5 Common Speed Queen Washer Problems – How To Fix It

Speed Queen is a well-known brand that produces commercial and household laundry machines. In this article, we’re going to see what those common problems may be and how they’re solved.

Common Speed Queen washer problems include the washer not draining, not filling with water, not spinning fast enough, stopping mid-cycle, or causing excessive noise.

The good news is that these problems have solutions. So, we’re going to explore common Speed Queen washer problems and how to fix them.

Let’s get started!

Speed Queen Top Load Washer Not Draining

To start this list, we’ll look at a common problem that tends to happen with top-loading Speed Queen washing machines.

We’re talking about the question of why the washer is not draining as it should. Typically, the root cause behind this issue is a problematic drive belt.

What it is: Among all the parts in a Speed Queen washing machine, the drive belt is undoubtedly one of the most important.

The belt works closely with pulleys and the drive motor to spin the washer fast enough to do its job effectively.

washer motor assembly

Whether it’s agitating the stains out from your clothes or spinning the clothes dry, the drive belt is there every step of the way. The drive motor will deliver power by turning the belt, passing it on by turning the washer’s tub.

That will continue happening back and forth until the entire washing process is complete.

Why it fails: For the belt to work correctly, it’ll require a lot of tension so it can spin the washer with enough power. Over time, though, the belt will start to wear out and lose all of the tension needed to do its job.

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Without sufficient tension, the belt can’t spin the washer fast enough. As a result, the washer won’t be able to drain all of the water out of the load of laundry that you’ve put in there.

This problem becomes most noticeable when you put in a heavy load of laundry into the machine.

Without enough tension in the belt, very little water can be spun out of that load and drained out of the tub.

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How to fix: Worn-out drive belts need to be replaced, which can be quite a tricky process. So, let’s break it down into two stages: gain access and replace the belt.  

On a top-load washer, the belt will be on the bottom end of the unit, requiring you to gain access by removing the panel and any other parts in the way.

Be sure to refer to your particular unit’s user manual for any special instructions on gaining access.

When you can see the belt’s location clearly, you’ll find that removing the old belt is much simpler than installing the new one. That’s because a brand new belt will be taut compared to the old one.

Loop one end of the belt around the drum pulley. Then, with a bit of force, you’ll need to loop the other end of the belt around the motor pulley as well.

Once you’ve done that, turn the washer manually to ensure that the belt is well-aligned on both pulleys.

Remember: you’ll need to disconnect the power supply before you gain access to replace the belt. 

Speed Queen Washer Problems: Not Filling With Water

Another common problem you may experience with your Speed Queen washer is that it doesn’t fill up with enough water to wash a laundry load.

There are two possible causes for this, being a fault in the water inlet valve or the timer.

What it is: The water inlet valve on a washer is what controls the amount of water that fills up the washer tub. It opens to let water in but closes as soon as the tub is full so that it doesn’t overflow.  It could be considered to be the ‘heart’ of the washer.

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On the other hand, the timer is often seen as the washer’s ‘brain’. It coordinates all of the different functions in a washer from filling to spinning and draining.

Once you’ve chosen the wash cycle that you want to use for your load of laundry, the timer will take over and ensure that each process happens as it should.

Speed Queen washer problems: water inlet valve

Why it fails: When the water inlet valve is faulty, it could fail to open entirely and let enough water in. That could lead to some water flowing into the tub but not up to the required levels to begin the wash cycle.

Sometimes, the water inlet valve works perfectly fine, but the problem is with the timer.

Remember: the timer will coordinate the different components to do their tasks in the right sequence.

The timer could fail in telling the inlet valve to open, resulting in a lack of water in the tub.

How to fix: Both the water inlet valve and timer aren’t easily fixed, so it’s best to replace them entirely.

Thankfully, doing so is relatively straightforward. Refer to your user manual so you can order the correct replacement for either the inlet valve or the timer.

Examine your timer for any burn spots or smells, as that could be a clear sign that it’s damaged and needs replacing.

You’ll want to start by disconnecting the unit’s power supply before fixing either of these components.

With the water inlet valve, be sure to turn off the water supply as well. Then, place a cloth underneath it to catch any leftover water that may spill out.

You’ll begin by removing the access panel and identifying the part you’re replacing. Typically, a water inlet valve is held in place with a mounting plate and screws. You’ll need to remove those first.

Remove any electrical connectors and replace the old part with the new one. Reconnect everything the same was as before, and replace any mounting screws that you removed earlier.

Speed Queen Washer Not Spinning Fast Enough

For a Speed Queen washer to work correctly, it doesn’t just have to spin. It’ll also have to turn at the correct speeds.

