Bosch Washing machine error codes- E17 Troubleshooting Guide

Do you have Bosch washing machine error codes? E17 can be an easy one to fix.

An E17 code for your Bosch washing machine is different from other codes because it may indicate something is wrong with your water supply rather than your machine. Read to learn about what to do in this situation. 

The Bosch washer code E17 starts flashing when the washing machine won’t start its washing program. The reason why it refuses to start the wash cycle is that there isn’t enough water going to the drum/tub. 

While this is aggravating, it is the simplest problem to fix with your Bosch washing machine

What Do I Do First?

You should first check to make sure the water is on. Check your kitchen sink water. Then, check the water tap going to the washer. 

An uninterrupted water supply could mean something is wrong with your pressure sensor, a valve, or the control module. Before you start checking all those, you need to try to reset the water supply tap.

How to Reset the Water Supply Tap?

Unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet first. Turn off the water supply tap once you turn off the power supply. Turn it back on and plug it back in to see if that solves the problem. 

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then you will need to move on to check the inlet valve. 

How to Check the Inlet Valve?

Turn off the power and water to the machine again. Now, unscrew the water inlet hose attached to the back of the machine to see if it has a blockage. You will need to put a bucket or some towels on the floor before you do this to avoid mess. Inside the hose is a mesh filter and that is what you need to clean as it may be clogged.

Clean the inlet valve filter by running it under running, cool, water. Once it’s clean, return it to the hose.

Next, you will need to check the valve using a multimeter

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Testing Resistance

Remove the washing machine cover and use the multimeter to test the resistance of the valve coil. Do this with the valve wire contacts too. 

A lack of showing of resistance on the multimeter means the part needs replacing. At this point, you will need to call Bosch Customer Care or a service tech. 

Fixing a Broken Bay Valve

A broken valve is high on the list of probable causes of this error code. This type of problem can be repaired by you without calling a professional. 

You will need to completely replace the valve if it quits working. Disconnect the tubes. They will be attached with clamps. You will need to disconnect the wires too. 

You should buy new clamps when you buy a new filler valve as you don’t reuse clamps with new parts.

A machine that continues to display the E17 error message is an indicator you will need to look to the pressure sensor to resolve the problem.

Inspecting the Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor can easily be blamed for water not draining from the machine. This will likely need to be replaced as the pressure sensor indicates there is enough water in the drum to complete the cycle. A faulty press sensor will stop water from coming into the drum. 

The pressure switch in the Bosch washing machine can be found opposite the filler valve. Both of these are in the right corner of the washer. 

You should look at the tube attached and check the wires that are also connected to the pressure sensor. Then, if none of those show any wear or issues, you will need to check the sensor. This is not a part that can be repaired but it must be replaced if it’s faulty.

Replacing a Bad Sensor

It isn’t challenging to replace a faulty pressure sensor. Since you already are in the washer mechanics, all you have to do is first disconnect the hoses and then disconnect the wires. Pull out the old sensor. Take the new sensor and put it in its place. Reattach the wires and then reattach the hoses. 

Control Module Issues

The last thing that can be wrong with your Bosch washing machine is the control module could have a burnout or may need to be replaced. However, the good news is the control board for the Bosch is cheaper and easier to replace than those of many other brands. 

You will have an idea that the control module is the main issue if the E17 code comes in right after you turn on the washer. 

A control module is one of the more expensive parts of a Bosch washer, so it’s best to call a service technician to replace it rather than try it yourself.

Can you reset a Bosch washing machine?

Yes, you can certainly reset a Bosch washer with just a few simple moves of the program knob and pressing some buttons. 

  • First, move the knob to show its “off” and then turn it back to the “on” position.
  • Now, hold down the button for the spin cycle while also turning the knob to the “7” position. Be sure to press it for 5 full seconds. You can then release the button for the spin cycle and the light for the water should be on.
  • Turn the knob for the program clockwise until it reaches the “off” position and then turn it back on. You just reset your washer!

Can I run a diagnostic test on a Bosch washer?

There is a diagnostic program on all Bosch washing machines but it can be a little bit of a challenge to get to unless you know the system to enter it. 

bosch washing machine error codes
  1. The first thing to do is to turn the program knob to the off position. 
  2. Then, you will need to hold down both the buttons for select and menu. At the same time, you will need to turn the knob to the function showing “permanent press cold.” Continue to press the buttons until you see P1: Errors on the display.
  3. You are now in the diagnostic testing mode. You can use the menu button to go through the different tests. You will notice the start light is flashing.
  4. The P1 mode will show you a list of errors and the date they happened up until eight washes back.
  5. Push the start button to see the code and when it occurred. 

Two types of codes exist in the Bosch washer. There are the Er: 1-24 codes that indicate issues with the module. The dr: 1-18 codes will show problems with the motor. Be sure to write down any codes and other information for your service technician. 

You can stop a test by pressing the spin button. You can exit the diagnostic program by turning the program knob by to “off.”

How to force Bosch washer to drain?

You can drain water out of a problematic Bosch washing machine by utilizing the black drain pipe in the machine. This is found under the panel in the front of the machine. It’s located next to the drain filter.

You will need to remove the panel. 

Put a shallow pan under the drain pipe. Then open the drain pipe and the water will flow out. Be sure to close off the pipe once everything is drained.

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