4 Reasons Why Dyson Vacuum Smells Bad

Vacuum cleaners do a great job at keeping our environments clean and dust-free. Dyson vacuum cleaners have been incredibly popular for quite some time, but potentially rancid odors can be fairly perplexing. So, why may Dyson vacuums smell bad at times?

Dyson vacuum cleaners may begin to smell bad due to improper maintenance, insufficient cleaning, overheated motor, heavy usage, or malodorous messes. The best way to prevent bad smells is to clean your Dyson vacuum after each use, especially after long sessions or cleaning up a smelly mess. 

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Although it may be confusing and even stressful to smell such foul odors coming from within your Dyson vacuum, there are numerous logical reasons for the occurrence. Thankfully, keeping your Dyson vacuum smelling fresh is quite simple with the right approaches. Join us as we discuss the reasons for smelly Dyson vacuum cleaners and the best approaches for getting rid of various pungent smells.

Why Do Dyson Vacuums Smell Bad?

There are numerous understandable reasons for your Dyson vacuum cleaner smelling bad. People who have experienced this issue have reported several different odors, which are key in assessing possible problems. Identifying the odor will greatly aid you in your mission to get rid of the smell and prevent it in the future.  

Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Dog

Some people have described the odor as comparable to the smell of a dog or even a wet dog in some cases. This odor is common for pet owners, who may vacuum up countless fur strands and dander. The smell of ‘wet dog’ is far more common with households that house indoor pets. 

These fur strands may not have a particularly unpleasant odor on their own, but they may start to smell foul after some time inside the vacuum. The smell may be far worse if you also use the vacuum to clean up pet-related messes in the house. If your Dyson vacuum starts smelling like the pets you share your lovely home with, it’s time for a deep Dyson vacuum clean. 

How To Get Rid of the Smell

You will need to start by emptying the dirt storage compartment in the vacuum cleaner. The odds are that there is a ton of pet fur and dander stockpiled within the container.

Since the smell would have spread into the rest of the vacuum’s inner workings, you will need to disassemble the removable components and give them a thorough wash. Dish soap works quite well and will remove any stray fur, dander, or odors.

The bristles of the Dyson vacuum cleaner can gather a ton of pet fur while in use. This area may be scattered with small fur strands or even blocked with large clumps of mangled pet dander.

Plastic combs work well, and you will need to gently remove all of the hair from the bristles, discard them, and disinfect the bristles to remove any remaining odors. 

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Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Burning

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner smells like burning, it may indicate a burned-out motor. Unfortunately, this cannot be solved with cleaning, as you will need professional help from Dyson customer support to resolve the problem or even replace the motor. 

But, burning odors can occur due to the combination of hair, dust, dirt, and heat. The vacuum may struggle to push air through the grimy filter, and the dirt will heat up, vaporize, or begin to burn inside the vacuum. 

How To Get Rid of the Smell

The smell can be created if you haven’t emptied the dirt storage compartment in quite some time. Empty the internal dirt container and wash the vacuum’s filter. This should remove the odor and allow the vacuum to push air through the filter again. 

Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Vomit

The smell of puke is very hard to forget, and it’s quite challenging for the smell to disappear on its own over time. Vomit can stick to surfaces and contains many additional components, which make things more complicated.

If you’ve used the vacuum to get rid of throw-up, the smell will probably still remain for some time after the unpleasant incident. 

How To Get Rid of the Smell

While it may seem like harmless old food remnants, this isn’t exactly the case. Vomit contains stomach acids capable of chewing their way through certain fabrics and even some metals. This composition makes it quite a threat inside your Dyson vacuum’s inner compartments and a little complex to resolve completely.

  • You can try disassembling all of the Dyson vacuum’s removable components, using a mild disinfectant on them, and leaving them out to dry completely.
  • The bristles may need a good cleaning as well, as tiny bits and pieces of vomit can get lodged in these areas. 

