Bosch Washer Error Code E18 – How To Troubleshoot It?

Are you getting a Bosch washer error code E18? The E18 code deals with the drain pump. Let’s explore causes to the problem and how to fix it.

New, smart washing machines tell you what’s wrong by sending you a code. This can be somewhat confusing, and a little frustrating, if you don’t understand what the code means. Most of these can be cleared without a technician. Just follow the steps in this guide.

If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll also learn more tips on resetting and troubleshooting your Bosch washer. I’ve also listed links to other repair guides for Bosch washer codes.

A Bosch washer error code E18 means it took too long for your pump to drain the water from the drum. This can happen because of one of three reasons: 1) the drain pump filter is dirty, 2) the drain hose is blocked, or 3) the drain pump is faulty.

Fortunately, the first two possible problems can be easily corrected without calling a repair person. That will save you some money on a service call and diagnostics. Below is how to determine exactly what is wrong with your Bosch washer

Checking the Drain Pump Filter

bosch washer error code e18

The pump filter on your Bosch washer can be easily checked and cleaned. The number one problem when you get this E18 code is that something is blocking the filter, causing the water drainage to go too slowly. 

The filter is typically found on the lower front right side corner of your Bosch washer. You will see a door panel with a push button of sorts at that corner. That is the filter access panel. Remove it. 

Now you will see the circular filter and a black drain hose. You will need to empty the washtub before opening the filter. 

How to Drain the Washer

Draining the washer is simple. Put a shallow pan or dish, like a casserole dish, below the drain hose in front of the machine. Release water by opening the hose.

Some Bosch machines may not have a drain hose. In that case, the filter will have a round screw cap. Unscrew that and water will start pouring out.

The filter will also have a round screw cap. Once the water is drained, unscrew the cap counter-clockwise. Do it slowly and have something to catch any water that may come out. 

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You may have an issue opening the cap if there is a blockage in the filter. Filters also collect grime and dirt in the threads and can be difficult to unscrew. If this is the case, tip the washer forward and backward a little so the blockage shifts. Now try unscrewing the cap again. 

You may need to apply more force if it remains stuck. First, try unscrewing it with a cotton rag or gloves. You can use pliers but you must be extremely careful so you don’t break the cap. You don’t want to have to buy another one. 

Once the cap comes off, you can take out the filter. It just pulls out. Remove any dirt, lint, hair and wash it thoroughly. Also, wipe the hole where the filter is housed. 

Check Impeller Operation

It is a good time to check the impeller operation while the filter is out. This is pretty simple to do. All you do is set the machine to spin. While it’s on the spin cycle, look to see if the pump impeller is in rotation. An impeller that doesn’t turn means that your pump has probably failed. 

Put the filter back and move on to the draining hose in the back of the machine. 

Unblocking a Drain Hose

There could be something blocking the drain hose. The drain hose attaches to your washer and runs to the house drain. It can become blocked from hair, dirt, or fluff that comes off your clothes in the washer. 

First, check to see if it is in the drain properly, has no twists or kinks, or isn’t up against a wall so that it can’t drain water.

To check the drain hose, detach it from the machine. You can use a wire, like an extended coat hanger, or a plumbing item called “a snake” to run through the hose to see if it’s blocked. You can also blow into it to see if air comes out the drain side. 

Clean out anything in the hose and reattach it to the washer. Put your washer on spin and see if it is working.

A washer that still isn’t draining and still as the E18 error displayed probably has a bad pump. A faulty pump can be replaced by a Bosch repair person. Bosch washer error code E18.

Bosch Ratings and Reviews

Bosch washers get high ratings and good reviews from consumer groups and reviews.

The Bosch 300 Series washer was picked by the New York Times as the best compact washer. It has a brief wash time, a solid spin cycle that helps clothes dry faster, and a reliable reputation. It also comes with a warranty and customer service, so you can call if something goes wrong. 

The Bosch 800 Series washing machine was tested by Consumer Reports. It has many automatic functions, an end-of-cycle signal, is stackable, and comes with a one-year warranty.

FAQs (Bosch washer error code E18)

How to reset a Bosch washer?

Bosch doesn’t have a reset button but you can still effectively pause it to change a setting.

Start by pressing the start/pause button. Then, turn the cycle selector off. Now, you can use it to go select a new cycle. This will cause a light to flash. Press the start/pause button again to begin a new cycle. 

How do I reset the machine after an error code?

On some Bosch machines, you can reset the machine by doing the following:

  1. Turn the selector knob off and then back on.
  2. Hold the spin cycle button down while turning the selector knob to “7” on the machine.
  3. Keep pressing the spin button for five seconds. When you release it, the water light should come on.
  4. Turn the selector knob back to off, then back to on. All codes should be cleared.

How to run diagnostic mode on Bosch washer?

The diagnostic test program can be accessed without a lot of trouble. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn the selector knob to “off.”
  2. Hold both the menu and select buttons down simultaneously while rotating the selector knob to “Permanent Press Cold.” Keep pressing the menu and select buttons until P1:Errors displays.
  3. Push the Menu button to move through the tests, listed as P1 through P17 on the display.
  4. You will see the start/pause light flashing.
  5. Select P1 for a listing of the errors and push the start/pause button while it is flashing. The display will now list the code and when it happened. It will go back as far as eight washes.
  6. Module codes listed as Er:1-24 relate to the control module while motor control errors will be listed as dr:1-18.
  7. Just press the spin button to end the test. Turn the rotator cycle knob off to exit the program.

How to force Bosch washer to drain? 

The easiest way to force your washer to drain is through the black drain hose near the drain filter on the front of the machine. 

Conclusion: Bosch Washer error code E18

Getting an error code on your Bosch washer isn’t the end of the world. Bosch washers have a good reputation but any washer can accumulate dirt, grime, and other junk that affects the efficiency of your washer. Learning how to clear blockages and keep your filter clean will help your washer function well in the future.

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