5 Common Maytag Fridge Problems

Maytag refrigerators are some of the best on the market. Yet, despite being highly reliable appliances, they still suffer from common refrigerator problems from time to time.

Common Maytag fridge problems include not cooling enough, not making ice, making too much noise, or a water dispenser that isn’t working correctly. Each issue has unique troubleshooting steps. First, remember that the fridge needs 24 hours to stabilize its temperature, and you must turn on the water supply fully to supply the water dispenser and ice maker.

In this guide, you’ll discover what causes these common problems and what steps you can take to resolve them as soon as possible.

What Are The Most Common Problems With Maytag  Refrigerators?

Here are 5 of the most common problems you’re likely to experience with a Maytag refrigerator:

Maytag Fridge Isn’t Cooling

Firstly, you might find that your Maytag fridge isn’t as cold as it should be. That can be pretty frustrating, especially when you’re trying to keep food chilled inside so they won’t go bad so quickly.

There are three likely reasons your fridge isn’t cooling:

  • Too soon: Your Maytag fridge requires at least 24 hours to cool down. That’s especially true if you’ve turned it on for the first time or if there was a power outage recently.
  • Wrong set temperature: Check the temperature settings in your fridge. The temperature might be too high, which is why the appliance feels warm inside. Ideally, the temperature must be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower if the surrounding environment is hotter than usual.
  • Blocked vents: Smooth airflow is one of the most critical factors for all-around cooling. Cold air can’t circulate when objects or ice build-ups block the fridge’s vents. So, only some parts of the compartment are cold while others stay warm.

Thankfully, you can solve these problems very quickly. Firstly, check that no items or ice build-ups block all the air vents inside. Then, lower the fridge temperature to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, leave your fridge alone for at least 24 hours to stabilize the temperature inside. Try to avoid opening the fridge door as much as possible, so the cooling process happens faster.

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There’s Too Much Moisture Or Frost Inside

It’s normal to find some moisture or frost inside your refrigerator. However, too much of either one is a sign of a problem. Under normal conditions, the air inside a Maytag refrigerator should be cold and dry, with very little humidity inside.

When there’s too much moisture or frost inside, however, it’s likely that:

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  • The door was left open for too long: When the fridge door is left open for too long, a lot of outside moisture and warm air will quickly enter the appliance’s compartment. That will cause lots of condensation to occur, leading to excess moisture and frost inside the fridge.
  • There’s a door seal problem: Maytag fridge doors have a seal (or ‘gasket’) on them to ensure a tight seal whenever the door is closed. Unfortunately, when the door seal is damaged or warped, it’ll let hot air seep into the fridge compartment, causing condensation and excess moisture to form.
  • The fridge isn’t level: Your Maytag fridge must be perfectly level. If not, the doors will not close properly, causing the same problems mentioned above. In addition, warm air will enter the fridge compartment, leading to excess moisture and frost.

First, ensure that the door seal is clean and free from damage to resolve this issue. Then, adjust the fridge legs so that the appliance is perfectly level.

Lastly, keep the items in the fridge organized. That way, you can find what you need quickly, minimizing the time that you keep the door open.

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The Fridge Isn’t Making Enough Ice

Another common issue that you might come across is the ice maker not producing enough ice. That can be pretty frustrating, seeing as how the ice maker usually provides you with plenty of convenience.

An ice maker that doesn’t produce enough ice is likely caused by:

  • The ice maker not turned on: The ice maker in your fridge has an on/off switch. It’s normal to accidentally turn it off, stopping it from making any new ice.
  • Kinked water line: The water line connects your fridge to your household water supply. If a kink forms in that line, water won’t flow into your fridge and its ice maker. As a result, your Maytag fridge doesn’t have what it needs to make ice.
  • Closed water valves: The water valve controls water flow into the waterline. You must ensure that you open it all the way, so that water flows into the waterline as it should.

As you can see, the solutions to this issue are pretty straightforward. When the ice maker is on and receiving water, it’ll make ice normally again.

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The Fridge Is Making Too Much Noise

It’s entirely normal for a Maytag fridge to make some noise. Some normal noises that you’ll hear include:

  • Vibrating.
  • Occasional popping.
  • Buzzing.
  • Sounds of the compressor running.

To be sure, you can refer to your user manual to identify the typical sounds that will come from your refrigerator.

However, some unusual noises do point to a problem. For example, excessive vibrating noises could point to common issues like an ice buildup around the evaporator fan.

So, when you hear a noise that you know is out of the ordinary for your Maytag fridge, you must troubleshoot it further.

The Water Dispenser Isn’t Working

Last but not least, another frustrating problem you might come across is a water dispenser that stops working on your Maytag fridge.

When that happens, you should troubleshoot:

  • The water supply: Start by checking the incoming water supply. The fridge only has one water supply, though it also splits to serve the ice maker once it enters the refrigerator.
  • The water filter: After the water enters your fridge, it passes through a water filter to remove any impurities. If that filter is clogged or damaged, it will prevent water from reaching the water dispenser.
  • The water dispenser: Check the water dispenser itself. Assuming everything else is working, the dispenser controls could be faulty, or there might be a blockage in the system. Replace any damaged controls and flush out any blockages to restore the water dispenser.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some other frequently asked questions you might have about your Maytag fridge.

Why Is My Maytag Fridge Not Getting Cold?

If your Maytag fridge isn’t getting cold enough, be sure to lower the set temperature and give the refrigerator 24 hours to stabilize. The fridge needs a long time to cool down, especially if you just turned it on for the first time or it was turned off for an extended period.

How Do I Clean The Coils On My Maytag Refrigerator?

The best way to clean your Maytag fridge coils is with a vacuum and a paintbrush. First, use the vacuum to remove large and loose pieces of dirt around the coils. Then, use the paintbrush to clean away any stubborn dirt the vacuum couldn’t remove.

Is There A Reset Button On A Maytag Refrigerator?

There is no dedicated reset button on your Maytag refrigerator. However, each model has a combination of buttons you can press to reset the appliance. Please refer to the user manual to determine which buttons apply to your model. Alternatively, you can disconnect the fridge from its power supply for 5 minutes to cycle its power and reset the appliance.

Why Does My Maytag Fridge Freeze Everything?

Your Maytag appliance’s refrigerator compartment should chill food items but not freeze them. If that’s happening, it’s because the compartment is cooling down excessively. Check that nothing is blocking the air vents and that the temperature isn’t set too low. Lastly, check that the thermostat is in good working order.

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