Sometimes, you may find that your washer is working, though it never gets up to the right speeds. A problem with the vibration sensor could cause that.

What it is: Washing machines rely on a vibration sensor to figure out if the machine isn’t balanced correctly.

Excessive vibrations are not good for the washer’s contents.

So, if the sensor were to detect that the machine is vibrating too much for whatever reason, it’ll slow the washer down and prevent it from reaching its ideal speed.

Why it fails: On Speed Queen washers, it’s quite common that the electrical wiring to and from the vibration sensor is too brittle.

A wiring problem like this could cause the vibration sensor to malfunction and signal to the machine to maintain a slower spin.

How to fix: Fixing the problem requires a close inspection of the wiring. If there are any cracks or breaks along the line, you might need to solder the wiring and apply a heat shrink to ensure that the connection is improved.

Speed Queen Washer Stops Mid Cycle

Usually, some users will see that their Speed Queen washer stops working right in the middle of a cycle.

That could be caused by a faulty lid or door switch, especially when the machine is spinning at higher speeds and generating more unusual vibration.

washer lid switch

What it is: A lid switch on a washer is there to ensure that the lid is closed correctly while the machine is operating.

The idea is that if someone or something were to open the lid mid-cycle, the machine would stop to prevent any damage or injury.

Why it fails: A faulty lid switch could stop the washer mid-cycle if it were to fail.

While that can happen during any cycle, it tends to happen more often during the spin cycle when the drum is spinning fast and generating lots of vibrations.

How to fix: To solve this problem, you’ll want to replace the lid switch or door switch assembly.

After disconnecting the power, you can remove the access panel and locate the lid switch.

Replacing it takes very little time, as all you’ll need to do is disconnect the power connectors and remove any mounting screws keeping it in place.

Then, work in reverse by placing the new switch in and replacing the connectors and mounting screws.

Speed Queen Washer Problems: Excessive Noise

Finally, another common problem with the Speed Queen washer is when there’s excessive noise coming from inside the machine during a cycle.

Typically, this is a somewhat high-pitch squealing or grinding noise that you’ll notice happen when the washer is agitating or spinning.

severely cracked drive belt

If this is the case, you may be facing a problem with the belt or idler pulley.

What it is: The drive belt in a washer connects to two things: the drive motor and the pulley.

The pulley is the part located on the tub or drum itself. One end of the belt wraps around the pulley, transferring the motor’s power and causing the washer to turn.

Why it fails: Just like any other moving part of the washer, the pulley can suffer from regular wear and tear over time.

That wear can appear in the form of cracks or bends which create unpleasant sounds as the pulley gets turned by the drive belt.

One way to test the pulley is to turn it by hand and see if any noises happen again. If it does, it’s a sign that there’s a defect with the pulley.

How to fix: Fixing this problem will require a brand new pulley. You can purchase a belt and idler pulley kit for your Speed Queen washer model and do it yourself, though it involves many more steps than replacing most other parts.

You’ll need to unplug the machine and gain access to the pulley. That may involve removing access panels and the drive belt that you already have.

Typically, the pulley is held down with a bolt that takes a bit of effort to remove. But once it’s off, fixing the new pulley shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once it’s on, you’ll have to work your way backwards and put the drive belt back on as well as the access panel that you removed earlier.


So there you have it. Speed Queen washing machines are some of the best out there.

Once you know the common problems to expect and how to fix them, you’ll be able to get the most out of your washer!

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Reader Comments (113)

  1. The washer works fine, however when the rinse cycle is on it will not disburse the fabric softener. Do you have any ideas?

  2. I have the same problem everyone else has. Start the load and it stops filling and the 2 blue lights flash. If I stop it and unplug the unit, wait 10 seconds and it will start again. I swear the new water “efficient” models are awful and aren’t getting clothes clean. I bought this because it was recommended but right now I hate it. If all the people on this string have the same problem why can’t we get answers,

  3. What value is it to have a Speed Queen that stops functioning after only two years? My top loader goes through the wash cycle and rinse, but won’t spin. Have to wring out wash by hand. Tried to go online for advice, but had to entoll in a system For initial fee of $5, and $28 per month to be able to get my question answered. Not happy.

  4. I have a speed queen washer and just changed the motor belt as it was worn and would no longer function. Now the water does not shut off and it won’t agitate. It will how ever spin and drain very well. Any suggestions?

  5. As I was turning the knob on my Top load Speed Queen machine suddently stopped turning. It makes like a clicking noise and won’t turn to selected cycles. Is it the knob or the timer switch?

