Top 5 Most Common Electrolux Dryer Problems

Electrolux dryers are typically good dryers, but they often come with several problems, some of which make them dangerous for your health and safety.

It is important to know how to diagnose the problems and fix them.

Read on to learn about the 5 most common Electrolux problems and how to fix them.

Top 5 Electrolux Dryer Problems You Need To Know

1.     Electrolux Dryer Can Catch Fire Due To Design Flaw

In 2012, a class action lawsuit against Electrolux was proposed due to a fire started by an Electrolux dryer.

Although the plaintiff did not suffer any actual injury, the lawsuit was filed nonetheless since the judge found that the dryer failed to operate normally and required service beyond the norm. As a result, the dryer started a fire.

More so, the State Farm Fire and Casualty Company charged legal action against Electrolux as well.

They sought to recover $12,000,000 paid out to about 200 of its policy holders for fire-related damage, some of which cost more than $300,000.

According to the suit, the Electrolux dryer allows for the buildup of lint in places that are not easily accessed.

More so, there is never a warning about the lint buildup, which causes the owner to not even realize that there is a buildup in the first place.

This then results in the accumulation of lint that causes a fire.

Even if the dryer does not catch on fire, many customers have complained that the dryer overheats and burns clothing.

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Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to this problem. This problem is purely related to the design of the Electrolux and does not include replacing parts.

2.     Lint Build Up In The Blower Wheel

Another common problem that faces Electrolux dryers is that lint builds up in the blower wheel.

The reason for this is that lint is able to get past the filter, causing the dryer to shake and become unserviceable. Luckily, there is a way to fix this issue.

Begin by ordering a new filter from Electrolux.

More specifically, you need to order the Filter Assembly, Lint Clamshell 5304511374, which allows air to enter only through the top.

Before ordering any parts make sure they will fit your model here

This filter is used by the current model dryers that do not have this issue.

You will also need to purchase the Grill Assembly, Lint W/ Moisture Sensor 5304515376.

This is a modified lint housing that includes the same sensor types as the original, but the housing is more effective.

You will replace the original just by unscrewing it from the model and screwing the new housing in.

The main trick, however, is that the connector attached to the new sensor housing is not suitable for all Electrolux dryers.

Disconnect the sensor from the old housing and connect it to the new housing instead.

3.     Dryer Makes A Rumbling Noise

Another common issue of Electrolux dryers is that they make a rumbling noise.

Although this noise does not affect the effectiveness of the dryer, the noise is loud, annoying, and impossible to ignore.

This problem is associated with the previous problem, which is lint buildup in the blower house.

To fix this problem, you can change the lint housing and parts by following the steps listed above.

If you do not want to buy new parts, however, there is another alternative.

Begin by taking off the top panel and setting it aside. Then, remove the front panels by removing the screws under the door, below the dryer, and at the top of the dryer.

Then, disconnect the wiring to the panels so you can completely remove the front panel.

Set the front panel aside. Remove the bulkhead as well after disconnecting the wires and screws.

Look at the wheels and see if there is any damage. Most likely, the wheels are not damaged. Instead, there is likely a lot of lint within the wheels.

Remove all the lint. More so, there is probably a lot of lint around the blower wheel. Remove the lint from the blower wheel.

You should consider using a long screwdriver to remove all the lint. Additionally, remove the lint from the housing duct.

Reassemble the dryer once all the lint has been removed.

4.     Heating Element Burnt Out

Electrolux dryers are also prone to the heating element burning out or grounded. When this happens, you will receive an Error Code E64.

Buy Heating Element Here

This error code makes it easy to detect the problem. It is imperative to fix this problem because your dryer will not heat up or dry clothes properly with An E64 Error Code present.

When this reading comes up, disassemble the dryer, and take out the heating element.

You will probably see that the heating element has collapsed against the sides in some way.

The reason for this collapse is overheating. Well-functioning heating elements include wiring that is right in the middle of the tube, not collapsed.

If the element does not look collapsed but the error code keeps popping up, you will need to use a multimeter to perform a continuity test.

There could be an issue within the unit that is impossible to detect with your eyes.

If the reading is between 0 and 50 ohms of resistance, then the heating element is continuous.

If the reading does not change or only changes a little, then it is not continuous.

If the model is collapsed or the multimeter reading shows that the flow is not continuous, you need to replace the heating element.

