Amana Washer Code ND – Troubleshooting Guide 3 Causes

Amana is well-known for its affordable washers and dryers. These are excellent appliances, though they sometimes experience the same problems as other brands. For instance, if you see the Nd error code on the washer, that means you’re experiencing a No Drain issue.

The Amana washer code ND means that the machine is experiencing a No Drain issue. To be precise, the machine has sensed that there’s still water in the drum after trying to drain it for 15 minutes. The most likely reasons are clogs in the drain filter or hose, as well as a faulty drain valve or drain pump.

In this guide, we’ll explore the most likely reasons behind this Amana washer ND code error and what you can do to resolve the matter.

What The Nd Error Code Means On An Amana Washer?

When your Amana washing machine shows the Nd error code, that means the appliance is experiencing a No Drain condition.

Whenever the machine starts to drain water from the drum, it expects to complete the process within a set period. However, if it takes too long or the water levels do not fall below a particular level, the washer will trigger the Nd error code to let you know something is wrong.

As you might know, draining water is a critical function of the Amana washer. So, you will not be able to continue washing your laundry until the root cause of the Nd error code is resolved.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps described below.

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Possible Causes And Solutions: nD code

When experiencing a No Drain condition, the most likely reasons are a faulty drain valve, clogged drain filter or hose, or a failed drain pump. Here, we’ll look at what these parts do and how you can fix them.

Faulty Drain Valve

What it is: The drain valve is a crucial component for the draining function of your Amana washer. When the washer is full of dirty laundry water and must be emptied, the valve will open and allow that water to flow out through the drain hose.

However, when the washer needs to fill up with clean water, the valve will remain closed to prevent any water from flowing out.

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How it fails: Typically, the drain valve on your Amana washer will fail when it’s either clogged or stuck. However, in the case of the Nd error code, a foreign object is likely causing the valve to stay closed even though it should open.

As a result, none of the dirty water can flow out even during the drain cycle. As this continues for a set period, the washer will sense it and trigger the Nd code to alert you to the problem.

How to fix it: Fixing the drain valve will first require an up-close inspection. Firstly, you’ll need to access the valve from the bottom of the washer and remove the clamps that hold it in place.

Be careful! The water in the washer will rush out when you disconnect the valve. So, prepare a bucket, tray, or piece of cloth to capture all that water.

Suppose you find that the valve is worn out and stuck in the closed position. In that case, you must replace it immediately. Start by disconnecting the electrical connectors to the drain valve assembly before dismounting it from the washer frame.

Then, mount the new one in its place and replace the electrical connectors the same way as before.

Clogged Drain Filter or Hose

What it is: When water is drained out of your Amana washer drum, it’ll pass through the drain filter and out through the drain hose. The drain filter is responsible for capturing foreign objects that fall out from clothes pockets among your laundry. 

Then, the drain hose is responsible for carrying the drained water out into the household or building’s drain system, typically via a standpipe.

How it fails: The drain water, also known as ‘greywater’, from a washer is full of impurities, including lint and dirt. These impurities can get stuck inside the drain filter and hose, causing buildups that restrict water flow.

When these buildups become severe enough, they will completely halt the drain water flow, thereby triggering the Nd error code.

How to fix it: Thankfully, fixing these clogs are very straightforward. The drain filter and drain hose are both easily removable.

You’ll find the drain filter concealed behind a small panel on the front of the washer. Twist to set it free, then clear all of the items and impurities that it has trapped.

As for the drain hose, detach it from the rear of the washer and flush it out with a garden hose. Be sure to flush it from both ends of the hose to clear any stubborn clogs inside.

Failed Drain Pump (Amana Washer code ND)

What it is: The drain pump is responsible for driving water out from the drum then through the drain filter and hose. The pump is electrically powered and has an impeller that forces water to drain out of the washer as quickly as possible.

Amana washer code nd

How it fails: The drain pump can fail, especially if foreign objects get trapped inside it. For instance, pens, paper clips, and other items that fall out from laundry pockets can get stuck in the pump and prevent it from working correctly.

When that happens, your washer will not be able to drain within the allotted time, thereby triggering the Amana washer code ND error.

How to fix it: Troubleshooting the drain pump requires a close inspection of the component. Firstly, you must remove any foreign objects that are stuck and prevent the pump from working correctly.

However, if you find that the pump is still not working despite being free from any clogs or foreign objects, then you must replace it entirely. Unthread the screws that hold it in place and disconnect the electrical connectors attached to it.

Then, mount the new pump in its place and reconnect the wires the same way as they were before. The wires must be reconnected the same way to ensure that the new pump works as it should.

How To Clear The ND Error Code?

To clear the Nd error code on your Amana washing machine, you must first resolve the root cause of the No Drain issue. That way, the clear will not persist or return anytime soon. You can troubleshoot the root cause following the steps detailed above.

Once the root cause has been addressed and there are no clogs or problems with the washer’s drainage, you can reset your washer to clear the Nd error code and any others present.

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How To Reset An Amana Washer?

You can reset the Amana washer by cycling its power. That means shutting it off for a set period and then turning it back on again.

To ensure that the power cycling is done correctly, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the washer from its power source entirely. That means removing the plug from the wall socket or switching off any dedicated circuit breaker it might have.
  • Next, leave the machine alone for 1 minute.
  • After that time has elapsed, you can reconnect the washer’s power supply.

How To Test An Amana Washer After Fixing It

Once you’ve fixed your Amana washer, you’ll want to test it to ensure that the issue is resolved. Firstly, reset the Amana washer following the steps above. Then, when you have the washer turned on again, start a cycle.

The first minute of the cycle is most important, as it’ll show you if there are any error codes still present. After that, however, it’s best to let the wash cycle finish to ensure that the washer is working correctly.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode On An Amana Washer?

Alternatively, you could also enter the washer into its diagnostic mode, referred to as the Test Mode. To begin the Test Mode, you must turn the dial according to a particular sequence, all within a 3 to 6-second period.

With the machine on Standby, follow these steps:

  • First, turn the cycle selector knob Clockwise (right) 1 click.
  • Second, turn the cycle selector knob Clockwise (right) 1 click.
  • Third, turn the cycle selector knob Clockwise (right) 1 click.
  • Fourth, turn the cycle selector knob Counter-Clockwise (left) 1 click.
  • Fifth, turn the cycle selector knob Clockwise (right) 1 click.
  • Sixth, turn the cycle selector knob in either direction until the LED lights display with ONLY “Wash, Rinse, and Done” turned on.

Lastly, press the Start button to begin the test mode. Protection Status