  6. I’m having the same problem as reported by other owners of the TC5000WN (AWN632SP116TW01) I can turn all the knobs i,e, water temp, load type etc and hear a beep with each setting … but.. when I touch the Start Pad on the control panel Nothing Happens! – No lights, no beeps, no response. Dead. Have been unable to find any help online.

  7. My top load speed queen fills with water and quits. It doesn’t wash, change cycles, etc? I unplugged to reset and it worked for a week. Now back to the same issue. HELP. TIRED OF RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS

  8. when my Speed Queen washer is filled with detergent and clothes and I close the top door to begin and begin the washer, the washer starts filling up and then after a few minutes, washer stops filling up with water, a red light and noise is activated and washing cycle is stopped. I then have to pull out the plug, wait about 9-10 seconds and start again…and then it starts up again! I have had their repair person come out to check it and he told me to “use both the hot and cold water feature AND this would stop this issue”. ….Not working. It is frustrating! AND there are times that this issue doesn’t happen. Any one else have this issue?

    • Yes I have the same exact issue and I have so far solved it the same way – unplug and plug in again. It’s very frustrating when this happens every load!!!!

    • Yep same problem, brand new washer, first load was fine, it was all automated. Second load was a deep fill and no i am babysitting it twice its stopped filling once when filling to wash, and then again three inches deep during rinse fill. Meaning after unplugging, its started over filling to wash. This is its second load and it cost $1419.00
      Anything I can do to make this go away? Is it a water pressure issue?

    • On mine it appears to be a moss in the hose filter issue. So I’ll adapt a cleanable filter to the inlet of the cold water. Like in drip irrigation. The moss messes with the water pressure.

    • Amy
      Have you found an answer to this issue with the washer??? I have the same problem and can’t afford to trash this machine!

  9. HI, I have a commercial heavy duty speed queen washer that is spraying/ leaking water at the end of the rinse/spin cycle (only) ?? Quite a bit of water when it does this. It is about a 3 or 4 year old unit. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Thank you! Mike

  10. My 5 year and three week old front load speed queen washer will no longer handle a full load without shutting down. I have had two service calls during the warranty period. The last, in August, to replace shock absorbers. When cycle stops the drum is rotating a quarter turn in each direction. Drive belt? Thanks

  11. I just installed my new speed queen washer and it will not fill with water. It’s hooked up properly, just no water.

  12. Speed queen washer Model SCL030kN2CU1E01 industrial machine
    It doesn’t Display on on display pad.
    All Fuses in side are ok
    What could be the problem

    • My speed queen washing machine is only a couple years old I am having issues with the control pad I can turn the knobs on temperature of water and type a load and it beeps when I do that but when I touch the control pad for starting the washer there are no lights that light up it does not respond…

  13. My Speed Queen is brand new (less than three months), and last week it started having issues with the rinse cycle. During the first drain phase, it stops, gives a high-pitched beep, and the wash and rinse lights both start blinking. The washer usually has about an inch of water in the bottom at this point. If I unplug it, plug it back in, and run a second wash cycle, it tends to work. This has no happened three times in 5 washes, so I’m thinking it’s not going to go away on its own. Any idea what is going on?

  14. I ran an empty wash cycle on my brand new SQ 700 series washer, then wiped the inside afterward. As the empty tub moved slightly, there was a swishing sound of water coming from underneath the tub. Is that normal or is it not draining properly? Thanks!

    • Yes – it is totally normal. If no water is visible in the tub but you hear a “sloshing water” sound, this is likely the washer’s balance ring. The balance ring is an enclosed plastic container partially filled with a saltwater (brine) solution that is attached to the inner clothes basket. It allows the basket to spin smoothly during an out-of-balance situation.

      • I have a TR7 Speed Queen washer – top load- it smells musty. I’ve run it with just water, vinegar and baking soda. Any other ideas how to get rid of the musty smell? I was wondering what the swishing sound was, your explanation makes sense.

  15. My Speed Queen doesn’t dissolve all the way tide pods, softener sprinkles, or powdered soap. There is always left over residue on the clothes. I use very little product. Like less than the first line on any measuring cup. I sometimes have to wash clothes 3 times to get them clean

    • I have similar issue and can’t figure out if it’s not filling up with enough water? I even try using the soak mode first but clothes still coming out not clean?

    • We don’t have this problem at all with our TR7. Perhaps it’s an issue with hard water that the soap is not completely disolving?

  16. My speed queen top loading washer is leaking water underneath. What is the cause and is it something I can fix myself?

    • Alan,
      you will have to determine if water is coming from main bearing(where transmission spindle goes up into tub) or from too many clothes.
      If the first, will have to replace main bearing and seal. There are videos
      on youtube. Go to Alliance laundry topload bearing/seal job.


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