Luckily, this is easy to do. All you need to do is buy a completely new heating element and install it in the place of the burnt-out one.

Make sure that the dryer is unplugged before replacing any parts.

5.     Drum Rollers Make A Grinding Noise

Finally, the last common problem of Electrolux dryers is that they make a grinding noise.

More often than not, this grinding noise is either caused by lint or a worn-out drum roller.

Luckily, determining which of these issues is the case involves the same steps.

Take off the top panel and set it aside. Then, remove the front panel.

Do this by unscrewing the screws located under the door, below the dryer, and on top of the dryer.

Also, disconnect the panel wiring to completely remove the front panel. Set the front panel to the side. Remove the bulkhead.

You should have access to the wheels now. Look and see if there is any damage to the roller or if they are worn down.

If you see that one or more of the rollers look damaged, then you need to replace all of the rollers.

If you only replace one roller, then the dryer is likely to make the noise again from the non-replaced rollers wearing down.

You want the rollers to be even to prevent the grinding noise.

Final Thoughts

We hope that is guide has helped you diagnose and fix your Electrolux dryer problem.

Remember to always unplug your dryer before servicing and practice safety precautions whenever necessary.

Additionally, remember to be safe in general. If there is a fire, leave the home and call the fire department immediately.

Reader Comments (85)

  1. We’ve also had the problem of the filter being pulled out into the dryer drum. Any piece of clothing with a thin strap, or something similar, can snag the left edge of the filter and pull it out. It looks like it’s due to the left edge of the filter having a small recessed area that the clothes can fall into. I’m going to have to rig something to cover that edge of the dryer so nothing can snag the filter.

  2. I have an EIED55HIwo Electrolux dryer, it rubs right side of the dryer when running, there is a rub pad on that side ,but its rubbing below it. any idea on problem?

  3. Our dryer is an older model labeled Fridigaire but the plate says Electrolux Model GLE0942CS0 (metal opens on right, not see thru door). It recently started shutting off before the clothes are dry. The menu allows timed drying which works so the assumption is that the moisture sensor is not working properly. I cannot find a repair manual online (the dryer was in the house when we bought it) Do you where I can find a manual or tell me how to troubleshoot the sensor?

  4. I’m having the same problem with the lint trap coming out during the cycle. First time we figured it was our mistake for not pushing the lint trap fully in place (we thought we did). That cost us 2 socks that were caught in the blower. 2nd time it happened I knew we were being careful to make sure the lint trap is fully seated. Lost sock #3. I pulled the front off and placed a screen in front of the blower. The link trap came out again. 3rd time in 3 weekends of drying, but at least I didn’t lose any more clothes. I agree with the flat door glass as a problem. You can see the laundry pile up on the door as the airflow and tumbling action seems to push the clothes there. I’m going to try and film the problem in the act. Definitely not something we should accept on a $1000 dryer (627 model).

    • We’ve had exactly the same problem and many clothes have been ruined. The lint trap becomes dislodged into the clothing and socks and underwear get trapped down in the bowel of where the lint trap should be. I tried right away to have the machine replace and was told it was a cosmetic issue! Yes, a potential fire hazard is cosmetic all right. The dryer is nothing but grief! My husband is currently trying to dislodge another article of clothing that is stuck where the lint trap should be. We should start a class action suit. They know they have a problem with this machine.

      • OMG… we thought it was just a fluke that the dryer lint screen got pulled out of its slot into the dryer at least only one sock got stuck under the drum and were able to finally dislodge it not before cutting up my hand. Electrolux needs to replace the doors with some thing that prevents the clothes from being right up against it. I thought the dryer was not leveled properly that’s why the clothes were up against it.I had a Kenmore elite for 20+ years and never had a problem like this. So disappointed in Electrolux. We were so excited to get it and now feel like a time bomb for a fire hazard.

    • This is happening to me too! Very first time we ever used the dryer it pulled 4 small items into the lint trap and then the machine wouldn’t turn on. Had a tech come out and they advised that you’re supposed to put small items into a laundry bag, which is kind of silly if you ask me.

      • So I have an update. I did capture the problem on video. We noticed loads with lots of socks in them predictably cause the lint trap to pop out. Sure enough a sock catches on the back side of the lint trap and lifts it right out. I’ll contact Electolux ASAP and let’s see what they say.

