Bosch Dryer DR Code – Troubleshooting Guide

Dryers are great modern conveniences and they beat hanging up clothes on a clothesline outside. However, sometimes, dryers can have problems, and then they can be frustrating. One of the oddest dryer codes for a Bosch appliance is the DR error code. 

Appliance fixers debate online about what the Bosch dryer DR code means but the most accurate answer is that the drain pump is clogged. This causes bad airflow, which leads to other problems. The good news is you can take care of the problem without calling a service technician. 

Read the article below to find out how to fix this problem on your own. 

The Dryer Problem

Those who have this problem outlined the issue in a couple of ways. On the Bosch 300 series stackable washer-dryer combination, the DR code flashes. It shows up solid on the display in the Bosch 800 series ventless dryer. One dryer owner said the dryer cut off 15 minutes into the cycle. She noticed it was incredibly hot inside the dryer bin. 

Those with this problem said they cleaned the lint filter and reset the appliance by turning off the circuit breaker and then turning it back on. 

While the two are different Bosch models, the DR code means the same thing in both cases. There is a clog that is preventing airflow. That makes the sensor located near the lint filter get too hot so the dryer cuts off. This is why the inside of the dryer is so hot. 

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What Can I Do Now?

Several options exist for you to clean the clog and get your dryer running well again. The first place is the lint filter. This is probably something you do all the time but you should check it in case you haven’t done so in a while. 

Just to note, the problem likely isn’t in the lint filter. It’s just that is the easiest area to clean first. You will need to clean everything in your dryer to eliminate all possible problems. Three other areas are likely the culprits. 

Cleaning the Condenser Filter

The condenser filter can get clogged with lint and debris. This will be the first part of your dryer that you will thoroughly clean. Before you get started, be sure to unplug it from the wall. 

At the bottom of the dryer, there is a tab for a panel. Press down and the panel door will open. Now, you will see two levers on the sides of the inside cavity. They may be blue or some other color. 

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Lift the levers and then pull the center handle feature. The opens to an inside compartment where the condenser filter is. It will look like a plastic grill. There is a handle on it. Use the handle to pull it out. It will come all the way out. 

You can run the filter under running water to flush out all the lint. Turn the filter around to wash out the front and the honeycomb sides. 

Before you put the filter back, reach into the cavity and remove any debris. There will likely be lint build-up in it. 

Get a screwdriver to push up the panel on the cavity floor in the back. Pull out the panel. Now you are going to clean the pump.

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Cleaning the Drain Pump

Appliance service technicians claim the DR error is the most common code showing up in Bosche ventless dryers. It happens when the drain pump, sometimes called a sump pump, gets clogged with lint or fails. 

You may not think of a dryer as having a drain pump but the Bosch dryer has one for water from the clothes to escape. When it gets clogged with lint, the water can’t drain. The dryer gets too hot, there is bad airflow and it stalls in mid-cycle. 

Now that you are in the area of the pump, take your hand and get as much lint out of the pump area as you can. This is where you will likely find the clog that is giving you problems. You can use paper towels or a rag to soak up the water too so you can clean it out better. 

Take a turkey baster and add some fresh, clean water to the pump area. You will need about a cup. Replace everything as you took it out. 

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Testing Your Dryer

There is a hose that goes from the back of your dryer into a drain. Take it out of the drain and put the end of it in a bucket, cup, or a pan that will hold a cup of water. 

Plug the dryer back into the outlet. Set the dryer on any setting and turn it on. The water you just put into the pump should then flush out of the hose and into the bucket or cup. It will look dirty. That’s okay.

It’s just flushing out the remaining debris from the pump. 

A dryer that continues to have the DR code could need the drain pump replaced. However, you will need to check one more area before making that determination. 

Clogged Duct

The DR code is telling you the problem is bad airflow. It doesn’t tell you what is causing the bad airflow. Bad airflow could be in the duct. This test will help you figure that out. 

Put the drain hose back into the wall or floor drain. Now, detach the vent hose in the back of the dryer. Try running it without the vent hose. A DR code failing to show up on the display means there is a clog in the duct. 

You can clean out the duct. It’s probably lint. All you need to do is remove as much lint as you can by hand and follow that with a vacuum of the duct’s interior. You can use hose extensions to get as much into the duct as possible. 

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Cleaning the Outside Vent

The last thing you should do is clean your outside dryer vent. It is usually on the side of the house opposite where your dryer is inside your home. There is an exterior vent cover that you will need to remove. Use a hand vacuum or a vacuum with an extension to suck all the lint out. 

There could be some hardened areas. You can need a paint scraper or a screwdriver to break through those areas. Be careful not to damage your vent. Then, take a sponge and some warm soapy water and clean the hardened areas. You can also use a glass cleaner.

Why do dryers get so dirty?

The main reason lint clogs up in these spaces is that people use dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They tend to make things gummy and sticky so the lint doesn’t pass through. 

Could the problem be anything else?

These solutions should resolve your problem but the other two possible issues are either with the door switch or the sensor. A broken door switch will leave a circuit open and that will make the dryer run hot. 

A failed sensor won’t control the dryer’s heat so it will run hot in that case also, causing the safety features to shut it down. 

However, the most common problem is clogs. 

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How often should I clean my dryer filters?

Lint filters should be checked every two or three loads. The condenser filter and drain pump should be cleaned once a month. The vent hose, duct, and outside vent should be checked twice a year.

Resetting the Dryer

Bosch model dryers can be easily reset by unplugging them from the wall, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging them back in. As an alternative, you can also turn the circuit breaker off, wait and then flip it back on to do a reset.

This will reset the control board so it will clear all error codes from the display.

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