Why is Samsung Fridge not making Ice?

In line with manufacturer specifications, Samsung refrigerators should make about 120 ice cubes per day.

If your beloved Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not dumping this amount of ice cubes per day, then it needs some technical servicing.

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But preventive maintenance is only required for “old ice makers” ; otherwise, if your fridge is recently installed, it needs about 24 hours to cool down to proper temperatures for enough ice production, so don’t fret.

Also, once the new ice maker starts working, it’s going to take a few ice-making rounds for all the air to clear from the newly connected water supply line for proper ice maker functioning.

For “old ice makers”, however, it’s not strange to experience issues within the first five years of usage.

But keep in mind that ice-making is only but the second function of refrigerators, so a problem with the ice maker doesn’t mean the whole fridge is problematic.

The reason for little or no ice production on Samsung fridge in many cases, due to the poor design of some elements.

First of all, you need to figure out if your ice maker experiencing major or minor issues.

Major issue – frozen ice maker. Not able to remove ice bucket.

Minor issue – ice maker turned OFF, water turned OFF, stuck feeler arm, etc.

Let’s start with major issues (see. Samsung Official Service Bulletin below) and then will continue with minor issues.

Parts you might need :

Samsung Fridge Ice Maker Minor Issues

Verify that the ice maker is indeed ON

Before you bring out the big guns, verify that the ice maker is on. Your fridge’s icemaker may be turned off due to the following:

1. The Ice Off icon

Most Samsung refrigerator models come with an Ice OFF icon that lights up to indicate that the ice maker is switched off.

If so, just turn off the Ice OFF icon for ice production.

ice maker Samsung fridge not working

Some Family Hub freezer models have an Ice On icon in the Fridge Manager app, just leave the Ice On icon lit to make some ice.

And finally, if your fridge model has dual ice makers with separate Ice Off icons but only one control button for both, just tap the button repeatedly to turn the Ice Off icon off.

2. Stuck Feeler Arm

On the ice maker, just above the ice bin is a feeler arm that acts as a safety measure to prevent further production of ice once the bin is full.

But if the feeler arm is stuck i.e., raised, no ice will be produced even if the bin is empty.

So, verify that the feeler arm is not jamming the ice maker; if it’s raised, lower it down to activate your ice maker.

Water supply issue

Verify that the ice maker is getting enough water.

If the ice maker is getting less water than it requires, you won’t get any ice.

So, test the ice maker to see if you are dealing with the water supply issue:

Just pour 4 ounces of water into your ice maker’s mold then give it two hours, and if it makes ice, then you are dealing with water supply issue:

1. Waterline is not connected

If there’s no water coming from the dispenser at all, then probably the water line is not connected.

So, verify that the water supply line is connected to the refrigerator, the valve is completely open, and that no kinks are interfering with the flow.

Low water pressure – If water comes from the dispenser, but no ice is produced still, verify that the water pressure is optimum.

To make ice, you should get at least 1 cup of water or more every 10 seconds.

If less than (6 ounces) of water is dispensed, then the pressure is too low.

It would be best if you increased the water pressure at the source since the refrigerator does not control water pressure.

So, go to the water supply source, turn the water pressure all the way up till you get at least 6 ounces of water every 10 minutes.

2. Water inlet valve issue

A clogged water inlet valve may reduce the pressure of the water, so less than 6 ounces of water is supplied to the ice maker.

The Inlet valve may be clogged partially or completely.

If you hear humming sound coming from the back of the fridge when ice maker should filling up with water and nothing happening, then most likely the inlet valve is clogged.

3. Faulty water filter

If removing the water filter did not fix the low water pressure issue, then your water filter system is not right.

Make sure you use the best water filter system.

Some filter systems, such as the Reverse Osmosis type, cause water pressure to get too low.

Wrong freezer temperature

For the ice maker to produce enough ice, freezer temperature must remain less than 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

In fact, do not expect any ice if the freezer temperature exceeds 10 degrees.

So, check the freezer temperature and set it to a lower setting.

Causes of rising freezer temperature may be a faulty ice maker heater.

For the ice to break from the mold, the heater alternates off and on.

But if it fails to switch off, the ice maker gets too hot to make any ice.

You can tell if the ice maker heater is faulty by feeling the temperature at the bottom of the ice maker using your hand.

If it’s warm, the ice maker heater is probably malfunctioning, and you need to call a technician.

Other causes of little or no ice production include dirty water filter leading to small, cloudy or clumped ice, high mineral deposits in the water, and frozen inlet tubes.

With the right knowledge of ice maker functioning, you can easily fix these issues without the need to call in the nerdy technician.

Even though ice making is only but a secondary function of refrigerators, having a stable supply of clean and fresh-tasting ice to chill your drinks is freaking awesome.

So, take care of your ice makers, clean it often, and remember to change the water filter once or twice a year.

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  1. I have a Samsung twin door fridge and it’s stopped cooling and it stopped making ice and freezing . Is this an easy fix or should I just buy a new fridge ..?

  2. I have been having nothing but problems with this junk of a refrigerator. The Samsung washer and dryer brand are also junk. Pay a lot of money for junk. Have problem with my ice maker and now my fridge is not cooling.


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