This approach may work well if the incident was fairly recent, but you may need to consult a technician to thoroughly disassemble the vacuum for a proper clean. The entire process can be a hassle, and the costs of professional assistance may be quite costly. In some cases, you may be better off purchasing a brand new vacuum. 

Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Feet

The smell of stinky, sweaty, and grimy feet is undeniably pungent in any circumstance. When it’s emanating from your vacuum, it’s understandable you may be confused and concerned. This usually occurs when the bacteria that grows on sweaty soles is carried throughout the house, eventually finding itself lodged inside your vacuum. 

How To Get Rid of the Smell

You will need to take quite a few measures to get rid of the smell inside your vacuum, predominantly concerning the entire environment itself. You may need to do a deep carpet shampooing if your household walks around barefoot, as your rugs can be housing countless amounts of stinky bacteria. 

You can clean your vacuum’s removable components and bristles with disinfectant or dish soap. But, ridding the environment of this bacteria is the best way to prevent the smell from entering your vacuum. You can also place a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball and drop it into the receptacle before securing it to the vacuum to help absorb any lingering odors. 

Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Poop

If your Dyson vacuum smells like poop, there is probably a fairly obvious reason – there may be poop inside the vacuum. This can happen quite easily if you have indoor pets or toddlers in your home. Even used cat litter can carry small amounts of feces, which will give off an unpleasant odor after some time.

How To Get Rid of the Smell

Thankfully, getting rid of the poop smell is quite easy and effective.

  • Disassemble the vacuum’s removable plastic components and soak them in a bleach and water solution. 
  • One cup of bleach per gallon of warm water will be effective without causing color leeching.
  • Soak a cloth in the solution and wring it until it’s damp, then use the cloth to wipe the inside of the vacuum. Always avoid electrical areas. 
  • If the smell lingers in the bristles, you can use a fabric cleaning solution and a robust cloth to soak and wipe the bristles.

The vacuum should be dried thoroughly, and you can use a dry absorbent cloth to wipe it down and remove any remaining moisture. But, you can also leave it to air dry outside if the weather is warm.

Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Cat Pee

The smell of cat urine is undoubtedly putrid, and it can even be harmful to humans over time. Your Dyson vacuum may have been used to clean up areas near your cat’s litter box, or your cat may have been spraying and marking the vacuum. 

How To Get Rid of the Smell

  • Empty the dirt storage compartment, disassemble all removable parts.
  • Wash all of the vacuum components with warm water, vinegar, and baking soda in equal parts. 

To make sure the smell is kicked completely, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Tea tree oil and lemon essential oil work well and have their own intense but pleasant aromas. 

  • Wipe down the outside of the vacuum cleaner with the solution, as this will get rid of cat pee odors caused by marking.
  • After you’ve wiped all components with the solution, use a clean and dry cloth to wipe off any remaining moisture. This approach should get rid of the smell completely.

How To Prevent Bad Smells in Dyson Vacuums

Thankfully, preventing bad odors in your Dyson vacuum cleaner is far simpler than getting rid of these smells long after they have set in. It will predominantly require some adjustments in routine and knowledge of which messes may spark more pungent odors than others. 

Keep the following tips in mind whenever you use your Dyson vacuum cleaner: 

  • Empty the dirt storage compartment after each use.
  • Use mild soap and water to clean components after messy clean-ups.
  • Thoroughly clean and air-dry the vacuum filter regularly.
  • Use non-abrasive cleaners to safeguard the longevity of vacuum components. 
  • Use a fabric-safe cleaner for vacuum bristles.
  • Never vacuum up vomit, urine, or feces. 

While it may be perplexing and stressful to smell such putrid odors emanating from your spring cleaning buddy, there is usually an understandable cause.

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Thankfully, most smells can be removed easily, with little to no damage to your vacuum. Always follow cleaning and maintenance guidelines regularly to keep your vacuum smelling as fresh as your home.

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