F76 GE Oven Error Code – Troubleshooting Guide

GE is typically a reliable brand and its ovens are known to be quality appliances. That’s why it surprises you when your oven, especially if it is a newer one, shows an f76 error code. New ovens aren’t supposed to do that, are they?

Appliance technicians all agree the f76 GE oven error code leads to only one possibility. The control board failed. There isn’t much you can do except getting a new control board. However, we can offer tips on how to replace it, the cost, and how to get GE to replace it for free. 

Read further for more tips and advice about this problem with your GE oven. 

Try This First

Try resetting your oven before you call up the GE support center to give them a piece of your mind that probably stems from hunger pains because you can’t finish cooking dinner. 

Resetting your GE oven is easy as your uncooked pie. Unplug it for five minutes and then plug it back in. This is known to reset the control panel. 

A second display of this error code means the control panel is faulty. You will need to replace it. 

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Is this a Common Problem?

Unfortunately, yes, a faulty control panel for GE ovens is a common problem for the brand. Many appliance techs say the new ovens are known for having this error. They say the number is so massive that they are surprised there isn’t a class-action lawsuit on it. 

The error may come with a beeping sound if the electronic range control (ERC) senses one or more control panel buttons is stuck. Whether this occurs or not, the problem still lies with the control panel. 

The Functions of a Control Board

The primary purpose of a control board is to make sure energy flows to all the different parts of the appliance in all of its functions. Every program you initiate on your range goes through the control board. It’s like a computer motherboard.

The Sensor

The only other possibility for this problem is a sensor. Sensors send messages to the control panel to cook, clean, or do other things. Sensors are cheaper than control boards so it pays to test them first before getting your control board replaced.

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You will need to test the sensor with an ohm meter to see if it’s good. The room temperature reading should be 1100 ohms. A sensor testing good means you will need to replace your control board.

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Replacing Parts

Many of these parts are simple enough that you can replace them yourself. All they have connected are wires so you can easily remove them and replace them with the new part. Below are brief descriptions of the process. 

Replacing the Sensor

First, unplug your oven or flip the circuit breaker to turn off electricity to the appliance. Net remove the oven racks. The oven sensor is near the top of the upper heating coals. Remove the mounting screw. Pull the sensor toward you. Squeeze the tab to disconnect the wire. 

Connect the wire to the new sensor and position it. Secure it with the mounting screw. 

Replacing the Control Board

Turn off the power to the oven. Remove the screws on the bottom section of your oven’s control panel. It is at the top of the range. Loosen screws on the back of the panel. You will need to remove the panel. Lift it and out to release. Beware of sharp edges. 

Now, you are looking at the control board. There are several different types of wires connected to the board. Take a picture of the board with the wires connected before you disconnect them. 

Disconnect the wires. Most should pull out. Now, disconnect the screws holding the control board in place. Lift the old board out. 

Get the new board out. You have a choice in that you can install the old overlay on the new control panel or you can install a new overlay. Peel off the plastic on top of the new overlay if you go with that one. 

Put the new control board in its seat. Secure it with the screws you took out. Reconnect all the wires. Now, put the panel back. That can be a little tricky because you must align the screws on the top and back. Tighten the screws in the back first and then put in the screws on the front of the panel’s bottom.

Plug your range back into the outlet and test it.

How do I stop my GE oven from beeping with an F76 issue?

First, press the off/cancel button. That may clear the code. If that doesn’t work, reset the oven by unplugging it and waiting five minutes before plugging it back in. 

What causes the control panel on an oven to stop working?

It could be several things from a tripped circuit breaker to a problem with the outlet cord, like a short or damage. It could also be an internal wiring failure or a blown thermal fuse. That can stop the control board from powering up some ranges.

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How much does it cost to replace a GE oven control panel?

Using an appliance technician to replace the panel is expensive. The repair can run between $220 to $300 including parts and labor. However, the part itself isn’t that pricey. The cost for a GE control panel online runs from around $55 to approximately $95, so you can save a lot of money if you can do this repair yourself. 

How do you test an oven control board?

A control board with a non-lit display on the range can be tested by using an ohm on the hot neutral going into the control. The control should be replaced if 120VAC+/-10% is at the control. 

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How do I know if my control board is bad?

Signs that your control board is out are a blank display with none of the buttons working. A range that beeps or changes the display when you press buttons is another sign, especially if they still won’t function well. Another sign is no beeping or change when you press a button with the display remaining on. 

Is there a reset button on a GE range?

Some models have reset buttons. There is a breaker on the stove’s main panel. The display will have a selection on the control pad. Select reset and then press the “start” button. You will need to reset the clock after you reset the stove. 

How do I test the temperature sensor?

You will use an ohmmeter. Place a probe on both ends of the sensor. The reading should be around 1,100 ohms. Anything less is bad. This is testing resistance and that is used to heat the oven to the correct temperature.

Lock Controls

GE has lock controls on gas, electric, or dual fuel ranges. This shuts down the oven control panel so pressing the keypads won’t turn on the oven or activate any oven controls. You can still use surface burners because they are controlled by knobs. 

The purpose of lock controls is to prevent children from accidentally or intentionally pressing the keypads or using the oven.

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Lockout Settings

You can initiate a locked setting on the control panel. This can be done by holding down the “lock controls” key for three seconds. Deactivate it by repeating the action.

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  1. Hi my name is Irma I have a general electric wall oven double oven it turns on but it when it’s heat it up to 300 then it start beeping and it has a code F 76 can you please tell me what’s wrong with my oven thank you when it’s working for a couple of minutes then I get that code

    • Hello,
      Most likely you need a new control board. It is not an easy job, so better call a technician. At least ask them provide a quote for repair, before replacing it.


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