Dyson V10 not working After Cleaning the Filter? 5 easy things to check.

Is your Dyson V10 not working after cleaning the filter? The Dyson V10’s filter is meant to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. You will find yourself needing to clean it more frequently if you use it often or capture lots of fine dust. But what happens if you put the filter back after cleaning and your Dyson vacuum no longer works?

If your Dyson V10 is not working after cleaning the filter, check that the filter unit is attached correctly. It’s also possible that the filter is still wet after cleaning because it hasn’t been given enough time to dry thoroughly, or that the motor head has failed after sucking in water from that wet filter. There could also be a blockage elsewhere, or the filter could be worn out.

In the following sections, we’ll explore each of those possible reasons why your Dyson V10 isn’t working, even after cleaning the filter. We’ll also walk you through the solutions for each of those issues so you can get your Dyson V10 up and running again.

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Possible Reasons For A Dyson V10 Not Working After Cleaning the Filter:

If your Dyson V10 is not working after cleaning the filter, take a look at the following list, and see which explanation might fit your particular issue.

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1. Incorrectly Installed Filter

After cleaning the filter on your Dyson V10, you need to reattach it to the vacuum by twisting the cap clockwise until it clicks. Important: the vacuum will not work if it senses that the filter unit is not installed correctly.

Sometimes, the problem might not be a mistake on your part. Besides incorrectly twisting the unit into place, it’s also possible that debris has gotten stuck and is preventing the filter unit from fitting into place as it should. Without a total seal between the filter unit and the rest of the vacuum, the V10 will not work when you pull the trigger.

Another tell-tale sign that the filter unit isn’t installed correctly is a flashing blue light on the side of the unit when you pull the trigger. That is one of several warning lights designed to notify you when the vacuum is facing an issue that requires troubleshooting.

How to fix it:

To troubleshoot and fix this issue, first remove the filter unit from the vacuum. Inspect the sections where the filter unit comes into contact with the vacuum and ensure that there isn’t any debris that will prevent the filter from locking into place.

Next, push the filter unit into place and twist it clockwise until you hear a click. You might find that you have to apply a bit of force because of the rubber gasket (used to form a very tight seal without any air gaps) between the filter and the vacuum unit.

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Replacing clean filter on Dyson V10

For additional guidance, you can refer to the sticker that’s on the back of the filter unit, which provides you with instructions on attaching it to the V10 correctly.

2. Filter Is Still Wet

Like most people, you’ve probably followed Dyson’s instructions to wash the filter under a cold water tap. Unfortunately, many people do not give the filter enough time to dry out thoroughly afterward. Instead, they mistakenly reattach the filter unit onto the vacuum while it’s still damp.

A wet filter will not allow any air to travel through it, halting all airflow throughout the entire vacuum. When that happens, the Dyson V10 will not allow itself to work as a way of protecting itself against further damage.

How to fix it:

If your Dyson V10’s filter is still wet, you must remove it immediately and let it dry overnight. Trying to force the vacuum to work with a wet filter could be very damaging to the appliance and its motor, as you’ll see in the next section.

If the filter is wet, the moisture could find its way into other parts and attachments on the vacuum. That can be very destructive to some of the inner parts. So, if that happens, be sure to take the rest of your vacuum apart and dry out any parts or components that might have become wet.

Dyson recommends that you wash the filter thoroughly and then give it 24 hours to dry out entirely. That can be a very long time if you’re planning on using the vacuum to do more cleaning on the same day. So, be sure to plan ahead.

When drying the filter, you do not have to use a hairdryer, heat gun, or any other heat source to do so. It’s also not a good idea to dry it under direct, scorching sunlight, as that could cause more wear and tear to the filter as well. 

Instead, the most effective way to dry the vacuum filter thoroughly is to put it in a place where there’s some airflow (a portable fan works well). Then, leave the filter to air dry for the next 24 hours, and you’ll be able to use your vacuum like normal again.

3. The Motor head Has Failed

Another possibility why your Dyson V10 not working is that the motor head on your Dyson V10 has failed completely. If this happens after you’ve just cleaned the filter, then it’s likely that the filter was still wet when you reattached it to the vacuum. 

Cutaway of Dyson V10 vacuum

The water from the wet filter would have been sucked in by the motor and damaged it to the point that it can no longer function correctly. That happens when the water finds its way into the electrical parts of the motor, causing a short circuit that damages the motor and makes it completely unusable.

How to fix it:

If the motor head on your Dyson V10 has suffered from water damage, then the only solution here is to replace the motor entirely. The best way to do that is to contact Dyson’s customer support to see if they can do that for you. If not, they should be able to tell you what your options are for getting it fixed.

