhaust venting system has blocked.
  • There’s too much laundry in the drum.
  • The belt has come off or broken.

How To Fix It?

A Bosch dryer’s airflow problem can be caused by many things, from faulty sensors to a venting system clog. If you are experiencing this issue, there are some steps you can take to try and fix the problem yourself before calling for professional service.

The most common cause of Bosch dryer airflow problems is a clog in the venting system. To start troubleshooting your Bosch dryer, unplug it and remove all clothing from inside the drum. 

Check to see if anything is blocking your venting system and remove it if necessary. This could be things like lint or other debris that may have collected over time.

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2. Heating Circuit Malfunction

A dryer heating circuit malfunction is a safety hazard and should be repaired as soon as possible. For Bosch dryers, a heating circuit malfunction is a common problem that needs to be checked by a qualified technician.

The most common causes of Bosch dryer heating circuit malfunction are:

  • Electrocution: This can happen if the dryer’s power cord was not properly inserted, or if you plugged it into an outlet with no ground.
  • Electrical short: This could occur if wiring in your home is faulty, or a nearby appliance shorts out, creating an electrical arc.
  • Electrical overload: This happens when wires in your home cannot handle the load, or there is too much demand for electrical circuits.

How To Fix It?

  • Check the dryer venting system. If there is a blockage, remove it and ensure it is clear of debris or lint.
  • Ensure the heating element on the back of the dryer is working properly. If you can’t feel the heat, replace the heating element with a new one and test it again.
  • Check for any loose wires in the drum area and ensure they are not touching anything else, such as the drum itself or other wiring harnesses behind it.
  • Check for any loose connections and faulty wiring.

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3. Blocked/Clogged Dryer Condenser Filter

Bosch dryers are popular for their high efficiency and quiet operation. But, they can also get clogged at times, causing them to malfunction. 

The dryer condenser is the part of the dryer where air is blown over it to cool it down. This part of the dryer can become clogged with lint and dust, which will make the machine work less efficiently.

There are mainly two reasons why Bosch dryer’s dryer condenser might get clogged; lint or hair accumulation and a buildup of dirt and dust from the air in your home.

The lint or hair accumulated in the dryer condenser can clog the system and cause it to stop working properly. The lint/hair becomes compacted and eventually blocks airflow, preventing the heat from escaping through the vent pipe.

How To Fix It?

To fix a Bosch dryer clogged dryer condenser, you will need to remove the screws that hold it in place and take it out of the machine. You should also clean off any lint or dust from inside this part of the machine.

Here is a video that shows how to clean a Bosch dryer condenser filter thoroughly:

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4. Child Lock Is On

Your dryer may become unresponsive if the child lock is on. The Bosch dryer has a child safety lock that prevents children from opening the door and accessing the inside of the dryer. Child lock is a safety device that helps prevent children from accidentally opening the dryer door and exposing themselves to the heat.

How To Fix It?

The Bosch dryer has a child lock button located on the top left corner of the control panel. To deactivate this, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to unlock it. You can also check your appliance’s user manual for a step-by-step guide on how to deactivate the child lock. 

5. Door Not Closed Properly

The Bosch dryer has a safety feature that prevents the dryer from running when the door is not closed properly or when something is jamming the door. The door should thus be properly closed for the dryer to work efficiently. The Bosch dryer will not heat up if the door is not closed tightly.

How To Fix It?

The first step to fixing this issue is to check if the door latch is in place and if it has been pushed up all the way. If it has, you need to ensure there’s no obstruction in the door. Check for any clothes or other items that may be blocking the door and remove them. 

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6. Faulty Dryer Start Button

The dryer start button is a simple device used to initiate the drying cycle. However, there are a few problems that can occur with this device. The start button may blink or not work, if there’s an electrical problem with the dryer’s wiring or the starter solenoid. 

How To Fix It?

When it comes to repairing a faulty start button, you will need to call a professional technician to test your appliance and recommend the right fix. If you’re unsure what’s wrong with your start button, do not attempt to repair it yourself, as this could cause further damage to the appliance.

7. Dirty Lint Filters

The problem with most dryers is that they tend to accumulate lint and get clogged over time, leading to problems like overheating. Fortunately, the Bosch Dryer lint filter is easy to remove and clean. 

To clean the lint filter, you need to pull it out of its slot and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any lint that might be left behind.

How To Fix It?

The best way to prevent problems with your dryer is to clean your lint filters after each load of laundry. Additionally, vacuum around your dryer regularly and keep your home’s ventilation system clean. You should ensure that you use a vacuum cleaner with the correct attachments to get into the nooks and crannies. 

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8. Dryer Needs a Reset

A Bosch dryer might not work properly if mechanical problems occur. If the start button is flashing, the dryer probably needs a reset to restore its normal functioning. If you are having issues with an error code on your Bosch dryer, you can reset the appliance and see if it fixes the problem.

How To Fix It?

The procedure for resetting your Bosch dryer will depend on the specific model. Most models have a reset button at the back of the appliance but check your appliance’s user manual to learn how to do a reset properly. 

Here is a detailed video showing how to reset a Bosch dryer:

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t know how to repair your dryer, we recommend you call a professional. The technician can diagnose the problem and estimate the cost of repairs. A professional technician will also advise if your dryer is worth repairing or if it’s better to replace it. 

A faulty dryer can be a dangerous appliance in your home. It can cause fires and other accidents that can lead to injuries. You must call a qualified technician whenever you need to fix a faulty dryer because they have the necessary equipment to diagnose the issue and provide the best solution for you.

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