Why is Dyson Airwrap Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide

The Dyson Airwrap styler is an incredibly versatile hairstyling tool. But, more importantly, it’s straightforward and uncomplicated to use. So, if your Dyson Airwrap stops working, you’ll be able to troubleshoot it quickly.

Your Dyson Airwrap will stop working if its power cord or plug is damaged or if there’s no incoming power supply from the wall socket. Besides that, a clogged air filter and thermal cutoff will also cause the Airwrap to stop working as a protective measure to prevent the device from damaging itself.

Thankfully, there are only a few reasons your Dyson Airwrap isn’t working. This guide will walk you through each one and provide the necessary solutions so you can get back to styling in no time.

Why Is My Dyson Airwrap Not Working?

When you find that your Dyson Airwrap is no longer working, it’s best to take an organized approach to troubleshoot the issue.

Here are the likely causes preventing the Airwrap from working and how you can resolve them quickly.

Damaged Power Cord Or Plug

More about this: The Dyson Airwrap requires a steady supply of electricity to function correctly. So, when it stops working, that power supply should be the first thing you check.

There are two parts to the power supply aspect of this issue. The first is the power cord and plug connected directly to your Dyson unit. These are parts of the Dyson Airwrap that connect directly to your wall socket.

How this happens: The first reason your Dyson Airwrap isn’t working is the power cord or its plug has suffered damage.

For example, the cord might have tears, rips, or holes that prevent it from powering the Airwrap. Besides that, the prongs on the plug might be bent or broken.

Any kind of damage in these areas will stop the Airwrap from working safely if it can work at all.

How to fix it: The only way to fix this problem is to replace the damaged power cord or plug with a new one. It’s best to contact Dyson directly to explore the available repair options. That’s because Dyson does not sell replacement cords or plugs directly.

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Incoming Power Supply Problem

More about this: The second part of the power supply aspect for your Dyson Airwrap is the incoming power supply. That refers to your household or building’s power supply components like the circuit breaker and the wall socket.

These elements provide power to the wall socket, which then travels through the Dyson Airwrap cord to power the device.

How this happens: Two likely problems with your incoming power supply prevent the Airwrap from working.

Firstly, the circuit breaker for that wall socket might have tripped and has stopped supplying power to the wall socket. 

Circuit breakers trip automatically as a protective measure whenever there’s an electrical fault.

Secondly, the wall socket itself might be damaged, failing to provide power to any device you plug into it.

How to fix it: You can start fixing this problem by checking the circuit breaker. If it has tripped, push it to the OFF position first. Then you can push it back to the ON position to restore power.

You can then confirm the wall socket is not working by plugging your Dyson Airwrap into another one. If that wall socket is the root cause, get a qualified electrician to repair it for you.

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Thermal Cutoff

More about this: The Dyson Airwrap generates heat to help style your hair. As with any heat-producing device, there’s always the risk of overheating, which can lead to injuries and fires.

That’s why the Airwrap has a built-in thermal cutoff as a protective feature. It’s a thermal fuse that’s triggered by excessively high temperatures.

When that happens, the thermal cutoff shuts the Dyson Airwrap off and prevents it from working.

How this happens: As mentioned above, your Dyson Airwrap will stop working if the thermal cutoff is triggered. That will happen when the Airwrap reaches unsafe temperatures that can hurt you or potentially start a fire.

The overheating conditions that cause a thermal cutoff are typically caused by clogged air ducts. 

Heat builds up inside the unit when air can’t move smoothly through those ducts until it overheats. As a result, the thermal cutoff is triggered to prevent further problems.

How to fix it: Solving this problem will require you to clean those air ducts thoroughly. You must identify and remove any clogs inside to restore smooth airflow.

If the thermal cutoff occurred recently, you’d have to leave the Dyson Airwrap alone for an extended period, perhaps up to an hour, to cool down thoroughly.

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Clogged Air Filter

More about this: As you read above, smooth airflow through the Dyson Airwrap’s air ducts is critical for the device to function correctly. However, those ducts aren’t the only part ensuring crucial airflow.

Besides the air ducts, the air filter also plays a significant role. The air filter, which consists of the filter cage and mesh, removes impurities from the air before entering the Dyson Airwrap.

Doing so reduces the chances of a clog forming inside the device’s air ducts.

How this happens: The air filter catches dust, dirt, and other impurities in the air to prevent them from entering the Dyson Airwrap. However, over an extended period, those impurities will build up at the filter and prevent air from flowing through smoothly.

That restricted airflow can stress the Dyson Airwrap’s digital motor, potentially causing it to wear out. The Airwrap can sense these problems and will shut itself off to prevent them from happening or getting worse.

How to fix it: You can restore smooth airflow through the air filter by cleaning it with the brush Dyson provides. Wrap the brush around the air filter and scrub away all dust from the filter cage.

Then, remove the filter cage and use the brush to clean the mesh filter underneath.

You can take off the filter cage to wash it thoroughly. However, you must give it several hours to dry thoroughly before reattaching it to your Dyson Airwrap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some additional questions and answers that’ll help you understand your Dyson Airwrap:

Why Does My Dyson Airwrap Keep Turning Off And Flashing Red?

The red flashing light on your Dyson Airwrap indicates that the filter is dirty and requires cleaning. When the light flashes as your Dyson Airwrap turns off, the filters are so dirty that it restricts airflow into the device.

Can Dyson Airwrap Overheat?

Yes, Dyson Airwrap can overheat if its air ducts and filter become clogged with dirt. Those clogs prevent air from flowing smoothly through the device to remove excess heat. So, heat builds up and causes the device to reach unsafe temperatures.

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How Often Should You Clean A Dyson Airwrap Filter?

You should clean the Dyson Airwrap filter once a week. However, you’ll want to clean it more frequently if you use the styler often or if the air quality in your home is terrible.

How Do You Clean A Filter On A Dyson Airwrap?

You can clean the filter on a Dyson Airwrap by using the provided filter brush. Brushing the filter cage and mesh filter is enough to clean these parts. However, you can also wash the filter cage for a more thorough cleaning.

Can I Use Dyson Airwrap Without A Filter?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap will function without its filter cage. However, you should never use the Airwrap without its filter. Doing so will increase the risk of a clog in the device’s parts, leading to problems like overheating.

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