An LG dishwasher error code NE is an indication that there is a problem with the vario motor in your dishwasher.

Micro Switch Error

The NE error code refers to the micro switch in your dishwasher.

This switch is responsible for reporting to the board, the motor’s position in the dishwasher.

When the micro switch’s signal is failing to reach the main board, you’ll see the NE code pop up.

If the micro switches are defective, this may require replacing them in order to allow the signals to properly indicate to the control board, that all parts are operating.

Diverter Motor Failure: Steps to Determine Repair/Replacement

To check the diverter motor for failure, you’ll undergo a series of steps to determine what the issues are.

Check Loose Wires

The first thing you’ll want to do with this error, as with most, is to turn off your dishwasher. You’ll then

  • Check the wires and harnesses to ensure everything is in the proper position/location
  • Check all connections on the diverter motor and diverter position switch (if they’re misaligned, the solution might be simply realigning and moving wires to the correct location)
  • Reconnect any loose wires

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Diverter Motor Check

If you determine the wiring connections are okay, you’ll go onto the next step,

This requires unplugging the diverter motor wires and checking for checking motor resistance using a multimeter.

The reading should be about 4000 ohms of resistance. If the ohm measure is infinite, you will replace the diverter motor.

If the diverter motor is okay, you’ll then run a check on the diverter motor switch.

Diverter Motor Switch Check

Once you’ve obtained the correct ohm reading on your dishwasher, you’ll next check the diverter motor switch.

To check the reading on the switch with the multimeter, you’ll need

  • Measure resistance through the diverter position switch
  • The switch plunger should be pushed in and the switch plunger should be extended during this test
  • Your meter should measure infinite resistance with the switch plunger in one position
  • When the switch plunger is in the opposite position, that reading should be 0 (or close to it)

If you are getting the same reading on the meter, regardless of which position the diverter motor switch is in, this indicates that there’s an error with the switch, and it needs to be replaced.

You’ll want to replace the diverter position switch, as it is not detecting the diverter’s position accurately while your dishwasher is on.

This is causing the LG dishwasher error code NE.

Diverter Motor Replacement

If you have to replace the diverter motor, you’ll first begin by turning off the water, and turning off the power on your dishwasher.

Remove the sound dampening pad below the dishwasher and disconnect the water supply line (some water will spill). Remove screws to access the junction box cover.

You’ll disconnect the wire nuts so you can disconnect the wiring.

Remove the strain relief nut. Disconnect the sink hose and feed it through your cabinet.

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Open the dishwasher door and remove mounting bracket screws. If you need to move the dishwasher, adjust the legs below it.

Pull the dishwasher away from the cabinet and open the door removing both upper/lower dish racks.

Close the door and tape the mounting brackets in place. Lay the dishwasher upside down for repair.

Remove the screws securing the bottom access plate and remove it. Once the access plate is free

  • Disconnect the diverter motor wire harness
  • Remove the screws holding the motor and remove the old motor
  • Prepare the new motor by transferring the cam from the old to the new motor
  • Insert the motor shaft into the diverter and secure the motor with the mounting screws
  • Connect the wire harness to your new motor, replace the bottom access plate, and screw it into place

At this point you can return the dishwasher to the upright position.

Place the racks back into the dishwasher, replace all screws which were removed, reconnect the water supply lines, and put the dishwasher back into its cabinet space.

As you can see, the diverter switch replacement is much easier than a motor replacement job. If you are unfamiliar with repairs, you might choose to call a repair technician to do this larger job in your home.