Samsung Microwave Door Not Latching – Troubleshooting Guide

Few things can be more aggravating than a microwave door that won’t close. After all, you can’t use the appliance if the door won’t close. That means you will be spending time trying to fix the microwave instead of eating. 

There are some simple solutions for a Samsung microwave door not latching. It could be that debris is trapped in the door mechanisms. The hinges may not be functioning correctly, the latch assembly may not be working or the door hook may be broken. 

Read further to find out how you check each one of these pieces to fix your microwave. 

Steps to Figuring Out the Door Problem

The issue with the door could be the result of one of five things. The first thing to do is check for debris.

Clean Debris

Microwaves can collect debris and junk over time. These can clog up different parts of a microwave, including the door mechanics. Sometimes, food gets stuck between the door lines. Grease buildup can also stop the door from closing. 

Look at the latch for hardened grease and food. Food can get pushed into the latch assembly and that can also prevent the door from completely closing.

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Look at the Hinges

The next thing to look at is the hinges. Sometimes, hinges can become loose with use. A new microwave may have hinges that are too tight. Older microwaves may have damaged or rusty hinges. 

It’s easy to see if hinges are damaged, loose, or too tight. The door itself may be hard to close even before it touches the appliance. It may also wobble. Hinges will look rusty, damaged, or may not connect well to the door.

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Inspect the Door Latch Assembly

A look at the door latch assembly is the next thing to check if the door still won’t close. It could be that the latch isn’t engaging the lock on the door. You will need to look in the alcove to find the latch assembly. This is where the door latches. 

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Look to see if a broken piece is blocking the space. 

Look at the Door Hook

The final piece of the microwave door assembly is the door hook or hooks. Sometimes this is called the door latch. It is either a plastic hook or an arrowhead-shaped piece, depending on the model. The piece may protrude from the microwave door’s opening side. 

The latch attaches inside the microwave. It comes in contact with the door switch to activate it when the door is closed.

A broken door hook is the most common problem that prevents the microwave door from closing. This is especially common among microwave ovens that utilize plastic hooks since the plastic can break over time and use.

A broken piece can prevent the door from properly closing. If it’s broken, you will need to replace it. A door latch hook for a Samsung microwave costs around $13, depending on your exact model.

A good door latch hook will guarantee the microwave door will close and remain closed during use. It should be replaced by a true OEM replacement part from the manufacturer for the door to work properly. 

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Is there a temporary fix?

Some handy people fixed their microwave’s broken plastic latch themselves. Depending on where the latch broke off, you can glue the lower part of the latch back. Some microwave owners say they did this when the lower part of the spring broke. 

What is a door switch?

A door switch, sometimes called a door sensor, is a mechanism that prevents the microwave from operating when the door is open. Sometimes, it can go back or be dirty which can cause the microwave from operating when the door closes. 

If the microwave still doesn’t work after you fix the door lock, then the problem is the door switch.

How do I know if my microwave door switch is faulty?

Some symptoms indicate you have a faulty door switch. Some of the signs are that the microwave won’t heat properly or it won’t turn off. You can make a repair on the door switch but first, you must unplug the machine and make sure the capacitor is discharged.

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Where is the door switch on a microwave?

Typically, the door switch is near the door latch. It’s mounted to a bracket. Some microwaves may have up to four-door switches. 

What can I do about the door switch?

Most of the time, any problems with a door switch are because they are dirty. You can take mild soap, water, or a vinegar-water combination with a sponge to clean it. It should work fine after that unless it’s faulty.

How much does it cost to replace a door switch?

The average cost of replacing a door switch for a microwave is between $50 and $100 and that includes labor. 

Why is my microwave turning on when I open the door?

This is an unusual problem but some microwaves do turn on by themselves. The same procedure applies to this problem as it does when the door won’t close. First, check to clean the door, then check the assembly. 

Then, check the latch and see if the door opens and closes. Look to see if the light comes on. If the lamp doesn’t turn off, then moisture may be your issue, It could be wet from recent cooking. 

For that problem, take a cloth and wipe out the inside. Open the door and let the microwave dry out before trying to use it again. 

How Do I Reset My Microwave to Clear the Error Code?

That is the easiest thing of all. You just need to unplug it from the wall socket and wait a few minutes. Then plug it back in. It should clear the errors and reset the appliance. 

How Do I Test My Microwave After Resetting?

Take two large coffee cups and fill them with room temperature tap water. Put them in the microwave and try to heat them either for a minute and a half or on the beverage setting. Make sure the water is at the same temperature in both cups. 

If everything works and the water is near boiling, you’ve resolved the problem. 

Regular Maintainance

Microwaves get so much use and abuse. From popping spaghetti sauce to overspilled cocoa, your microwave takes a lot of hits. You can keep it running for seven to 10 years by doing some simple things. 

Clean it regularly 

All microwaves need to be wiped down both inside and outside. That means cleaning with mild soap and water. Be sure to take out the center plate and clean it in the sink. 

While the plate is out, look in the rotator groves and clean them. Clean around the hinges, the door assembly, and the inside of the door, and check the air vents for splattered food, sauce, and other debris. 

Unplug It During Outages

A surge of electricity when the power comes back on may fry parts in your microwave. Unplugging it during power outages will protect it from surges. 

Check for Moisture

Sometimes moisture accumulates in a microwave from cooking. This can cause issues like heat control and even cause hinges to rust. Wipe your microwave out, open the door and let it dry out if you notice moisture.

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Should I Get It Fixed?

Those who have newer microwaves should first check to see if it’s under warranty. A warranty will often cover many repairs. You can also call the Support Center to see how much it would cost to repair or to get a referral for a service center near you to fix your microwave. 

Those with older microwaves may want to weigh the cost of a repair against the price of a new appliance. If you feel the repair will gain you a few more years of use, it may be worth it.

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