Amana Washer Code F5 E3 – Troubleshooting Guide

Once you select a wash program on your Amana washer, it should run automatically from start to finish. So why is it showing the F5 E3 error code instead? Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

The F5 E3 error code on an Amana washing machine means that the door is failing to lock. As a result, the washer cannot begin filling with water or proceeding with the wash program you’ve selected. The most likely reasons for this are an obstruction around the door, a damaged or misaligned door latch, or the load inside being too big.

In this guide, you’ll discover more about the most likely causes of this problem and what you can do to fix it.

What The F5 E3 Error Code Means On An Amana Washer

When you see the F5 E3 error code on your Amana washing machine, that means the door lock is failing to engage.

The door lock is a critical part of the washer’s operation. Once you select your next wash program and shut the door, the lock will engage and stay on until the program is complete. That way, the lock prevents any water from coming out of the machine mid-cycle.

More importantly, it also prevents any injury from happening if, for example, a child were to open the washing machine’s door unknowingly.

As such, your Amana washer will not begin the wash program at all until the door is shut and the lock engages. Only then will it fill with water and spin as usual.

Initial Troubleshooting Step

Before proceeding with the other troubleshooting steps listed below, please make sure that you’re shutting your washer door firmly. Without applying too much force, you should press the door shut until you hear a click. 

That sound is the door latch catching on, and it’s a clear sign that you have shut the door correctly.

Possible Causes And Solutions

The most likely reasons that your Amana washer door fails to lock is that there’s an obstruction or that the door latch assembly is damaged or misaligned. Besides that, a laundry load that’s too big will also create pressure against the door, preventing it from locking as it should.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these possibilities and how you can fix them.

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Obstruction Around The Door

What it is: The washing machine door is designed to create a tight seal when it’s closed. Part of that is thanks to the design of the door and how it fits into the opening, while the other part is the rubber seal around the door itself.

How it fails: The washing machine door parts described above will form a tight seal as long as there are no obstructions in the way. Unfortunately, things like long sleeves, socks, or even a significant buildup of dirt could cause an obstruction that prevents the door from shutting correctly.

When the door can’t shut as it should, that will prevent the lock from engaging, thereby triggering the F5 E3 code on your Amana washer.

How to fix it: Fixing this issue is very straightforward. You can begin by opening the door all the way. Next, inspect the entire area around the door to look for any obstructions that might prevent the door from closing and forming a tight seal.

Look for small laundry items like socks, neckties, and similar items that usually get stuck around the door’s rubber seal.

Door Latch Assembly Damaged or Misaligned

What it is: The door latch assembly on your Amana washer consists of two parts. The first is attached to the door itself, while the other fits inside the washer body, directly behind the door opening.

f5 e3 code

Whenever you shut the door, both parts will catch each other to keep the door shut. Then, the lock will engage to ensure the door cannot be opened whenever a new wash program has begun.

How it fails: When the washer lock won’t engage, it’s likely because there’s damage to the door latch assembly or that it has become misaligned. For example, this problem can happen if the door is hit by something heavy that may have bent parts of the door latch assembly.

As a result, the assembly’s parts won’t be aligned, and the lock cannot engage.

How to fix it: The solution to this problem depends on its severity. For instance, a door latch that’s only slightly bent can be bent back into shape. However, severe damage will require a complete replacement of the assembly.

Firstly, you’ll need to remove the outer clamp that secures the door seal. That will allow you to pull the seal away at the side that covers the door latch assembly.

Once that’s done, you can unscrew the latch and pull it out before disconnecting its wire connectors.

Then, take the new door latch and reconnect the wire connectors to it. Next, position the latch on the front panel and replace the screws to mount it in place.

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Laundry Load Is Too Large

What it is: The amount of items that you load into your Amana washing machine plays a crucial role in its safe and correct operation. For example, a small load isn’t ideal because the weight inside will not be balanced.

However, a too large load (either with too many or oversized items) is also bad news. That’s especially true in regards to the washer door lock’s ability to engage.

Every washing machine has a different ideal load size. In this case, your Amana washer user manual is the best reference for you to use.

How it fails: Unfortunately, problems will occur when the laundry load is too large. In this context, having too many items in the drum, or having items that are far too large to fit, will add unwanted pressure on the washer door.

As a result, the door will not fully shut, thereby preventing the door lock from engaging. That will trigger the F5 E3 code to appear on the washer’s display.

How to fix it: To fix this problem and prevent it from happening again, be sure to separate your laundry into smaller, more moderately-sized loads. As for large items too big to fit into your washer, it’s best to wash them in a higher-capacity washer or send it for professional cleaning instead.

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How To Clear The F5 E3 Error Code ?

There are several ways to clear the F5 E3 error code from your Amana washer. The precise method will depend on the model that you have.

However, the first method you can try is to follow these steps:

  • Press the Pause or Cancel button two times
  • Press the Power button one time

Suppose that doesn’t work. In that case, you can try the following method, which is to reset your Amana washer, following the steps below.

How To Reset An Amana Washer ?

An Amana washer can be reset by cycling its power. In other words, you can do so by switching it on and off again, following these exact steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect all power to the washer by removing the plug from the wall socket or shutting off the dedicated circuit breaker.
  • Then, leave the washer alone for at least 1 minute. During this time, any retained electrical charge inside the washer will dissipate naturally.
  • Lastly, reconnect the washing machine and use it like you usually would.

How To Test An Amana Washer After Fixing It ?

After fixing it, the best way to test your Amana washer is to run a complete wash program from start to finish. That way, you’ll get to see if all of the washer’s functions and features are working as  they should.

In the case of the F5 E3 code, you’ll want to check to make sure that the door has no problem locking at the beginning of the wash program.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode On An Amana Washer ?

Amana washer

You can enter the machine’s diagnostic mode for a much more thorough test, also known as the Test Mode. To do so, you must turn the cycle selector knob according to this sequence, leaving a half-second delay between each step:

  • First, turn it to the right three times, with half a second between each time.
  • Next, turn it left one time.
  • Finally, turn it right again one time.
  • Turn the knob either way until the “Wash, Rinse, and Done” light has turned on.
  • Lastly, press the Start button to begin the test mode.

At this point, you’ll see and hear the washer run through all of its tests automatically. Protection Status