Are Samsung Washers and Dryers That Bad? 7 Pros and some cons

Samsung Washers and Dryers? I think of Whirlpool when it comes to washing clothes. But, what about the well-known technology brand Samsung?

When you think about Samsung, the first things that come to mind are smartphones and smart TVs that are loaded with features and the latest resolution capabilities. Maybe you think about Samsung headphones or wearables. Samsung washers and dryers probably show up last on the list. 

Samsung washers and dryers aren’t that bad, however, when things go wrong, opposition to Samsung’s washers and dryers is much louder because Samsung appliances are far more expensive than some of its rivals. Being a major technology brand, deficiencies are also a lot more surprising.

Samsung has had its fair share of problems with its washing machine and dryer lines, including a recall in 2016. However, if you stack them up against other washers and dryers on competing platforms, the problems are both similar in nature and similar in frequency. 

Samsung Washers and Dryers Suffer from Technology

Samsung washers

That may sound weird but hear us out on this. Old school washers and dryers are frequently applauded for their longevity. However, those washers and dryers are very simplistic in design. There are far fewer components which always means that there are far fewer things that can go wrong.

Nowadays, you have touch screens, voice commands, multiple function features, multiple cycle settings, Smart Care Apps, and more. The problem with adding more is that you are also adding more potential problems. 

It’s like the cars and trucks of today. If the smallest function in the millions of packed-in components (most of which are entirely unnecessary for driving from point A to point B) goes wrong, it cripples the entire vehicle. New vehicle technology is a victim of its own success. 

The same holds true for Samsung washers and dryers, both of which are numbered in the top ten washers and dryers lists every year. The Samsung Electric Dryer DVE45R6100 is the U.S. News number one electric dryer of 2022. 

Tom’s Guide, a major technology review site, has two Samsung washing machines in their top ten list of best washing machines in 2022—both the Samsung WA52A5500AC/US and the Samsung WF45A6400A. 

So there’s no doubting the fact that these are great washing machines and dryers. However, there’s no getting around the fact that they are loaded with various components, most of which will shut down the washer or dryer if the component fails. And that’s true whether the component is necessary for running the washer/dryer or not. 

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Pros and Cons of Samsung Washers and Dryers

There is a lot to like about Samsung Washers and Dryers in 2022. For one, they’re pretty fancy and if you are a big fan of technology and have your own smart home network, Samsung washers and dryers are probably going to be high on your list.

Samsung washers and dryers typically come with a lot of washing and drying options, depending on what you need at the time. Both of them (in the newest models over the last five years) are loaded with onboard, self-diagnostic features. 

It’s like having a built-in OBDII scanner for your vehicle. Of course, the more they pack in, the more that could potentially go wrong. 

High level of technology and useful features,Samsung is a reliable brand,Anti-vibration ,Self-cleaning cycles,Steam options,Digital control or touch panels,Low energy consumptionTend to have electrical problems,Control panel errors,Water leaks

Samsung washers tend to have water leaks as one of their predominant issues across the board. While it’s uncommon, it’s certainly an area of concern with Samsung’s washing machines. Control panel issues and electrical problems are commonplace. 

For the reasons that we delved into above, the more technology that Samsung packs into these things, the more commonplace control panels and electrical problems tend to be. In fact, one of the most common issues with Samsung washers and dryers is control panel issues. 

There is no doubting the fact that Samsung really knows how to bring on the tech. They have some of the most advanced washer and dryer models available out there. They’re also very aesthetically pleasing in terms of modern design.

But there’s such a thing as overdoing it, especially when it comes to something as simple and straightforward as washing and drying your clothes, towels, rags, etc. 

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Why do Samsung Washers and Dryers Get a Bad Reputation?

It mostly boils down to what consumers want. The vast majority of all Samsung washer or dryer owners use “timed” drying, rather than any of the other available drying options. When it comes to washers, consumers tend to keep it simple there as well. 

One of the mistakes that Samsung—and to be fair, LG and most other modern washing machine and dryer brands—continues to make is packing so much into their control panels. Gone are the efficiently labeled twist knobs. 

Now, you have a massive, digital display with a ton of buttons that all feature a bunch of acronyms or severely truncated words. It’s extremely annoying and confusing trying to figure out what is what and how it even works. 

Sure, you can grab the instruction manual that looks like a small book, however, that’s a lot of information to retain when all you want to do is efficiently wash and dry all of your clothes, rather than selecting the steam dry or bubble soak option that is buried in a cornucopia of buttons and settings. 

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Samsung’s Recall List

In 2016, Samsung recalled 34, top-loading washing machine models. Fortunately, major recalls like this are generally uncommon. In 2016, Samsung received over 700 major consumer complaints concerning this particular washing machine. 

The only thing that really stood out from this recall is that it gave Samsung washers and dryers a bad reputation that seemed to stick for quite some time. The majority of the complaints were specifically directed at the washing machine vibrating so hard that the top of the washing machine detaches entirely. 

These incidents resulted in 9 injuries, which included a broken jaw. In the great scheme of things, it wasn’t a recall that was any more or less notable than the hundreds or thousands of other brand recalls that consumers have endured throughout the decades. 

However, that recall, coupled with a reputation for having control panels, electrical issues, and water leaks, have combined to create a general feeling of distaste for Samsung washing machines and dryers. 

That hasn’t slowed down Samsung, however, as business is still good where their washers and dryers are concerned. However, nobody is suffering under the illusion that Samsung’s priorities and profit margins are largely focused on the laundry industry. 

The largest slice of the Samsung pie is in smartphone and smart TV technology. Of course, that leads to another issue with Samsung. 

When you have a company whose entire focus is not on washers and dryers and the customer experience with washers and dryers, that leads to introducing tech just for the sake of doing so. 

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All Things Considered

Samsung washers and dryers are not that bad. We’ve listed some of the problems that tend to plague Samsung’s laundry room products but its no more and no less than the problems that other washing machines and dryer brands deal with. 

Samsung has had some difficulties within this segment of the industry and most of it is caused by a case of doing too much, having infamous recalls in the past, and lacking a dedicated focus on the industry.

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Reader Comments (2)

    We bought new last year when we moved in home.
    Washer lasted until mid November (11 Months) still waiting on parts to get clothes out of machine. Can’t open door, and today the tech arrived and can’t open it either. Now have to wait on circuit board a few more days and have hime schedule an appointment later.
    While here he diagnosed an issue with the dryer as well. I have to put in a separate ticket for it. circuit board is going out he suspects.
    Never again will Samsung get my hard earned cash.
    I didn’t want them but wife had to have 132 laundry cycles and 4011 dryer options, when she basically use 3 on each.

  2. My husband thought he was doing something nice for me when he bought this washing machine. I hate it, I hate the child lock, I hate the constant unbalancing, I hate that it leaves dirt and lint in the machine, I hate it does not get the clothes clean. The one thing I did like was the pre washing water jet feature and now it doesn’t work and I can find no information on how to fix it. For the money, it is a piece of junk.


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