How To Setup WiFi On LG Refrigerator?

WiFi connectivity is becoming a more common feature on newer fridges, and those from LG are no exception. The feature is easy to overlook for many users, but you’ll miss out on lots of functionality if you don’t set it up.

You can set up WiFi on your LG fridge through its display. First, press the settings option and search for the Settings menu. Then, select the WiFi menu to see if your home network is listed. Choose your network, enter its password, and your fridge will have WiFi and internet connectivity in just a few moments.

This guide will walk you through setting up WiFi on your fridge. Better yet, you’ll also learn a few tips on troubleshooting setup problems you might encounter.

How Do You Setup The WiFi On An LG Refrigerator?

Setting up the WiFi connection for your LG fridge is very straightforward and only takes minutes.

Here are the 5 steps you’ll have to follow:

Step 1: Navigate The Settings Menu

Firstly, swipe or tap your fridge’s display to turn it on. Then, look for the Settings option and press on it.

The settings option is typically located at the bottom left-hand corner of the display. It’s represented by an icon that has four squares on it.

When you press the settings option, a menu will open, and you’ll see plenty of different options to choose from. For example, you’ll see the Shopping List and Recipe options displayed on the screen.

What you’re looking for is the Settings menu. Swipe left or right with your finger until you find the Settings menu, represented by a gear icon.

Press that icon and move to Step 2.

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Step 2: Look For The WiFi Option

Once you’ve opened the Settings menu, you’ll see a list of detailed fridge settings that you can change. This is the menu where you can change things like the display and volume settings, among many others.

In this Settings menu, you’re looking for the ‘Wi-Fi’ option, which is represented by the typical WiFi icon you’d find on any smart device.

Select that Wifi option.

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Step 3: Choose Your Wireless Network

After pressing the WiFi icon, the fridge will search for all nearby WiFi networks. Your home WiFi network is probably not the only one within its range. So, you’ll also see your neighbors’ networks listed as well.

Wait until you see the Service Set Identifier (SSID) or network name that belongs to you. When that happens, press on the network’s name.

Note: Suppose you can’t remember your home WiFi network’s name. In that case, you can check other smart devices like your phone and laptop to determine which network it connects to.

Step 4: Enter Your Password

The fridge will then prompt you to enter your WiFi network password. An on-screen keyboard will appear so you can type the password in much more easily.

Remember: WiFi network passwords are case-sensitive. You must enter the password correctly, including all capitalized or non-capitalized alphabets.

Once you enter the password, your LG refrigerator will need a few moments to establish the connection.

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Step 5: Test The Connection

Once the fridge connects to your WiFi network, it’s time to test the connection. That way, you can be sure that your appliance is indeed connected to the internet.

To do that, return to the Settings option again (the four-squared icon at the screen’s bottom-left corner).

Then, select the Internet menu this time.

That will open up the fridge’s built-in web browser. Type in any web address to see if the refrigerator has an internet connection.

When the website appears on your LG fridge display, you have successfully connected the appliance to your WiFi network and the internet!

Why Won’t My LG Fridge Connect To WiFi?

Smart devices can suffer from WiFi connectivity issues, and your LG refrigerator is no different. So, if you fail to connect the appliance to your home or office network, here are a few issues to consider:

#1 Incorrect SSID Or Password

Firstly, the SSID or network name you’re connecting to might not be the correct one. The same also goes for the password that you’ve entered. Both of these details must be 100% correct to successfully set up WiFi for your fridge.

Unfortunately, many users rely on the default network name that came with their WiFi router. That’s why you’ll find many similarly named networks when trying to find yours through your LG fridge display and mistakenly choose the wrong one.

Besides, the password you enter using the on-screen keyboard could be wrong. WiFi network passwords often use numbers, symbols, and alphabets with different capitalizations.

Complex passwords are much easier to make a mistake with.

How to fix this: Firstly, you must confirm your SSID or network name. It must be a total match to the one you’re selecting on your fridge. 

The same is true for the password you key in. Check that the capitalization of each alphabet you enter is correct.

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#2 The Router Is Out Of Range

The signal that travels from the WiFi router to your smart devices has a limited range of approximately 150 feet.

An LG fridge that’s beyond that distance from the router will not detect your WiFi network. Even if it does, the connection would be too weak to connect to it.

How to fix this: You must ensure that your WiFi router and LG fridge are closer to each other. That typically means moving your router so the refrigerator is within its signal range.

#3 There’s Signal Interference

Despite being within signal range, your WiFi network could experience signal interference. That’s when another device or appliance emits signals that prevent your fridge from connecting to the network.

A typical cause of interference is a typical kitchen microwave. When it runs, it emits a signal that will create a WiFi signal ‘blindspot’ around it.

How to fix this: Ideally, you should relocate the microwave further away from the fridge. If that’s not possible, avoid using the microwave while setting up the WiFi on your LG fridge.

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#4 Glitch Or Other Error

All electronic devices are prone to glitches or other inexplicable errors. However, these aren’t serious faults that occur due to a defective component. Instead, it’s an issue with the software running on the WiFi router or the fridge itself.

How to fix this: Glitches and minor errors can be resolved by resetting the affected device. In this case, you’ll want to shut off your WiFi router and LG fridge for at least 1 minute before turning them back on.

That allows the router and fridge to start over fresh without any errors affecting their connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more things you’ll want to know about setting up the WiFi feature on your LG refrigerator:

What Does WiFi Do On An LG Refrigerator?

A WiFi connection allows you to browse the internet, gather recipes, and perform other tasks on your fridge’s display. Besides that, you can also monitor and control your appliance remotely through the internet.

What Is The Maximum Range For WiFi?

WiFi connections typically have a range of 150 feet indoors. However, that range is reduced by obstacles like walls, heavy furniture, and other appliances between the fridge and router.

Can Appliances Interfere With WiFi?

Yes, other kitchen appliances can interfere with your fridge’s WiFi signal. Microwave ovens are a typical example of this problem, as they will emit an interfering signal whenever you use them.

What Does LG ThinQ Do?

LG ThinQ is the manufacturer’s app for connecting all their devices onto one platform. You can keep track of your LG appliances through the app, monitor their use, and control some of their settings in one place.

What Does ThinQ Mean On An LG Refrigerator?

When you see ‘ThinQ’ printed on your LG fridge, that indicates that it’s compatible with LG’s ThinkQ app. You can connect it to your app to monitor and control it remotely over the internet.

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