Amana Washer Stuck on Final Spin? 4+ tips to fix it

Most people don’t think about their washers. They just put their laundry in, pour in their detergent, fabric softener, and expect them to work. Sometimes, they don’t. One of the frustrating problems people have is when their washer gets stuck on the spin cycle. 

There are a variety of reasons listed for why Amana washer stuck on final spin. It seems appliance techs all have different answers from a failed shifter, worn-out skate shoes, and a faulty timer. The only thing appliance techs agree on for this issue is the load is unbalanced. 

We will show you how to work through this problem to fix the issue in the article below. You may not need to call a service tech for this because some of these issues can be easily fixed. 

The Imbalance

The problem causing the lack of spin is an unbalanced load. The problem is you can’t be exactly sure why that is an issue.  The most obvious reason is you have too much laundry packed too tightly in the machine. 

A large load can slow spin speeds and that can play with the sensors and the control panel causing the machine to stop altogether. 

Take out some of the items and reset the machine to see if that clears up the problem. 

An unbalanced load can be caused by other things besides a lot of laundry. It can also occur when you wash one bulky item, like a comforter, alone. In this case, add a few more items to distribute the weight and balance. 

You may also want to check where the washer is sitting to make sure it’s on a level floor. Sometimes, washers move or lose a footpeg and that causes them to become off balance. Amana washer stuck on final spin.

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Recalibration Works

Trying to fix the imbalance may not do the trick. You should move on to the next logical step, which is recalibration. Sometimes, the system in the washer messages to the control board that the washtub is having difficulty spinning. This could be because of the imbalance issue or something else.

Regardless, recalibrating it may resolve the issue. Some brands have required calibration to keep loads balanced or to keep the correct amount of water in the tub for the load. 

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Make sure the washer is turned off and empty of clothes and water. You are going to enter the diagnostic mode. You can start the calibration cycle in diagnostic mode by pressing the start button. It will run for two to three minutes and will shut off automatically. The lid will unlock when it shuts off. 

This solution appears to work for many people. 

Shifter Issue

You can use a manual diagnostic cycle to check the motor, capacitor, or shifter. Typically, one of these issues will come with an error code like F7E1 or F7E5. These codes indicate there is a motor speed issue. 

Clear the codes by resetting the washer and emptying it of laundry. Then, you will need to go into a manual diagnostic test and run it on heavy agitation. A motor that runs after 15 to 20 seconds indicates that the motor, control, capacitor, and wiring harness connections are fine. 

Turn the machine to spin while you are in manual diagnostics. A motor that hums, shuts down, and has a blinking lid lock means it will have error codes for shifter or speed sensor errors.  

Check the codes and if it indicates either of these then it’s the shifter and sensor assembly that’s your problem. 

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Skate Plate Shoes

One of the possible reasons for the imbalance could be worn-out skate plate shoes. This would typically occur on an older machine. You can check the shoes but will need to open up the washer to look.

When you open up the washer, you will see the washer tub sitting on a three-legged pedestal. The shows are between the top of the pedestal and the skate plate. Lift the skate plate about an inch and stick something in there as a wedge. Look at each shoe by snapping them out of place. 

You may need to use a hammer to gently tap them out of each socket. Old and worn shoes should be replaced. That is easy to do but you do have to be careful so you don’t break it. 

Don’t attempt to snap the new shoes in. Let each sit on its spot, one at a time. Remove the wedge and the tub’s full weight will force the shoe in. Lift the skate plate, wedge it and do it with the next shoe.

When you’ve replaced three shoes, press on the tub from the top of it with all your body weight. All three shoes should snap-in. You can look underneath with a flashlight to check. The shoes’ tables should be poking through. 

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The Timer– amana washer stuck on final spin

A malfunctioning timer could have your washer stuck on spin. This is also something you can fix DIY. You will need to take the control panel from the washer to test the timer. Most panels are easy to get into. 

The timer is behind the knob by a few screws and a wire harness. The front knob must be removed before the timer can be accessed. You will need a multimeter to test the timer to see if it has continuity. 

Replace the timer if it’s failed. That is a matter of connecting a few wires and isn’t that difficult. Amana washer stuck on final spin.

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Other Problems

It could be a lid sensor, a water fill sensor, or an inlet hose problem. However, these aren’t as common for this type of issue. Those who check all the other issues first may want to then move on to check these parts. 

Amana washer stuck on final spin

Why won’t my washer advance to the next cycle?

A washer that stalls at the wash or rinse fill times indicates there is a water inlet valve issue. It may need replacing. A washer that will not advance to the next cycle indicates the problem is likely a bad washer timer.

What is a shifter in a washer?

The shifter runs the washer’s drive system to move it from agitating to spinning. If it goes bad, the control board shuts the washer down.

How long do washing machines last?

The average lifespan of a washer is between 10 and 13 years. However, some brands have lasted much longer up 20 or even 30 years. Top-load washers usually last longer than the front-loaders.

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How to Reset a Washer?

In all of these checks, you will need to reset the washer each time to see if the code is cleared and test the machine. Resetting the machine is simple and you can do it one of two ways. 

You just unplug it and wait five minutes before plugging it back in. The codes should be cleared. If they reappear, move on to check another part for a solution. 

Another way to reset it is to press and hold the cycle signal or end of cycle button for 20 seconds. You’ll know it’s reset when the flashing light clears.

How to Test the Machine?

You will likely need to test and retest your washer as you run it through these diagnostics. Just run it on the spin cycle without a load in it to see if the error comes back. 

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