F2 E1 error code amana washing machine- Troubleshooting Guide

Amana washing machines are high-quality home appliances designed to leave you with clean and fresh-smelling clothes. However, they’re also prone to experiencing problems from time to time and notifying you through error codes. So, if you ever experience the F2 E1 error code, you’ll want to keep reading this guide.

The F2 E1 error code on Amana washing machines means that there is a system error triggered by a stuck key. This code is triggered whenever one or more keys on the control panel are stuck for more than 15 seconds, preventing the washer from functioning correctly. You can physically free the button, but you must replace the control board if the buttons are damaged.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into what the F2 E1 error code means, what its likely causes are, and what you can do to return your washer back to normal.

What The F2 E1 Code Means On An Amana Washer?

The F2 E1 error code on your Amana washing machine is defined as a system error, and it’s triggered by a stuck key. Simply put, one or more of the keys on your washer’s control panel has been stuck for at least 15 seconds, triggering the F2 E1 error code to appear.

Initial Troubleshooting Step

Seeing the F2 E1 error code on your washer can cause a lot of concern, but don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to repair or replace any parts just yet. Instead, here’s what you can do:

When your Amana washer is presenting you with the F2 E1 error code, you can start troubleshooting by pressing the Power button one time. Doing so will shut the washer off and clear the code. 

Once the washing machine is off, you can then press the Power button once more to turn the machine back on. From there, you can test the washer’s buttons by starting a new wash program to see if the machine is free from any errors.

However, if that doesn’t work, you must progress to the next troubleshooting step described below.

Possible Causes And Solutions

Here’s the most likely cause of the F2 E1 error code:

Stuck Keys

What it is: Depending on the exact Amana washing machine model you have, you’ll find that the control panel has a combination of selector knobs and buttons. Each of the buttons has a particular function that will be triggered whenever you press and release them as needed.

When the buttons are in good working order, they’ll depress automatically and return to their normal position after you’ve pressed them.

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How it fails: The F2 E1 error code happens when one or more buttons on the washer’s control panel have become stuck for more than 15 seconds.

These buttons can get stuck for many different reasons. For instance, if the Amana washer had been in service for many years, the buttons could have become worn out. Each button on the washer would have likely been pressed countless times throughout its useful life.

Besides that, a buildup of dust or oils from being pressed so often can also prevent buttons from functioning correctly. As a result, the affected buttons will remain stuck and fail to depress as they should.

In more severe cases, the affected buttons could have become broken from being pressed too hard.

How to fix: The solution required here will depend on how severe the problem is. For example, you can start by trying to massage the stuck button with your finger to loosen up any buildups that might be causing the problem.

Besides that, you can also try pressing parts of the control panel surrounding the affected button in an attempt to get them unstuck as well.

However, in severe cases where the affected buttons are damaged or broken, you’ll have to replace the control board itself.

To do so, you must first open the control panel and take note of all the electrical connectors leading to the control board. Taking a photograph will be beneficial as a reference later.

Disconnect the electrical connectors and free the existing control board by unthreading any screws or freeing any clips holding it in place. Then, mount the new control board in its place and replace the electrical connectors the exact same way as before.

How To Clear The F2 E1 Error Code?

To clear the F2 E1 error code on an Amana washing machine, you must first resolve the root cause that’s triggering the code. In this case, that means ensuring that all of the buttons on the control panel are not stuck.

Once the root cause has been addressed, you won’t have to worry about the code continuing or coming back anytime soon.

Alternatively, you can also reset your Amana washer to clear the F2 E1 and any other code that might appear on the display.

How To Reset An Amana Washer?

Resetting an Amana washer is a very straightforward process, as all you’ll have to do is cycle its power. In simple terms, that means turning the washer off and then on again after a brief period.

You can do so by following these exact steps that work on Amana washers:

  • Firstly, disconnect your Amana washing machine entirely from its power source. That means removing its plug from the wall socket. Besides that, you can also switch off the dedicated circuit breaker for the washer at your household’s main electrical box.
  • Once the washer is disconnected, leave it alone for at least one minute. The washer requires this time to discharge any electricity inside. In doing so, the washer’s memory will clear, and any error codes along with it.
  • Lastly, reconnect the washer to its power source and press the Power button.

At this point, your Amana washer has been reset, and you can continue using it like you usually would.

How to Test An Amana Washer After Fixing It?

After fixing your Amana washer, it would be an excellent idea to test it and make sure that everything is in good working order. 

Given that the F2 E1 error code was caused by a stuck button, your first test should be to ensure that all buttons are working correctly. More importantly, they should not be getting stuck again when you press them.

Then, you can perform a more thorough test by running a complete wash program from start to finish. By doing that, you’ll have a chance to see if all of the washer’s other functions are working correctly as well.

Alternatively, you can test your Amana washer by entering its diagnostic mode.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode On An Amana Washer?

The diagnostic mode on an Amana washer is referred to as the Test Mode in its manuals and technical documentation. During the Test Mode, the washer will automatically perform several tests to ensure that all of its crucial functions are working correctly.

f2 e1 error code

You must turn the cycle selector knob in a particular sequence to enable this diagnostic mode, leaving only a ½ second delay between each step.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Firstly, turn the cycle selector knob right one click, then wait half a second.
  2. Then, turn the knob again with one more click and wait for another half-second.
  3. Next, turn the selector knob a third time and wait for a half-second.
  4. Following that, turn the cycle selector knob left one time and wait for a half-second.
  5. Then, turn the cycle selector knob right again and wait half a second.
  6. At this point, you can turn the cycle selector knob in either direction until the “Wash, Rinse, and Done” light turns on.
  7. Finally, press the Start button to begin the test mode.

At this point, the machine will take over and automatically perform a series of tests to ensure its components and functions are working correctly.

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