How to Set Clock on Samsung Microwave?

People depend on their microwave clocks to keep track of their morning schedule. It is a convenient feature of modern microwave ovens. However, setting the time isn’t always straightforward. 

You will need to know how to set clock on Samsung microwave for several reasons. It will need to be set when you install it, reset when the power goes out, or after a repair. There are different ways to set the clock depending on the model. You can use the clock, the settings, power level, or options buttons. 

The article below describes how to set the clock on various Samsung oven models. You may need to look at your owner’s manual to see which way works for your microwave. 

Setting Time Using the Clock Button

Three Samsung models are designed to use the clock button to set the time. For this, first press the clock button and then use the number pad to plug in the time. Now, press the clock button again to pick morning or evening hours. On some models, you can skip this step. Confirm your entry by pressing the enter or start button. 

Some microwave ovens allow you to change the time using the settings button. To do this, press the number “9” button on the number pad. Now, press the OK button. Use the number pad to enter the time. Press Ok to confirm and end the program. 

Also, note that some Samsung ovens designate morning and evening times using military time. On those, 1-12 is 1 a.m. through noon ad 13-24 is 1 p.m. through midnight.

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Using the Power Level Button to Set the Time

Some Samsung models have a hidden clock feature. This feature can only be accessed using the power level button. To reset your clock this way, hold down the power level button for three seconds and use the number pad to enter the time. 

You will use the power level button to set the morning or evening time. Press it once for the AM time and twice for the PM time. Finally, press either the OK or the Start button to confirm. 

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Setting the Time with the Options Button

Some Samsung models have a clock feature where you use the options button to set the time. Press the options button and then press “9” on the number pad. Press the OK button and plug in the time on the number pad. Press okay to confirm and finish. 

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Other Ways to Set Time

These aren’t the only ways you can set time on your Samsung microwave. Some simpler models use arrows. On these models, you start by pressing the OK button and then pressing the left or right arrows to set the time. Press the ok button again once you set the hour. 

Now, use the arrows to set the time for the minutes and press OK again. You will see the correct time displayed on the control panel. 

The clock will change to show the cooking time when you use your microwave. 

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When to Reset the Time?

Microwaves don’t have automatic time reset features like cell phones do so there are many instances when you will need to manually reset the time on your oven

Power Is Out

A common reason you will need to reset your microwave’s time is if there is a power outage or even a power surge. The time can be erased if even there is a quick glitch in the power supply. 

Time Change

Time changes in the fall and spring will call for you to reset your microwave’s time. Microwaves don’t adjust to time changes so you will need to do it manually.


Your microwave clock will need to be reset after repair work has been done on it. That’s because a microwave must be unplugged before any work can be done. 

Resetting the Microwave

There are times when you will need to reset everything on your microwave in an attempt to correct a problem. You will need to reset the clock since it was disconnected from power.

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How to Reset Your Microwave?

A minor glitch in your microwave can often be corrected by resetting your microwave oven. Resetting will clear the control board on your microwave where things like program buttons and cook times will work again. 

Resetting your microwave is easy. Unplug it or turn off the circuit breaker. Wait for 10 minutes and then plug it back in. Your oven should work correctly unless it has a major problem.

How do you know when the clock on your Samsung needs to be reset?

A built-in clock on a Samsung Microwave will flash when it’s disconnected or unplugged from electrical power. 

Will a microwave automatically change the time for daylight savings time?

No, microwave clock features don’t automatically change to fit daylight savings time. You will need to manually change them. 

How long does it take to reset a Samsung microwave clock?

It doesn’t take long as a Samsung microwave clock can be set in minutes. It can take longer to find the instructions on how to do it. It’s good to practice it every once and a while so you will automatically remember. 

Is Samsung a reliable microwave brand?

Samsung produces reliable products that are also affordable. However, the microwave brand may also depend on lifestyle and personal preferences. Be sure to look at all the features of various brands before making a decision. 

How long will a microwave last?

Most microwaves will last at least nine or 10 years. Some will last longer if you decide to repair them. The main reason to replace an older microwave is that it no longer heats properly because of a failed magnetron. 

Why does my microwave oven clock run slow?

Your microwave oven clock may run slow when you don’t provide a dedicated circuit for it. This can cause your microwave to lose time over months. Your outlet needs to have 60Hz of power consistently and a lack of proper power consistently can cause your clock to lose efficiency.

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Why is my oven not keeping good time?

You may be having power surges or electrical spikes that are affecting how your clock works. Microwave clocks have software and software is easily affected by power issues. Turn the power off at the breaker and wait 10 minutes before turning it back on to reset it.

How do I reset an oven timer?

You will use the timer on and off button. Start the oven time and then press the timer on and off button. After that, use the keypad arrows to set the time.

Why do microwave clocks run fast most of the time?

Microwave digital clocks tend to be frequency-based. An increase in AC frequency will make the clock run faster. A decrease in AC frequency makes a microwave clock run slower. 

North America is on a 60-cycle frequency. Other parts of the world may be on a different frequency.

Why is my microwave clock usually wrong?

Power outages or surges are the most common reason for inaccurate time on microwaves. Your clock can also see issues if different parts in the oven start to break down including the control board, power supply parts, or the display screen.

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