5 Reasons Why Samsung Fridge Not Cooling

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If you searching for the answer “Why my Samsung fridge is not cooling?”. Well, there are several reasons for that.

Samsung fridges “notorious” to have problems starts with Twin Cooling Plus technology, evaporator fan failure and ended up compressor failure. 

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In this article, we will show you the 5 most common issues.

But let’s start with some recent complaints from our visitor and then we will explain what you can do to fix these issues.

Here is what Darren says: I own a Samsung refrigerator that seems to have a problem with cooling in the fridge compartment, despite being several months old. The temperature is fluctuating and sometimes Samsung fridge not cooling at all.

I have tried doing everything I know to get it running normally again but no luck. Does anyone have an idea about what can possibly be wrong and how that can be fixed? Or is there a way it can be reset back to its initial state?

What causes Samsung fridge not cooling, but freezer works. 

The evaporator coils are frosted over:

When the evaporator coils get covered with frost, evaporator fan unable to circulate cold air within the fridge due to blockage and fridge will not be cooling. Initial problem related with defrost cycle.

Sometimes, the problem can be solved by changing the defrost temperature sensor (but its not guaranteed)

There are actually 2 identical temperature sensors. But you will need one with the white connector on the right side of the fridge.

Samsung fridge frosted coils

If you see ice build-up on the back wall where is said “Twin Cooling” of your fridge or maybe you hear noise coming from the fridge, but when you open the door noise just gone?

That’s mean you have an issue with condensation which accumulates behind that panel and eventually becoming ice.

In this case, you need this Drain Repair Kit above and here is the video below what you need to do.

Evaporator fan frosted over:

Some people may complain about “Why Samsung fridge fan not working?” The main purpose of the fan is to circulate the cold air in the fridge.

But when your Samsung fridge not cooling, one of the reasons for that is that your evaporator fan blocked by ice.

You need to check your evaporator fan to make sure it’s working or not.

Samsung fridge evaporator fan  not spinning

If you have a french-door refrigerator, close the left door and put an ordinary magnet on the right side of the fridge to simulate the right door closing.

After a couple of seconds, the evaporator fan should start spinning.

If you don’t hear the fan running, most likely fan blades blocked by ice.

Samsung evaporator fan blocked by ice
Samsung reed switch location

Defective defrost heater :

Under normal circumstances the defrost heater assembly (you can get one here) is responsible for defrosting any frost that been formed on the evaporator coils in the refrigerator, whose function is to allow cold air to freely flow thereby leading to the freezer cooling.

However, when the defrost heater assembly is not functioning accordingly, excess frost will build upon the evaporator coils, as a result, the airflow will be restricted, which will result in the fridge not cooling. 

Defective thermistor or temperature sensor:

When working properly this component keeps in check the temperature of the refrigerator and transmits the information on the temperature reading to the control board so that appropriate power can be supplied to the evaporator fan as well as the compressor for effective cooling in return.

But when the thermistor is defective both the compressor and the evaporator fan may not work properly.

Defrost thermostat failure:

This component allows the power to flow to the heater.

When its failed, power will not flow and heater will not able to heats up and melt ice or frost which may build up on the evaporator coils.

What can be done to help the freezer start cooling again? 

Apart from replacing any components found defective, the following actions can be taken to fix the inability of the fridge to cool. 

In most cases, the inability of the Samsung fridge to cool is as a result of having excess ice frosting over the evaporating coils as well as the fan.

Therefore, one can easily initiate a FORCED DEFROST mode by pressing FREEZER and LIGHTING or ENERGY SAVER and FRIDGE buttons at the same time for 8 seconds.

Once you will hear one chime sound, press the LIGHTING button several times after that, until you will see Fd on the display.

This action activates the defrost element and melt the ice. 

To exit the Forced Defrost mode you can simply unplug power from the wall or wait 20 minutes till forced defrosting will be done.

In a nutshell, Samsung fridge inability to cool is one of the most inconveniencing challenges faced with the brand.

Among the notable causes include the malfunctioning of various components that work together as a team to bring about cooling in a freezer, such as a compressor, defrost control board and the evaporator coils among others. 

Nevertheless, the Samsung fridge not cooling is not a permanent problem.

Rather, this is something one can easily fix by simply making diagnostic tests on the components suspected to be defective, such as the ones mentioned above and have them replaced or even repaired where possible.

