Roper Washing Machine reset– 3 ways to Easy Fix

Washing machines can have a series of issues and resetting them is a handy way to clear errors or get the washer working after an error or a power surge. However, every brand is different in how they reset. 

A Roper washing machine reset can be like opening a combination safe. It doesn’t have a reset button but you can reset it by turning the operation knob in certain ways to cause it to reset. You can do a hard reset but that is hardly ever needed since it’s designed to reset through the knob movement. 

The article below explains how you can reset your roper machine both ways and other signs you should look for in case there’s a problem.

Resetting a Roper

There is resetting and there’s recalibration. Recalibration resets the motor so it works with all the washer’s other parts. Resetting clears the control board so it can send and receive messages from other components.

Newer washer machines have reset features or reset buttons to use after it has an error or fault display shown on the display. This makes it easy to reset. Sometimes, power surges or imbalanced loads will cause your washer to function improperly. That is when you need to reset it to clear both the machine’s motor and control board.

Resetting Without a Button

Washers, like Roper machines, usually don’t have a reset button. A top-load Roper washer can be reset by unplugging it from power and then immediately raising and lowering the lid six times within 12 seconds. The lid must be raised at least two inches for this to work.

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Roper machines are set up to be recalibrated by turning the operation or control knob in a particular sequence. The sequence is as follows:

  • Turn it to the left.
  • Turn it to the right with three clicks.
  • Turn it back with one click.
  • Turn it to the right with one click.
  • All the green lights along the bottom of the control board will light up and flash.
  • Turn the knob to rinse.
  • Press Start.

Your machine will start recalibrating. To get out of the program, hold down the start/cancel button. All the lights will turn off and it will make a noise. 

Doing a Hard Reset

A hard reset is when you cut power to the machine to force it into a reset. This may be necessary if the knob reset doesn’t work. To do a hard reset, unplug the Roper washer. Wait about five minutes and then plug it back in. 

This type of reset won’t hurt the machine but it’s best to do the recalibration first to see if that clears problems. 

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How long does it take to reset a washing machine?

It should only take 5 minutes to recalibrate a washer but it depends on the brand and model you own. One thing to remember in resetting your washer is to try to have an empty drum is empty before running a calibration test. 

Sometimes, that’s impractical because there is water in the drum or maybe the lid is locked. In those cases, you can try recalibrating the machine anyway to get it to reset its cycle.

My washer isn’t functioning after a storm, what should I do?

Power surges and power outages can cause washing machines to lose function. A machine that won’t work after the power comes back on will need to be reset. You can try the knob reset first, but most likely will need a hard reset to get the machine to work again. 

Ironically, a hard reset is disconnecting the power source again, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back in. 

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My washer won’t reset?

Some washers have this problem after it has a power interruption or an imbalanced load. This also calls for you to do a hard reset rather than regular recalibration. Error messages appearing on your display should be resolved independently. 

My washer still won’t come on after I reset it, what do I do?

There should be an error message in your display pointing you to a specific problem. However, the most common problem in washers is a fault lid switch. These will often prevent washers from working or turning on at all. 

A lid switch can be easily checked and replaced. 

Do all washers have reset buttons?

No, most washers don’t have reset buttons. The newer models are the ones that feature them. Depending on the brand, washers can be reset in different ways using sequences on the knob, or by opening and closing the lid a certain number of times within an allotted period. 

For some older washers, all you can do to reset them is to unplug them from power, wait and plug the back in.

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Can a power surge hurt my washer?

A power surge can damage parts of your washer, particularly the control board. Call a service center technician if your washer refuses to come on or function after you attempt to reset it after a power surge. It’s likely the control board will need to be replaced. 

Is it safe to unplug your washing machine?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to unplug a washer. Some even recommend unplugging it to save energy when it’s not in use. It is also fine to unplug it during heavy storms to prevent damage from power outages or power surges. 

You will also want to unplug your washing machine before you do any repair work on it.

Can I save money on my energy bill by unplugging my washer when I’m away?

Yes, studies show you can reduce your energy bill considerably by keeping washers, and every other appliance, unplugged when you’re away or not using them. 

All appliances draw some constant energy even when they aren’t in use. Unplugging them will save that little bit of energy and that can amount to solid savings when you consider just how many appliances and electronics are in a home. 

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Will my timer need to be reset when I unplug my washer?

Yes, your timer will need to be reset after you unplug your washer. This is true for any model. 

Can a bad timer cause problems for my Roper washer?

Yes, a bad timer can cause things like a lack of spin or a proper transition to a cycle. To know if it’s the timer, set the washer to the next cycle manually. If it goes into the next cycle, you have a bad timer. 

Who produces the Roper washing machines?

GE Appliances, a subsidiary of Haier company, owns Roper Corporation. Roper has been operating in Walker County, Georgia, since 1973 and employs 2,000 employees. The Roper washing machine is similar in operation to Whirlpool.

How long will a Roper washing machine last?

Roper washers have some of the longest lifespans of similar appliances on the market. You can expect a Roper machine to last between 12 and 14 years, sometimes longer

The length of time a washing machine will last depends on how many loads you normally do and how well you maintain it.

Repair Costs on a Roper Washer

Roper washing machine repairs typically run the same as those on a Whirlpool washer, ranging between $100 to $600 depending on the problem and the part needed. Protection Status