How To Troubleshoot E2 F9 Error Code On Whirlpool Washer 

Everyone needs their washer to work. Whether you are washing kids’ clothes or your clothes for work, most people don’t have time to deal with washing machine repairs. The washers don’t care. They will sometimes have issues. 

The e2 f9 Whirlpool washer error code means, in general terms, the water isn’t draining. That usually signals a pump issue but that depends on the exact model of your Whirlpool washer. It could also be a wiring connection from the pump to the control panel that is the problem. 

The upside is there are some things you can do yourself to fix the problem before jumping to a phone to call the support center or a service repair shop. Read further to find out how to handle the problem. 

What the Error Code Means?

The symptoms are typical for most Whirlpool washers right before the error comes up. The machine doesn’t spin correctly and the door won’t unlock. Then the e2 f9 error pops up. 

There are a couple of things going on here. The initial problem is the water isn’t draining so the spin cycle is off, since it is supposed to happen on a drained tub. The door won’t unlock because the tub is full of water. It’s set up to remain locked until the water is drained. 

Those things will resolve themselves once you have the water draining issue resolved. Now, there are two possible issues depending on your exact model of Whirlpool washers. 

Whirlpool Cabrio Error

Those with this model will see the error code because the control board senses the water isn’t draining. Most of the time, this is a pump drive system failure. Why it isn’t working could be any number of reasons from the trash in the pump, to a kinked line to the pump not getting the main control voltage, to the pump needing replacement. 

The first thing to do is to listen to hear if the pump is running. Unplug the washer from the outlet. Now, go to the back of the washer and inspect the water level pressure switch hose. It’s a hose that runs from the tub to the main control board. Look for kinks, tears, and pinches that may cause it to fail. See if it’s connected to the main control. 

Assuming all of that is correct, turn off the water going to the washer. Get a bucket ready in case there is spilled water. Put it just under where the pump hose is attached to the tub. Pull off the pump hose attached to the tub. It’s the drain hose with the end going into a drain in your laundry room. 

Look for a line blockage. You may want to try blowing some air through it to clear any obstruction. Check where it’s attached to the tub to see if there is any trash there. 

You will need to pull the pump motor off to look for trash in it that may be causing it to drain slowly or not at all. 

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The next step would be to check to see if the pump is getting a charge from the control panel. You will need a voltmeter to check the pump for a charge, along with the mainboard. 

If the mainboard is fine but the pump fails the meter test, you will need to replace the pump. 

Other Whirlpool Models

Appliances have errors that mean different things. According to some appliance experts, a drain pump failure would give an e1 f9 error on most Whirlpool models. The e2 F9 error means the problem is the messaging between the pump and the control board is failing. 

It could be a bad wire connection or the CCU control board is failing.

However, the process for figuring out the issue is close to the same as with the Whirlpool Cabrio. Unplug the washer from the wall. You will need to check for a clog in the drain catch first. 

Checking the Drain Catch

The drain catch is inside the washer but, fortunately, you don’t need to open the door to get to it. Some people will lean the washer up against the wall at a 45-degree angle to make for easier access but there isn’t any real need to do that if you can work near the floor. 

There are three screws on a lower front panel along the bottom of the washer. Remove those screws. The lower front panel comes off if you pull it down and then off. 

Now that you are looking at it, find a plastic twist cap that is about 3-inches in diameter. It is under the tub portion and mounted to the washer floor. It’s the drain cap. 

Make sure you have your bucket and a couple of towels nearby as you unscrew the cap. Clear any debris inside the drain catch. There will probably be a few things, including a few coins or maybe a button. 

After all that is cleared, put the cap back on as well as the panel. Plug the machine back in and see if it works. If it fails to work, you will need to check the wiring connection to the CCU. 

The Control Panel

The CCU control board is going to be in the upper front right corner of the machine. It is mounted under the top panel to the right wall. First look at the wires to make sure they all look good. You will need to use a voltmeter to check to see if the CCU failed. 

You can use your nose to diagnose too. A lingering electrical smell indicates either the pump, wiring, or control board burned out. Figure out where exactly the smell is coming from and that will be part to replace first.

Are There Other Areas I Should Check?

While you are checking out your washer, it wouldn’t hurt to check for clogs in the drain hose. Take your bucket to the back of the washer. Turn off the water going to it. Take off the drain hose from the tub and check for obstructions. Blow some air into the hose before reattaching. 

How Do I Drain Water From the Tub?

There are two ways to force drain water from your Whirlpool washer. The option you choose depends on what you determine to be wrong with it. 

Those who find a clog in the drain cap or hose will find the first two methods useful.

Reconnect the washer to a power outlet. Find the pause or cancel button. It will be on the control panel. You will need to press it twice to drain the water. You can also press the power button and turn the cycle selection knob to drain or spin. The water should start draining. 

The second way is to manually drain the water. For this, go to the back of the washer with your bucket and towels. Make sure the washer is unplugged. Remove the drain hose from the drainage in the wall or floor. Hold it up until you get it to the bucket. Then, lower it and gravity will take over.

Water should start flowing into the bucket. 

You may need to stop to empty the bucket. Just raise the hose high and put it back into the drain while you empty the water. Make sure the hose is always lower than the tube for it to continue draining. 

How Do I Reset a Whirlpool Washer?

Many washers will reset by just unplugging them and plugging them back in. However, Whirlpool washers are a little different. To reset a Whirlpool washer, rotate the dial until the rinse, wash and stop lights are lit up. Now, turn off your washer and unplug it for 10 seconds. 

Plug it back in and turn it back to the start position. It should be reset. Protection Status