Amana Washer Code RL – 1 Easy fix

Amana washing machines are effective at cleaning your laundry, thanks to their many innovative features. Still, they do face their fair share of challenges from time to time. Whenever an Amana washer experiences a problem, it will display an error code for you to see.

When an Amana washing machine displays the code RL error, that means there are items detected inside the drum during the Clean Washer cycle. The Clean Washer cycle is designed to clean out any impurities from the washer with a high volume of hot water, but it can only work when the drum is completely empty. So, remove any items inside, then restart the Clean Washer cycle.

In this guide, we’re going to look at what the RL error code means on your Amana washer and what you can do about it. On top of that, we’ll also explore how the Clean Washer cycle works and how often you should do it.

What The RL Error Code Means On An Amana Washer

The RL error code will appear on an Amana washer if it senses objects inside when running the Clean Washer cycle. Unlike all of the other cycles on your washer, the Clean Washer cycle is not designed for cleaning laundry. Instead, the cycle is designed to help clean your washing machine and rinse away any buildup of detergent, soap, mold, mildew and other impurities.

code rlAmana washer

Because of that, the cycle will only work if there are no items inside. The error code will persist or return until the items are removed and the drum is completely empty, and the Clean Washer cycle cannot continue.

Alternate Codes

Depending on the precise Amana washing machine model that you have, the problem of having items inside when running the Clean Washer cycle might trigger alternate codes. For example, you might find the following codes triggered instead:

  • F-34
  • F0 E1

Whether the display shows RL, F-34, or F0 E1, they all indicate the same thing: that items are placed inside the washer even when they shouldn’t be, and the appliance cannot run the clean washer cycle.

What Is The Clean Washer Cycle In An Amana Washer?

Most washing machines have a Clean Washer cycle or its equivalent. As the name suggests, the Clean Washer cycle on your Amana washing machine is designed to help you maintain your washer and keep it running as efficiently as possible.

Here’s how the Clean Washer cycle works. 

Firstly, the washer will fill its drum with water at the highest temperature possible and to the highest water level. Then, the machine will run to give the drum a thorough clean.

The hot water will ensure that any buildup of detergent, soap, mold, mildew and any other impurities will be diluted and rinsed out of the washer. As a result, your washer will be free from odors and can operate at maximum efficiency.

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What Causes The Code RL On An Amana Washer?

The cause of the RL error code on an Amana Washer is very straightforward: the machine has detected items inside the drum during the Clean Washer cycle.

Simply clear all items out of your washing machine and restart the Clean Washer cycle again to fix this problem.

How To Fix The RL Error Code On An Amana Washer ?

To fix the RL error code on your Amana washing machine, simply remove any items you find inside the washer. Remember: the Clean Washer cycle can only begin when the washer is entirely empty.

Washer not spinning clothes wet

Once you’ve emptied the washer, you can then select the Clean Washer cycle and start again. At that point, the Clean Washer cycle will begin and run without any problems until the end.

How Often Should I Use The Clean Washer Cycle In My Amana Washer?

The Clean Washer cycle is crucial for the upkeep of your Amana washing machine. You should use this cycle once a month or after every 30 washes, whichever comes first.

The Clean Washer cycle works best when you combine it with liquid chlorine bleach. Then, simply pour the bleach in the bottom of the empty washer before you start the Clean Washer cycle.

After that’s done, you can then use the Rinse ; Spin cycle to rinse out any liquid chlorine bleach that might be leftover inside the washer.

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How To Clear The RL Error Code ?

To clear the RL error code on an Amana washer, you must first solve the root cause of the problem. Remember: the code is triggered when items are detected inside the drum during the Clean Washer cycle. So, the solution is to remove any items inside the washer.

The RL code will no longer appear once you’ve emptied the machine and restarted the Clean Washer cycle.

Alternatively, you can also clear the code by performing a reset on your Amana washer.

How To Reset An Amana Washer ?

Resetting your Amana washing machine is very straightforward. You can do so through power cycling, which means turning your machine off for a while before turning it back on.

To cycle the power on your Amana washing machine, follow these steps:

  • First, start by disconnecting your washer from its power source entirely. That means you’ll have to remove the machine’s plug from the wall socket or switch off the dedicated circuit breaker if it has one.
  • Next, leave the washer alone for at least one minute. Any electrical charge retained inside the washer will discharge naturally during this time, thereby resetting the washer.
  • After that time has passed, you can reconnect the washer to its power source and continue using it like normal.

Once you’ve reset your washing machine, the RL error code will be cleared. However, as long as the root cause has been addressed, the code will not persist or return anytime soon.

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How To Test An Amana Washer After Fixing It ?

After fixing it, the most effective way to test your Amana washing machine is to run a complete wash cycle from start to finish. In doing so, you’ll be able to see if all of the machine’s functions are working as they should, from when it fills with water in the beginning to when it spins and drains at the end.

Alternatively, you could also enter the machine’s diagnostic mode to perform a more thorough test of the washer’s functions.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode On An Amana Washer ?

The diagnostic mode is often referred to as the Test Mode in the user manual and other documentation on Amana washing machines. This mode is beneficial because it triggers the washer to test all of its components and functions automatically, presenting you with error codes if there are any present.

To begin the Test Mode, you must turn the dial according to a particular sequence, all within a 3 to 6-second period. While the machine is on Standby, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, turn the knob to the right with 1 click.
  • Wait for a half-second, then turn the knob to the right again with 1 click.
  • After half a second, turn the cycle selector knob right 1 click again.
  • After that, turn the knob left with 1 click.
  • Then, turn the cycle selector knob Clockwise (right) 1 click.
  • Next, turn the cycle selector knob in any direction until you see the “Wash, Rinse, and Done” turned on.
  • Lastly, press Start to begin the test mode.

When the test mode is running, you’ll see and hear that your washer is running several tasks automatically. What’s happening is that the machine is running through a series of tests to ensure that all of its components are in good working order.

If there are any issues, the washer will display error codes. However, if the machine is free from any problems, there will be no error codes for you to see by the time the test mode finishes. Protection Status