Speed Queen Washer Code E dL – Troubleshooting Guide 3 easy tips

Newer washing machines have codes to tell you why they may not be functioning correctly. In Speed Queen washing machines, the E is for Error and DL for Door Lock.

A Speed Queen Washer Code E DL means there is an issue with the door. Either it is locked when it should be unlocked or it is open when it should be closed. This is an easy problem to fix. 

What You Should Do to clear E dL code

Check the door. It may have a door lock issue, even if it’s closed. Typically the E DL error refers to a door lock problem. Open and close the door again. Look to see if the error clears. You can also try resetting the washer by unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in and trying again.

An error that remains on the display indicates you should check the door lock and switches. 

First, look at where the door switch closes. Sometimes, there is a lot of soap scum, dirt, and grime in there. Try to clean it out with a cleansing product and a Q-tip. 

If that doesn’t work, you will need to check the door lock itself. This may involve removing the panel covering the door lock. On a front-loader, that would be on the side of the loading glass near the lock.

On a top loader, it could be either near the lock itself or under the top panel portion. You can test the lock with a multimeter to see if there is continuing between both upper and lower switches. If there isn’t, then you will need to get your door lock replaced. 

e dl

You may get an E DO code. This would happen while your cycle is running. It means your door is open. Check your door to make sure it is completely closed. Sometimes, a piece of clothing can get stuck in the door lock preventing it from locking. 

A latch assembly for a Speed Queen washer runs around $106 for the part, not including labor and the service call fee.

What If None of That Works? Code E DL

A washing machine that still shows the error after checking the door locks may need a new control board. It is the control board that signals the lock to activate during a cycle. That will be something it is best to call your service technician to check out and replace. They aren’t expensive to replace, especially in a Speed Queen product. 

The control panel costs around $90 to replace on most models but the price will depend on the model.

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A whole control assembly can cost up to $500. At this point, you need to consider whether it is worth replacing or buying a new washer.

What If My Door Lock Appears Fine?

These machines are set up with timing protocols for all their functions. With the Speed Queen, the control panel will give a door lock error code if the door doesn’t lock within 15 seconds of the machine going into the door locking mode or if it doesn’t unlock within three minutes of going into the door unlocking mode.

The control panel turns off outputs and flashes the door display error one second on and one-off. The way to clear the error is for the door to either open or lock. Sometimes, opening and closing it a couple of times will clear the code. 


Does Speed Queen have a warranty?

Yes, all Speed Queens come with a warranty. The washer and dryer set has a five-year warranty on labor and parts. There is also a five-year labor warranty on the labor and parts for the cabinet assembly if it sustains a rust problem. Speed Queen washing machines also come with a lifetime limited warranty for a host of other parts.

You will need to look closely at your warranty to see what all it covers as fixing some things yourself can void the warranty.

Do Speed Queen washers save on energy?

Speed Queen washers aren’t not considered the most energy-efficient. The truth is they barely meet the Department of Energy standards for energy efficiency. However, they do meet all basic standards set by the government.

There is an eco cycle that helps save on energy and water that does meet all Department of Energy standards . You won’t sacrifice cleaning to use it either as the eco cycle cleans just as well as the previous washers did on standard cycles. 

The Speed Queen also helps you save on water and energy by allowing you to choose your water level or use the automatic feature. The automatic feature will sense the correct water level for the cycle and your load, so you never have to guess.

On the positive side, Speed Queen washers are considered to be the most durable on the market. That is especially true of the top-loaders since they are built similarly to a commercial washing machine.

They last twice as long as the high-efficiency washers and require fewer repairs.Speed Queens are also considered some of the easiest washing machines to repair as well. Also, none of their parts are incredibly expensive. Most can be purchased for around $100. 

National statistics show most washing machine fixes will cost under $200. 

Can I run a diagnostic test on my Speed Queen washer?

Yes, you can run a diagnostic test on your Speed Queen washer even though how to do this isn’t in the manual. Do the following:

  1. Turn your washer on and put it in standby mode.
  2. Press the following buttons in this order within five seconds:
  • Soak
  • Soil Level
  • Soak
  • Soil Level

This will get you into the self-diagnostic program. The program will run automatically for 90 seconds. Error codes will show up on the display after the test. 

How long does it take for a Speed Queen washer to wash clothes?

Your clothes will go through a complete cycle in 30 minutes in a Speed Queen washer. Typically, you can wash and dry your clothes in a normal laundry load in an hour with a Speed Queen washer and dryer.

Which model uses more water, a top load or a front-load?

The front-load washer from Speed Queen is known to use less water than a top-load washer. 

The top-load washer can take on more weight though. It can wash up to 20 percent more laundry weight than a front-load version. Those who do a lot of laundry or who have large loads may find the top-load washer is more efficient because you won’t have to do as many smaller loads to get clean results. That can save you water too.

How do I reset my Speed Queen washer?

It’s easy to reset your Speed Queen washer. Just unplug the machine for 15 seconds. Now plug it back into the wall outlet. The code should clear if you’ve solved the initial problem.

If the code persists, you have another issue to diagnose. You may need to call your service technician to run a complete test on the washer to discover the problem and reset the code.

How do I manually drain my Speed Queen washer?

Turn off the power and the water. Push the washer away from the wall. Get a bucket and some towels and put them on the floor. Now, pull the drain hose out of the drain and lower it into the bucket. Water will automatically flow.

You may need to stop and empty the bucket, depending on how much water is in the washer drum. Just put the drain hose back into the drain to pause to empty the bucket. Once the water level is low enough, the door should open so you can remove your laundry.

Who makes Speed Queen washers?

Speed Queen is a subsidiary of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC. The Speed Queen manufacturing company is headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin. The Ripon location has been producing washing products for Speed Queen for more than 110 years.

Alliance Laundry Systems is believed to be the world’s largest commercial laundry equipment company as of 2004.

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