        Thanks goodness for the screen I installed in front of the blower or we’d be losing a socks every weekend plus an hour of my time to take the unit apart to dig the sock out.

    • same issue. this time sock got lodged in blower wheel and the plastic blower wheel shattered into pieces. awaiting resolution on repair. If I fix blower wheel it will happen again,.. Any suggestions for how to deal with Electrolux

  5. We are having the very same issue. The lint trap comes out and bangs around in the drum! The clothes get sucked into the trap space. We had a service person in and he said he couldn’t fix it. This is so frustrating and I’m concerned this is a fire hazard.

  6. If you have one of these Electrolux dryers check the ENTIRE vent system (vents right out to the outside of your house).
    We’ve had our dryer for 3 years and had no idea there was a problem until it started getting hot to touch and clothes were damp after a full cycle. We started poking around and…the entire venting system was full of lint. We took down all of the vent pipes from the dryer to the outside to clean them out (fortunately our basement isn’t finished so we could access them!). In one section it was so clogged with lint you couldn’t shine a flashlight through it.
    Why is Electrolux not issuing a warning or recall on this? It’s a serious fire hazard.

    • See my post above. I told the rep it was a fire hazard soon after we purchased the machine and it began to destroy our clothing. We’ve now spent as much on lost clothing as we did on the machine. The store that sold it did absolutely NOTHING to mediate the situation. Horrible, horrible product and service.

    • I’m sick over this! The first week I brought the dryer home the belt broke. Now the dryer turns off after a few mins because the lint problem! And.. the lint trap doesn’t fit snug, and clothes get caught on it and ball up! Am I going to have to get rid of this dryer and buy a different brand? I’m so upset! Maybe we need to figure out a class action lawsuit? Anyone know any good lawyers?

  7. Problem on start up , appears the drum motor fails to start up and sits and hums , appears to me a fail in the starting system , I have not dismantled the unit as yet , model EDE 605 , I am a retired Electrician

    • Make sure the drum freely turning by hand. Is yes, Here is what you can try.
      1) Open the door
      2) Press and hold door switch
      3) Press START button (motor should start humming)
      4) Give it a spin to drum by hand clock-wise..
      Will it start and spinning while you holding door switch? If yes, release the door switch. You have a failed motor. “Start Winding” on the motor is burnt or short-circuited, not providing enough power to start a drum.

      • I’m having this same issue except drum does not turn easily and the motor doesn’t always make a noise. Any advice on what it could be?

  8. Hi. I have replaced the lint trap with the parts that you referenced above. I am still getting build up of lint in the blower wheel- I have to take the dryer apart and clean it every 4-6 weeks. Any other thoughts? It seems silly to replace the dryer but it is getting old having to take apart it apart so regularly.


  9. I have model #EFDE317TIW2 for less than 2 years. I have already had to replace the dryer belt twice. The problem is bulky items like towels and throw rugs are getting caught on both sides of the lint trap. Obviously it appears to be a design flow that allows items to get caught in the sides of the lint trap. Any suggestions?

  10. My dryer is less than 2 years old . No matter what the setting, when I turn it on, it runs for 6 seconds and stops. I waded through snow at a depth of 4 feet today to check if the outside vent was covered in snow. It was completely clear. I am a widow and ever time I call the repair company, I end up with a bill of over $250. My old dryer was over 30 years old and I never had a problem. What gives with this crap they sell now for such exorbitant prices?

  11. We have had the same lint in the blower problem – take the unit apart every year. More significant is a “brain” problem that turns the unit on at various times in the day and night. Electrolux has been worthless concerning this issue – “better get it fixed”. This is no minor expense. At present we have to actually unplug the unit between uses. I’ll never buy another Electrolux product because of their lack of customer service and even honesty.

  12. So I have a 10 year old dryer that will work fine on the heavy duty or mixed load settings but the clothes will get way to hot when on the delicate setting (almost like the dryer can not work on low heat). Also when on any setting with an extended tumble when the extended tumble is enabled the dryer starts to make a grinding noise. It seems like the dryer is getting way to hot on those settings. I have replaced the heating element, the blower wheel, and the thermostat in the blower assembly. My vent pipe is also clear of obstructions. Not sure where to turn next?

