Maytag Washer Door Locked Flashing Light -Troubleshoot 3 Problems

Things can go wrong with your Maytag washer. It’s a reliable brand but things still happen, especially as the washing machine gets older. One of the things that can go awry is the door lock light can flash with the door unable to be opened. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. 

Maytag washer door locked with flashing light indicates one of three problems. Either the lid lock never moved into a locked position, or the lock motor isn’t powered. A third reason is the lid has something interfering with it completely closing. 

It could be a couple of other issues if error codes appear with the light. Read further for more information on what to do about the lid lock light flashing. 

What Should I Do? Maytag washer door locked

flashing lightMaytag washer door locked

You will need to check different things in your washer to diagnose the problem. Unplug the machine before you get started so it doesn’t start while you are working on it. 

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Check the Lid

The first, and easiest, thing to check for a problem is the lid to see if it is truly locked. There could be something interfering with the lock striker. 

The lock striker fits inside the lid lock and ensures the lid is closed. Without this small piece, your washer would run even if the lid were open. The lid striker is located along the edge of the lid. 

A lid that opens indicates that the problem lies with the lid striker. Look for detergent and lint built up around the striker or the lock. Sometimes, these things harden and prevent the lid from completely closing or locking. 

You can fix this problem by taking a damp cloth or sponge and wiping all the excess materials away. A mild soap is recommended whenever you clean the outer portions of your washer. 

This could also fix the problem of the lock not moving into position correctly.

Plug the washer back in and try to start it. A washer that doesn’t start or a lid that won’t open needs further assessment. 

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The Start Button

There could be an issue with the lid motor. Press and hold the start button for more than three cycles to see if the cycle engages. 

Reset the Washer: maytag flashing lights

Another problem the flashing lock light could be indicating is that it took the washer too long to fill with water. 

Unplugging the washer and plugging it back in after 60 seconds reset it so the latch should have reset with that technique. Resetting fixes an electronic glitch. A door that still won’t open and a washer still blinking with the door lock light will need other issues resolved. 

Leave the washer plugged in for 20 minutes to see if the door unlocks over time. The washer will go into flood mode and start draining. It takes about 20 minutes for that to complete. 

Fill Time Problems causing maytag washer door locked

Washers that take too long to fill usually will have other error lights blinking beside the door lock light. The error lights will be an F8E1 or LF (long fill) appearing in the display. These lights showing up indicate there could be a problem with either water going into the washer or water going out. 

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Check the Drain Hose

One of the first things to check if you think the problem is a drain fill issue is to check the drain hose. Hoses that extend more than 4.5″ into the drain can cause problems with water flow. 

This problem causes a siphoning effect with the water filling and draining from the tub at the same time, causing the tub to never completely fill.

You can fix this situation by making sure the drain hose is installed correctly. Be sure to not use tape over the drain opening in your correction. 

Check Inlet Hoses

The error codes also could mean there is a problem or blockage of water going into the washer. The washer’s sensors detect whether water is going through both inlet hoses. If one of the hoses is blocked or a water valve isn’t completely on, the sensor won’t send a message to the control to start the wash. 

The lid locks the washer will start draining water.

You will need to check both inlet hoses to see if they are blocked. Look to see if they are connected to the cold and hot water taps and if the taps are in an “on” position. Check to make sure they aren’t kinked or twisted 

Next, unplug the washer and turn off the water valves. Have a bucket nearby to catch dripping water as you check the inlet hoses. Pull off an inlet hose one at a time and check for blockages both in the hose and in the inlet valve. Clean any debris from both and reattach. 

Plug the washer back in and try to restart it.

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The Water Sensor

You could have a problem with the water sensor. This is a relatively cheap part that can be easily replaced but you may need to call a service technician to do the replacement. Replacement sensors run around $50 on Amazon. Be sure to check the model number.

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How do I unlock my Maytag washer door?

Your washer door should unplug if you unplug it and reconnect it to power. Then start the “drain and spin” cycle. The door will unlock once all the water is out of the tub. 

You can also manually drain your washer tub by pulling the drain hose out of the floor drain and emptying the water into a bucket. 

How do I reset the lid lock on my Maytag washer?

The lid will unlock to allow for changes once it is paused. To do that, press the cycle signal on the washer’s control panel to deactivate the locks. Now press the “start/pause” button to stop the washer’s cycle. The “pause” light will display. The lid should now open. 

Can I force the lid lock on my Maytag to unlock?

Yes, you can get your lid to unlock if there are no other errors on your display and if none of the washers’ parts need replacing. You can get the door to unlock by canceling the wash cycle, or pressing and holding the cancel or cycle end button. Wait a minute or two and the door should unlock.

How much does it cost to fix a lid lock?

The lid lock on a Maytag washer can be replaced at a cost of between $100 to $200, including the part and labor. It is a project some can do as a DIY project if they have some handy skills. 

Lid lock replacement parts can be purchased on Amazon for $10-30. Click here. Be sure to check the model number when ordering.

Note: we may receive a small commission on your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Can I run a washer without a lock?

You can run a washer if the lid lock mechanism is removed. Most don’t recommend that because it’s a safety feature to keep people from opening the washer while it’s running. However, it can be done if you don’t want to replace the lock. 

Where is the water sensor switch?

Maytag washer door locked

The water sensor switch is inside the washer cabinet. It’s round and has a water tub running from it. It can be in different places depending on the exact washer model.

Replacements run around $50 on Amazon.

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Fixing a Washer that Never Fills

A washer that never finishes filling will end up with a water fill taking too long code on the display. The most obvious reason for this is a clog in one of the inlet hoses. It could also be that one of the hoses has a hole in it or that it’s fallen off the water inlet valve. 

To fix the problem, check for clogs in the inlet hoses and valves first. Check for damage to the hoses and make sure they are connected correctly. You may also want to check for clogs in the drain filter located at the bottom of the washer.

Reset the water by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back into the power outlet.

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