Another option is to go directly to your local appliance repair specialist. They would be able to source the replacement motor and fix it for you as well.

Once the motor head has been replaced with a new one that functions correctly, you’ll be able to continue using your Dyson V10 vacuum like you usually do.

4. The Filter Has Worn Out

The filters on Dyson V10 vacuums are designed to last only two years, with regular use. They will last longer if you rarely use your vacuum, or they’ll wear out quicker if you use it more than the average user. That’s especially true if you use it to capture lots of very fine dust, which saturates the filters much quicker.

When these Dyson vacuum filters catch large pieces of dust and debris, they’re easy to clean. If you wash these filters regularly under a cold tap, most of the dust and debris will be removed without any problems.

However, the same filters also have very tiny pores that capture fine dust. That fine dust is not so easy to remove even after repeated washing.

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That means that over time and especially after regular washing, the filter will become worn out as part of its regular wear and tear. The filter will become saturated with dust, reducing the amount of airflow that can easily pass through the filter. 

A vacuum with a clogged filter will not only perform poorly, but also it will put extra stress on the motor and cause premature failure.

How to fix it:

If your Dyson V10 has been using the same filter for two years or more, then it’s time to purchase a replacement. It’s always best to buy replacement filters directly from Dyson instead of third-party sellers. That way, you can rest assured that the filter is compatible with your Dyson V10 and that it is highly reliable. 

5. There Are Blockages Elsewhere

Even though you’ve cleaned the Dyson V10’s filter, it’s possible that you may have overlooked a blockage elsewhere in the vacuum. When this happens, the vacuum will pulsate whenever you pull the trigger.

Dyson V10 not working: blockage
This image shows a rather extreme case, but it is still possible to have a blockage even if there are no obvious visual signs.

The Dyson V10 is designed sometimes to pulsate when you pull the trigger as a way to notify you that there’s a problem. It does that in order to prevent the motor from running continuously in a way that might damage itself.

If the vacuum is pulsating, then there might be a blockage in the brush bar, the wand, or the inlet. These sections should also be cleaned thoroughly whenever you clean the vacuum’s filter.

How to fix it:

To fix this problem:

  • Remove all of the Dyson V10’s parts and attachments after you’ve cleaned the filter.
  • Inspect the brush bar, the wand, and the inlet (where the wand meets the vacuum) for any blockages. 
  • Clean them out and ensure that air can flow through each part without any obstructions.
  • Doing so will ensure that air can flow from the bottom of the vacuum (at the brushbar) all the way to the top (at the filter) without any obstructions.

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  1. My dyson 7jammed after opening to empty dirt bin. I can not push the top mechanism back in place.

  2. My cordless dyson vacuum cleaner V10 is not charging at all. The blue light comes on at first then it shuts off completely , therefore not charging at all. Filter is cleaned . I have not used it frequently because it is used in the motor home and when in use it’s about 1/2 hr at a time. I expected the battery would have lasted longer with minimum use.
    What can I do? I have tried to reset the battery by unplugging the charger and reconnecting to the vacuum ,then holding the start button for 20 seconds with no success.

  3. I can not open up the canister to remove the debris. While I have cleaned the canister it will no longer allow me to clean the canister at all.

  4. I washed the filter in my V11, I let it dry, the motor did work without the filter attached, but now after it dried I installed the filter and it does not work. Could some water gotten into the motor? Is there a reset button or fuse somewhere that could be tripped? How hard is itplace the motorhead, I am quite handy and have fixed an older V7 brush bar replacement.

  5. You must still be in guarantee. I needed new filter within 2 years. I’d ring Dyson as very helpful in or out of guarantee. Told me to take off collecting bin and gently tap metal drum to remove more dust.

  6. I have the same issue with my Dyson v10. I have watched the videos and have cleaned it accordingly. The filter was rinsed clean and dried for 48 hrs. It indicates with the light that there is a blockage and it pulsates. It is only a year old if that. What should I do?

    • I would ring Dyson. You still must be in guarantee but even if not they are extremely helpful and tell you to do other things to solve the problem like gently tapping the metal cylinder to remove any dust build up. I needed a new filter within two years.

  7. I washed the filter and let it sit for 24 hours. When I went to use it, there were bubbles coming out of the sides of the filter! I did NOT use any soap when I washed it. I washed it again, let it sit for 24 hours and the same thing happened! This is the Dyson 10. It’s a year old.

    Advice please!

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