Therefore, don’t let the Samsung fridge not cooling give you a headache when there is something you can do about it to bring back that peaceful mind and the beauty of the fridge.  

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Reader Comments (287)

  1. I good service.We have a combi fridgeSR-L709EVSS.Run until it reanh temp switch of at se temperature but never starts again display blinks at set temp at set temp of freezer.If you switch of at the plug and switch on again it operates again until next cycle.Please give advise what to do .Unit is in Carnarvon Northern Cape

    • First of all, you need to monitor the exact temperature in the fridge. Do you have a fridge thermometer? If temperature fluctuating, lets say from +2 to +10 or even higher, then I assume you have a problem with the fridge temp sensor or main control board

  2. Hello. I have RF30HBEDBSR refrigerator. The freezing section stopped freezing. I opened up the back panel inside the freezer compartment but there was no ice buildup. The fan there working as well. I turned ON the Power Freeze function but it did not have any effect.
    The top refrigeration section is operating normally.
    The compressor fan is spinning.
    I suspect this to be a control board issue but not sure which one of the three could it be. Do you have any recommendations on the correct diagnosing procedure?
    Thank you!

    • Do you have a fridge thermometer? You need to know the exact temperature in the freezer and fridge compartments. Temp in the fridge should be in the range from +2 to +5. In the freezer from -18 to -24. There are 2 refrigeration lines coming from the compressor, if compressor failed, temp will be raisin up in both compartments. So, I don’t think you have a problem with the compressor or control board (cause you said fridge compartment is cooling ok). I assume your fridge has a reversing valve and not providing refrigerant for the freezer compartment.

      • Hello Eugen! I just bought a refrigerator Samsung RB34T652ESA / EK today and it worked for about 8 hours then it turned off completely, no light is on inside or outside the screen on the door, please can you tell me what it is?

  3. I have a Samsung french door fridge and it started making a really bad noise, like something was banging in it, and then it quit working. A friend of mine told me it was my control board because the board looked fried in a couple of spots. I purchased another control board and he installed it and my fridge worked great for a few hours, and then the same thing happened again. The fridge won’t come on or work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Turn the fridge OFF for 24 hours with the doors open. Let it defrost. If after that, fridge will be cooling ok, then you had an ice build-up behind the panel in the fridge compartment and ice was too close to the fan blades

  4. Samsung fridge model: RF260BEAESG/AA
    My fridge was bought Dec 2017. Found water on floor under fridge Feb 2019. Called Samsung service department and was told to turn off ice maker, raise the front side of fridge, turn off energy saver and do manual defrost by pressing two keys at same time. I am a retired electrical and very handy. I did all and shut ice maker water supply. Weeks later found water and ice under crisper drawer. The problem is apparently in fresh food section defrost and has nothing to do with ice maker! Opened the back panel and saw ice on upper part of evaporator and drain hole. Defrost water can’t go to drain pan. Bought long drain hole clip to replace the original short one. Few weeks later we found milk smell bad. Put a thermometer in fridge and got temperature 52°F. The fridge was not cooling. Removed the rear panel and saw ice on upper section of evaporator. Replaced the thermostat. Milk got bad again few weeks later. Thermostat did not fix the issue. I heard of adding aluminum braid flexible heater to boost defrost heat. Bought Supco SH205 75 watt heater and wrapped on the upper section of evaporator. The Supco heater worked about 6 weeks and failed probably due to poor quality. Replaced with Gemline GH203 55 watt flexible heater. Have not had any issue ever since.
    There are rumors that Samsung uses marginal defrost heater in order to get Energy Star rating. I believe the only fix is to add flexible heater wrapping on upper part of fresh food section evaporator.

  5. Hi,I have Samsung refrigerator with family hub on the door.Compressor working, but fan which cooling compressor not starting, compressor getting to hot.I applied 12v power directly to the fan and its working good, looks like its not getting power to it.Replaced inverter-the same problem.Looked inside and fridge is cooling, but the doors getting hot also.Any ideas?

    • Yeah, if the fridge doors getting warm (hot), it is one of the symptoms when condenser fan is not running. I am not sure if condenser fan on your Samsung model has a feedback circuit. How many wires coming to the fan? What is the model of your fridge?

