LG Microwave Not Showing Display – Troubleshooting Guide

Modern microwaves have displays that show cooking times, programs, and code errors. A display is not the most important part of the appliance but we’ve grown dependent on them for solid functioning.

Sometimes, a display will suddenly stop working. 

There are three possible reasons for your LG microwave not showing display. It could be the membrane switch, the control board, or the display itself. Some other problems could exist but these are the most common. 

Read further to find out more about what is causing your microwave display problems and how to fix them. 

The Membrane Switch Failed

Microwaves are created to have easy touch cooking. You touch the keypad and the microwave turns on. The part you touch, called the membrane switch, sends signals to the control panel. The control panel is the brain of the appliance and controls the functions. 

A bad membrane switch can cause the display to fail. You will know this is the problem if the display lights up at first when you touch the buttons but then dies out. 

The membrane switch is made of mylar and that can warp over time. It’s likely that it isn’t making the connections required to allow the display to function. 

However, you likely will have other issues in cooking power or times if it’s the membrane switch. These can be sporadic before it gives out completely. 

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The Control Board Is Faulty

A display that fails to show up at all when you press the keypad buttons indicates the problem could be with the control board. A control board issue could affect only the display with other functions working properly or it could mean your entire microwave won’t work. In either case, you will need to replace the control board to fix the problem. 

Display Board Is Bad

The display board could be at fault. You can tell if the display board is the culprit of this problem if the display is only partially out. You will need to get a new display board if this is the case. 

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Other Possible Issues

A microwave owner who has a new appliance with a non-working display may not have installed the microwave correctly. This can be a problem especially if you have an over-the-range version that you installed yourself. 

You may need to have someone who installs these types of microwaves professionally come out to check connections. 

Several appliance owners go onto forums asking about failed displays when the oven still cooks. Those issues will either be the display itself or perhaps a faulty door switch. It would be easiest to check the door switches first as a failed door switch can present numerous problems.

What Should I Do?

A bad display shouldn’t cause your microwave to stop working completely but it does mean some important parts will likely completely fail soon. Any of these parts would need to get replaced because they can’t be repaired. 

You can try resetting the microwave first to see if that works. If it resets and the microwave functions properly, the control board isn’t faulty but simply needed to be reset. A door switch going out can be reset also so be sure to keep an eye on how it functions over the next few weeks. 

A malfunctioning microwave will likely point to a door switch. 

A microwave that continues to have a display issue after a reset means you have a part that needs replacing.

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How To Reset an LG Microwave?

LG microwaves are similar to others in how it is reset. You must unplug it, wait about three minutes, and plug it back in. This is called a “hard reset” and it will reset the control board. Most of the time, this is will fix simple problems like clearing error codes, display issues, and some power issues. 

Are Microwave Parts Easy to Find?

Parts like door switches, control boards, and displays can be found easily online. Most microwave parts are inexpensive. The control boards will cost the most with the average price around $100. 

Appliance repair gurus advise you to buy genuine parts for your LG microwave. This is the only way you can be sure they will fit your model and work properly. Genuine parts like these run about the same price as non-OEM parts so you should go with the real deal. 

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Finding a Service Technician

Many service technicians are licensed and qualified to work on your LG microwave oven. You can get a list of those recommended by LG near your area when you call the support center. 

Sometimes, the support center can also offer other quick fixes for these types of problems without calling a service tech. A representative can also go over your warranty with you to help you file a warranty claim so you don’t have to pay for a repair. 

Be sure to have your warranty information with you when you call. The support center should always be your first call when you need an LG appliance repair. 

Can I Repair My Microwave Myself?

Whether you can make these repairs yourself depends on how handy you are and your comfort level in dealing with electrical appliances. Microwaves are different from other types of appliances because they have a capacitor. 

Capacitors hold thousands of volts of electricity even after you unplug the appliance so it can be dangerous to work on them. That amount of electricity can cause serious injury or death. 

However, the control board, door switches, and display aren’t near the capacitor so they could be safe for you to replace. Replacement of these things isn’t that challenging. It’s just a matter of disconnecting wires from the old version and reconnecting to the new version. 

Even so, many advisors suggest that you call in an expert when it comes to controlling board replacement. The display and door switches are an easier fix. 

Why did my microwave go blank?

A microwave where the display suddenly goes blank during cooking may have a faulty display board. This is particularly true if the microwave still cooks. 

A microwave that suddenly stops cooking and goes blank likely tripped a circuit. Check the circuits in your electrical box and also reset your GFCI switch. It’s a red switch in the middle of one of your outlets in your kitchen. Just press the red button to reset the switch.

Can you fix the microwave display?

Microwaves aren’t that hard to repair once you understand how they work and what you shouldn’t touch. Most professionals only take an hour to replace things like a control panel or a display. Both are pretty simple repairs if you research how to do them and know what you’re doing 

How much does it cost to fix a microwave display issue?

It depends on the exact problem causing your display issues. If you have both the control board and the display replaced, it could cost between $200 and $300 with parts and labor. A door switch replacement will run between $50 and $100. 

Will a warranty cover a display problem?

You will need to check your warranty to see what it covers. Most warranties only cover repairs through a certain time so you will also need to see if your warranty on your microwave expired. 

Will my microwave work without the display?

An LG microwave will continue to cook with lights and have a working turntable even without the display working. However, you won’t know what time you set, the program you set, or see any error codes if something else goes wrong. 

A non-functioning display could be a signal the control board is going out so you will need to get it fixed before your entire microwave stops working. 

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A Decision to Fix It

Many people wonder if fixing a microwave is worth the time and money. It depends on the age of the appliance and how much you paid for it. Microwaves last around seven to 10 years so if yours is reaching that age, it may be best to invest in a new one. 

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