Why Brother Printer Can’t Connect To The iPhone? – Troubleshooting Guide

These days, you can print pictures and documents with your Brother printer using a wide range of devices. Aside from your desktop PC, you can also print directly from your iPhone by connecting it to the same wireless network.

If you can’t connect your Brother printer to your iPhone, it’s like an issue with the iPhone, the Brother printer, or the network. Check that the iPhone’s WiFi connectivity is enabled and that the Airplane Mode feature is turned off. Next, updated the printer’s firmware and drivers. Lastly, check that both devices are within range on the same wireless network.

Troubleshooting this problem can be a little challenging initially, but the solutions are straightforward. Keep reading to understand why that problem happens and how to fix it.

Why Won’t My Brother Printer Connect To My iPhone?

When your Brother printer fails to establish a connection with your iPhone, there are three things you must troubleshoot. Those three things are:

  1. Your iPhone
  2. Your Brother printer
  3. The network you’re using to connect both

Errors or faults at each of the above can prevent your iPhone from connecting to your Brother printer and functioning correctly.

So, let’s take a closer look at each area, the problems that can occur, and how you can resolve them.

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iPhone Issues: Airplane Mode On Or Wifi Feature Off

What it is: All iPhone models have several connectivity features that offer plenty of conveniences. There are two such features that you’ll need to know about when using your phone to print with a Brother printer.

The first is the WiFi feature. When enabled, the phone will detect nearby WiFi networks and WiFi-enabled devices. It’ll also provide you with the option of connecting to them.

The second feature is Airplane Mode. When you turn that on, your iPhone will disable all incoming and outgoing radio signals.

Likely issues: When you can’t connect your iPhone to your Brother printer, the first troubleshooting step is to check your iPhone’s connectivity features.

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Firstly, it’s likely that your iPhone has it’s Airplane Mode enabled. Besides that, the WiFi feature could also be disabled, preventing it from connecting to the same network as your printer.

How to resolve them: Thankfully, these two issues are quick to solve. Firstly, disable your Airplane Mode if it’s one. Then, give the phone 30 seconds to reestablish its wireless connections.

Secondly, check that your WiFi feature is enabled. When you turn it on, you’ll also have to wait a few moments for it to reconnect to your WiFi network. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to connect to the network manually by choosing it on your iPhone.

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Brother Printer Issues: Outdated Firmware And Software

What it is: Brother printers rely on several different types of software to function correctly. 

Overall, that software serves two purposes:

Firstly, it allows the printer to send and receive print data when it connects to your iPhone. That software is referred to as a printer driver.

The second kind of software is installed permanently into your Brother printer and is called the firmware. Its job is to control the printer’s functions and ensure it works correctly.

Likely issues: Drivers and firmware are two types of software involved in operating your Brother printer. Like any other kind of software, they must be updated from time to time. Those updates fix known glitches and provide improvements to the printer’s performance.

Another possibility to consider when your Brother printer can’t connect to your iPhone is the firmware or driver being outdated and faulty.

The fault could affect the printer’s connectivity, preventing your iPhone from connecting to it.

How to resolve them: You can fix this problem by downloading and installing the latest software updates for your Brother printer. The first way to do that is through the Firmware Update Tool that Brother includes with some printer models.

Alternatively, you can go to Brother’s download page and search for software updates that apply to your printer model. Then, download and install the necessary updates to your computer. 

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Network Issue #1: Different Networks

What it is: The connection between your iPhone and Brother printer happens over a wireless network. Connecting the printer to the network allows you to share it with multiple devices that want to print documents, including your iPhone.

Likely issues: Remember: your Brother printer and your iPhone must be on the same network to connect. So, if you fail to connect or even detect the two devices, it’s likely that they’re on different networks.

For example, your iPhone might have detected and connected to a different WiFi network with a similar name. That network could be in the same area (e.g. multiple networks in the same office), or it could be a neighbor’s WiFi network instead.

How to resolve them: Firstly, identify your router’s unique name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) and the wireless network. Then, double-check that your Brother printer and iPhone are connected to the same network.

Once both devices are on the same network, they can then connect seamlessly.

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Network Issues #2: Router And Signal Problems

What it is: Once you connect the Brother printer and iPhone to the same network, you must check that connection’s quality.

Firstly, the router must be in excellent working condition, free from errors. The printer and iPhone must also be within that router’s signal range.

When those two conditions are met, the printer and iPhone will have no problems connecting.

Likely issues: If your iPhone can detect the network and the Brother printer yet fails to connect, it’s likely because of a router or wireless signal issue.

As mentioned above, the printer or router is likely too far away from the router. Besides that, the router itself might be facing a glitch that affects the network as a whole.

How to resolve them: Firstly, start by rebooting your router. Disconnect its power for 60 seconds and reconnect it. Then, give the router a few moments to reboot normally.

Rebooting the router allows it to start over fresh, free from any minor errors that might have been affecting it.

Next, ensure that your Brother printer and iPhone are within your wireless network’s signal range. WiFi routers typically have a signal range of 150 feet indoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions to consider when troubleshooting your iPhone’s connection with your Brother printer:

How Do I Connect My iPhone To My Brother Printer?

One way you can connect your iPhone to your Brother printer is through your WiFi network. Connecting both devices to a shared network allows you to send print jobs directly to the printer from your iPhone.

What Is AirPrint, And How Does It Work?

AirPrint is a feature that allows you to print directly from your iOS device without installing a printer driver. However, that’s only possible for Brother printer models with AirPrint compatibility

What’s The Difference Between Software And Firmware?

Firmware is semi-permanent software installed directly into devices like your Brother printer. That software will stay on the printer despite repeatedly turning it on and off. Software is the application you use on your device to send printing instructions to the printer.

What’s The Purpose Of Airplane Mode On An iPhone?

The Airplane Mode on an iPhone turns off all incoming and outgoing wireless signals from the device while still allowing you to use the phone’s functions. Its primary purpose is to prevent phone signals from disrupting airplane equipment during flights.

Can I Print From My iPhone Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can print from your iPhone without WiFi if you can connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable. Depending on your iPhone model, that could mean something like a Lightning to USB cable that connects both devices.

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