    • You need to measure temperature on the dryer’s exhaust. It should be in range 160F – 190F. If its high than that, the problem with the cycling thermostat on the heater assembly. But i suspect there is restriction in the vent line

  13. We have this dryer and the lint trap came out once on my and my husband convinced me that I used it as a dryer sheet that time. Glad to know I am not the only one. I was starting to believe him.

    Now we are having an issue where the dryer is basically making the laundry room a steam room. It is starting to ruin the paint on the walls. Any tips on this? We already pulled it out and checked the hoses while it was running. They are all perfect.

    • Steam in the laundry? It is definitely related to a clogged vent line. You need to check vent line from the dryer to the outside.

  14. My dryer belt has failed three times in the past two weeks. Have you heard of this happening before? and do you know the cause? The dryer runs for about fifteen minutes, I smell burning rubber, I go up and check, see the drum is no longer turning, although the machine is still running, so I turn it off. I have tried it on all cycles, to see if that was the problem. I have a whole house warranty so I am stuck with whoever they send, so I’m not sure about the repair person. I have had great ones and not so good ones. This one doesn’t talk much so I can’t get a read on his experience. Please help

    • Did you try to turn the drum clock-wise by hand? Just open the door and try it. Does it turn smoothly? if not, it either idler pulley failed or something preventing drum from turning

  15. my clothes with string keeps getting caught at the right corner of the lint filter, really don’t know what to do.
    Ruining my night gowns, bras and summer dresses with thin strap getting caught at that corner.

    How do I get it fix? I’ve bought a new lint filter but it’s doing the same thing, have to hang a piece of bounce sheet there to prevent my clothes getting caught. So sad, it’s an expensive dryer too.

  16. I have a 2020 electrolux dryer. I love it except for the clean lint comes on when there is just a speck on lint in it. I clean that out and start it over and the same problem. I have to run the clothes on the 20 minute cycle only two time. Can’t use the other dry cycles without having a clean lint problem. What can I do?

  17. I’m having the problem that the lint trap is coming out during the cycle and then clothes are getting sucked into the space where the trap was. Tried replacing the lint trap with a new one. It’s still happening. Trap is definitely getting push down all the way before the cycle begins. Maybe clothes are getting catching on to it and pulling it out. Not sure how to fix this. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Its not normal, for sure. if you already tried to replace with a new lint trap and it didnt help, then replace a whole assembly. Seems like the problem in there… By the way, did you look inside to make sure you don’t have a lint build-up, which may be pushing trap up?

    • I’ve had the same issue, third time happened a few days ago. Dryer is new as of May 2020. I clean the lint after every load so that should not be the issue. Think it is a design flaw of the machine which is frustrating.

      • I have the same problem with model # EFME527UIW1. Technician was just here this morning and stated that there is a design flaw with the straight glass door. Most dryers have a curved window that hangs over the lint trap making it impossible to come out while the door is closed. Another reason why the door should be protruding at the bottom is it directs the clothes to the rear of the dryer. My dryer pushes all the clothes against the door while the back of the dryer is practically empty during the entire drying cycle. Waiting for my sales person to reach out to his Electrolux rep….

      • See my posts and others too. Same issues and it goes on to destroy the clothing, Takes ages to take the thing apart to get the stuck items out. Also, both my husband and daughter cut their hands from the sharp metal. The machine will no doubt cause a fire and the manufacturer is well aware of problems. Unless they can’t read or they do not review customer complaints. To run without lint buildup one has to take the machine apart every month to clean out all the lint as the trap does not get it due to the poor design. The thing is garbage.

    • I’m so glad (well not glad that it’s happening), but glad to know that I’m not the only person who the filter is coming out on. I thought I must be crazy. The filter came out, clothes got sucked in, and now the dryer is basically screaming every time we use it.

      • I have the same problem too. The service technician glued a small (about 2 inch long) piece of foam onto side of the lint filter so that the filter will fit more snugly into its slot.

        That really seems like a band-aid solution – wouldn’t the foam be peeling off after a few times of removing and inserting the filter?

      • My goodness, I had the same issue 4 times in last 6 months. The lint filter drops into the drum mid cycle. Changed the filter twice and even bought a different higher end model, still the same issue, so frustrating.

      • By higher end I meant the higher end dryer itself. Completely surprised how could electrolux take this big risk of keep manufacturing these faulty dryers and wait for some house to catch fire and loose lives.

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