Bosch Washing Machine Door Lock Problems – Troubleshooting Guide

Having to deal with a faulty door lock on your Bosch washing machine can be stressful, especially when you have loads of laundry to work on. Fortunately, you can fix most door lock issues with your Bosch washer on your own.

A faulty washing machine door usually indicates an overloaded tub, the child lock being on, the pressure switch not resetting, or the water not completely draining. You can open the door manually to check and resolve these issues, but you may need professional help if your door lock is defective.  

This article will cover common reasons the door lock in Bosch washing machines get stuck. Read on to know more about how to fix these issues.

1. Overloaded Washing Machine

A washing machine door may not budge if clothes get stuck between the door and the housing. Overloading the tub can also keep the door from properly latching.   

To prevent this issue: 

  • Always ensure there are no clothes along the circumference of the tub’s opening before shutting the door. 
  • Always leave a gap between the drum and the top of your clothes to avoid overloading your machine.

Aside from making it difficult to close the door, overloading the washing machine can affect its performance and possibly damage it.

How To Fix?

If you’re unable to close the door because the washing machine is too full, all you have to do is remove a few clothes from the drum until the door latches securely. You should also make sure there aren’t any garments between the door and the housing. 

If you suspect clothes have jammed the door shut, you may need to pry the door open. However, take care not to use too much force or you’ll cause further damage. 

You can try to remove the jam with a nylon rope. Remove the jammed clothes by wrapping the rope around the door and tying a knot on one end. Pulling the rope should dislodge any clothes that keep the door from opening. You can also use this technique to unlock the door manually.  

This YouTube video demonstrates how to use a rope to open your washing machine door:

2. The Child Lock Is On

Bosch washing machines come with a child lock to prevent children from getting hurt while the machine is on. The child lock disables all the buttons on the washing machine and prevents the door from opening while the washer is operating.

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If you can’t open the door of your washing machine, you may have accidentally activated the child lock. You’ll know the child lock is on if you see a blinking key icon on the display screen of the washing machine.

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How To Fix?

Deactivating the child lock function on a Bosch washing machine is relatively easy, but the procedure can vary depending on your model. 

Below are the different ways to deactivate the child lock on your Bosch washing machine:

  • Press and hold the START button for 3 to 5 seconds.  
  • Press and hold the RPM and FINISH IN button simultaneously for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • For models with a touch screen display, press and hold the KEY button with 3 SEC underneath it for 3 seconds.  

In any case, you should hear a beep, followed by the child lock icon disappearing to indicate that it’s been deactivated.

3. The Pressure Switch Did Not Reset

Another reason your Bosch washing machine door could get stuck is if the pressure switch fails to reset.  

Washing machines have a pressure switch that measures how much water is in the drum. You can find a chamber at the bottom of your washer’s drum with a hose connected to the switch. This apparatus cues the machine’s control module to perform certain functions.  

As the water level in the drum of the washing machine rises, the air is pushed up the hose, triggering the pressure switch. If the hose connected to the pressure switch becomes blocked, it may give a false reading, or the pressure switch may fail to reset.  

A washing machine door is designed to stay locked when there’s water in the drum. That means a false reading from the pressure switch can keep you from opening the door, even if there’s no more water left in the drum.

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How To Fix?

Unplug the washing machine from the main outlet and allow any air or water in the hose to set. After a few minutes, turn the machine back on. If the pressure switch resets successfully, you should be able to open the door.

Sometimes, cutting the power to the washing machine can release the door lock. But even if you can open the door, you should inspect the hose of the pressure switch to check if it’s the root of the issue. The hose could either be blocked or damaged.

If unplugging the machine doesn’t unlock the door, you can unlock the door manually. There should be a lid towards the right at the bottom of your washing machine. When you open that lid, you should see a manual release cord which you can pull to unlock the door. 

To access the pressure switch, you’ll need to unscrew the top of your washing machine. After removing the top of the washing machine, you should see the pressure switch. It’s a round plastic piece near the sidewall with a hose attached to it.

Remove the hose by unclamping it from the chamber and pressure switch. Check for any blockage. Old detergents can build up in the chamber and block the airway of the pressure switch. You can fix this by blowing down on the hose and the pressure chamber.

Also, check for damage by looking for holes or tears on the hose. The hose has a protective sleeve but can still get damaged if it rubs against other parts of the machine. If the hose is damaged, you’ll need to replace it (preferably with the help of a professional).

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4. There Is Water Left in the Machine

As mentioned earlier, the washing machine’s door stays locked if it detects water in the drum. If the water in your washing machine doesn’t drain completely, the interlocks won’t release the latch and you won’t be able to open the door.

How To Fix It?

Running a spin and drain cycle can sometimes get rid of residual water. But if that doesn’t do the trick, you need to manually drain the water. Fortunately, draining the water from a Bosch washing machine is relatively simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Find the drain hose. It should be under the same lid as the manual release cord. 
  2. Place a basin near the bottom of your washing machine. 
  3. Remove the hose from its clamp. 
  4. Remove the plug from the edge of the hose. 
  5. Position the hose so it’s lower than the drum of the washing machine to release any trapped water.  

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5. The Door Lock Is Jammed or Defective

If you’re still unable to open your washing machine door after checking the issues mentioned above, your washing machine may have a malfunctioning part. A faulty door lock could fail electronically or mechanically. The door of your washing machine will either not latch properly or remain locked if there’s a problem with the door locking system.   

How To Fix It?

If you suspect one of the parts of your door lock is broken, the best recourse is to call a professional. You can contact Bosch’s customer care and service team by visiting their website. Otherwise, if you try to fix the problem on your own and end up causing more damage, you could void your warranty.

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Problems with your Bosch washing machine’s door can stem from several issues. If you can’t open or close your washer’s door, try simple fixes like unplugging the machine or checking if the child lock is on. Hopefully, you can address the issue with a DIY fix instead of needing professional help. Protection Status