  6. I’m having a similar issue with my Samsung model: RF197ACRS.
    I’ve read (almost) every comment here. Great stuff!

    I had frost on the back panel and the noisy fan under the Twin Cooling logo.
    I removed as much frost as I could see using a dryer, and left the fridge open for only about 10hrs (not enough, I fear). The fan is now operating fine (thanks for the magnet trick), but my fridge has only cooled to around 10C after 24hrs. The freezer seems fine.

    I’m prepared to defrost for 24hrs and buy the “Samsung A/S Assembly-Water Leakage N DA82-01415A” part from Amazon, however; my biggest problem is that I am unable to remove the back panel. I’ve removed the three screws (two on the bottom, one mid centre) and 6 (or 8?) tabs along the side, but the top will not budge (like there’s another hidden screw). I’ve tried shimmying it down & side-to-side, but it won’t come off.

    Any Ideas how to remove this without breaking it?

      • Thanks for your reply! Yes, I got that one too.

        In the end, the problem was I did not know that the Styrofoam is supposed to come out at the same time as the plastic cover. I was ONLY trying to remove the plastic cover.

        Also, I did not let the refrigerator defrost long enough (only about 12-14 hrs) and the ice-wall was still adhering to the Styrofoam (well, the protective foil covering it). After a FULL 24 hr defrost (and hair-dryer), the panel did come off.

        Thanks to this site, I now have all the parts to make the repair permanent.

  7. I have a Samsung Refrigerator model RF23HCEDBSR the refrigerator section is not cooling but the freezer is fine. When this first started it sounded like the fan up top was hitting something then stopped altogether. There is ice visible in the breathing holes inside on the TwinCooling panel

    • Same problems here. Your evaporator fan is frozen up. Check out YouTube videos by Bens Appliances and Junk. Look for https://youtu.be/So1Zf-yIj94 but also watch https://youtu.be/ZuPwxRuhlYk. We ordered a repair kit from Ben (arrrived in 3 days), to install an additional defrost heater and drain pin, then we picked up a roll of Frost King insulating foil tape from the hardware ($5) and it was the fix for just over $45, using the kit we bought from him with the posi-tap connectors. (Actually pretty easy! And we are not especially handy.)

  8. I have a Samsung RS2630WW that the fridge and freezer are not cold. I have done just about everything I could find on the internet to try and fix, no luck. Any ideas?

  9. Hi I have Samsung Flex RF28K9070SR/AA Refrigerator not cooling. I changed the inverter control board but problem is not resolved. What else I do? If someone please help.

    • Before changing inverter board you were needed to check power to the compressor, then check power from the main control board to the inverter board. Then, check wire harness contninuity from the inverter board to the compressor. Also, check compressor windings resistance. All these procedures require some skills

  10. I have a Samsung French door refrigerator. It randomly stops cooling. The fridge and freezer get warm then a day or so later the temperature panel starts blinking 8 and 32. After a day or so of that I’ll hear the ice maker fill and drop ice a while later. It stay on and cold for a day or so and then the cycle starts again. Suggestions?

    • Temp fluctuation i would address to the compressor. You need to do some troubleshooting by yourself. I would pull the fridge out and keep an eye on the compressor. How it sounds, how long it’s working, whats the temp of the compressor, etc…. Does the condenser fan (located on the back of the fridge) works ok? There are so many things tight together on the Samsung fridges. if one part not working, the rest will stop as well.

  11. Hi, I have the same fridge, RF26HFENDSR. We had “Refrigerator Fresh Food Evaporator Cover and Fan Assembly” and “Refrigerator Temperature Sensor” Installed 6 months ago. The same thing is happening again, ice collecting behind the panel on the inside back of the fridge and it’s not cooling. Freezer working fine. We can’t take that panel off without destroying it, so we defrosted with a hairdryer and it’s working for the moment. We can’t do the forced defrost you suggested because there’s no “Lighting” button on ours. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    • Did you have standing water in the drain hole, when removed that back panel TWIN COOLING ? If yes, then you need to replace drain tubes behind the fridge. This is one of the issues when you have condensation build up behind Twin Cooling panel and this condensation eventually become ice

  12. Thanks for info. Re: “You can not test voltage of the evaporator fan with the doors open.” . . . . can I use the magnet on door to simulate “closed” door and test? . . . exactly Where is the magnet placed to enable “closed” door scenario?


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