How To Fix Not Working Buttons on AMANA Dishwasher?

An appliance like an Amana dishwasher won’t do anything unless you input instructions through the control panel. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to do if the buttons aren’t working to begin with.

Your Amana dishwasher buttons won’t work if the Control Lock or Sleep Mode features are enabled. Turn them off to make those buttons work again. If they still won’t, there might be a glitch requiring a reset, or the control panel or main control board has failed.

Don’t worry if the buttons on your Amana dishwasher aren’t working. This guide will help you understand why that’s happening to you and how you can fix it quickly.

Why Are The Buttons On My Amana Dishwasher Not Working?

When the buttons on your Amana dishwasher don’t work, you first must ensure that the dishwasher is receiving power. 

Then, if the control panel lights up despite the buttons not working, troubleshoot the following issues:

Control Lock Or Sleep Mode

About this: Your Amana dishwasher has two features you must be aware of: the Control Lock and the Sleep Mode.

Sleep Mode is straightforward; it puts the dishwasher on standby without you having to shut it off at the power source. The dishwasher will turn on quickly when you need to use it next.

Meanwhile, the Control Lock mode disables most of the control panel’s buttons to prevent anyone from interfering with it. That way, no one can adjust the settings you’ve already put into the machine.

What’s happening: Whenever your Amana dishwasher’s buttons aren’t working, you must check if the Control Lock or Sleep Mode features are enabled. As you read above, those features will make the control panel’s buttons unresponsive when you press them.

You or someone else in your household might have enabled these features by accident or on purpose, which is why the buttons seem not to work when you use them.

How to fix it: Thankfully, nothing needs to be repaired or replaced if this is the issue’s root cause. Instead, you can solve the problem by disabling the Control Lock mode or Sleep Mode.

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To disable the Control Lock, press and hold the lock button for 4 seconds.

To disable the Sleep Mode, press the Start/Resume or Control button, depending on which one your particular model has on its control panel.

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Short-Term Error Or Glitch

About this: Amana dishwashers rely on electronic components to function correctly. That includes the electronic control panel and the main control board as well.

These components help the dishwasher operate more efficiently. But unfortunately, they are also prone to short-term errors or glitches that cause them to behave erratically, like having unresponsive buttons.

What’s happening: Another reason one or more of your Amana dishwasher buttons isn’t working is that the control panel or main control board is experiencing a glitch. 

The root cause of that glitch is too challenging to pinpoint. Thankfully, you can solve the problem without having to do that.

How to fix it: A reset is required when a glitch occurs in your Amana dishwasher. Unfortunately, the Amana dishwasher has no dedicated reset button, so you’ll have to cycle its power or perform a ‘hard reset’.

Firstly, disconnect the power supply to the dishwasher. The quickest way to do that is by shutting off the circuit breaker that powers the unit.

Then, leave the machine alone for at least a minute. That period is necessary so any electricity in the machine can dissipate naturally, clearing its memory and any glitches it’s experiencing.

Lastly, turn the power back on and start the dishwasher normally. That will complete the power cycling or reset process.

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Faulty Control Panel

About this: Only after you’ve ruled out the two possible causes above can you consider that there might be a failed component causing the buttons not to work. The first component to troubleshoot is the control panel.

The control panel is the part where you interact and communicate with your Amana dishwasher. When you press the buttons and input your settings, the control panel sends electrical signals to the dishwasher’s control board.

Then, the dishwasher will coordinate its components to wash your dishes according to your chosen settings.

What’s happening: The control panel on your Amana dishwasher experiences a lot of wear throughout its lifetime. Just imagine how many times the buttons have been pressed after the machine’s been used for several years.

Long-term wear can cause one or more buttons to fail on the control panel.

Still, the panel can also fail prematurely. That’ll happen if its parts are exposed to excess moisture or heat from a crack or leak inside the dishwasher.

How to fix it: A faulty control panel cannot be restored. So, once you’re sure that it’s the root cause, you’ll have to replace the whole piece with a new one.

That process involves removing the dishwasher panel so you can disconnect the control panel and remove the existing one. Then, you’ll have to mount the new panel and reconnect the wiring the same way.

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Failed Main Control Board

About this: As you read above, any button that you press will cause the panel to send signals to the main control board. That’s the component often referred to as the ‘brain’, because it controls the dishwasher’s parts according to your settings.

This component consists of a printed circuit board with many different electronic and electrical parts. It’s also connected to all dishwasher components through many wires that carry electrical power and signals.

What’s happening: Assuming the control panel is in good condition, the root cause is likely with the main control board. This part of your Amana dishwasher doesn’t fail so easily.

Still, a power surge or a short circuit can damage it, causing problems like control panel buttons that don’t work anymore.

How to fix it: The main control board is another component that can’t be fixed once it’s damaged or gone bad. So, you’ll want to take some time to inspect it and confirm that it’s no longer useful.

Look for burn marks and check for burn smells, which are common signs of control board damage.

Once you’re sure, replace the board with a new one. Be sure to choose a genuine Amana replacement to ensure it fits and works correctly with your dishwasher model.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few other things you need to know to troubleshoot your Amana dishwasher buttons when they don’t work:

Do Amana Dishwashers Have A Dedicated Reset Button?

No, your Amana dishwasher does not have a dedicated reset button. Instead, you’ll have to reset it by cycling its power. Then, shut it off at the power source for one minute before turning it back on to complete the reset.

Where Do I Find My Amana Dishwasher Model Number?

You can find your Amana dishwasher’s model number in front of the door seal, on the tub, at the top left-hand corner. Having this number ready will help you when troubleshooting with a technician or when ordering replacement parts.

Where Can I Get The Amana Dishwasher User Manual?

If you’ve lost your Amana dishwasher user manual, you can download another copy from Amana’s official website. You’ll need the model number to find it, so refer to the information above for where to find it.

Can I Replace Dishwasher Buttons Individually?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot replace individual Amana dishwasher buttons. If one or more are damaged, you’ll have to purchase a new control panel.

How Do I Free A Stuck Amana Dishwasher Button?

Firstly, clean the stuck button using a cloth and a toothbrush. Then, gently press and massage the button around to break loose any residue that keeps it stuck. Protection Status