Electrolux Washer Code E42 – Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever gotten a blue screen on your computer? Getting an E42 code on your Electrolux washer is kind of like that. It stops working and you don’t have a clue why it isn’t working and no idea what the code means. It’s a good thing the answer may be more simple than you think. 

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The main problem you are facing with an Electrolux washer code E42 is the door lock device failed. That doesn’t mean you will need to replace the entire door lock system! The problem could be as simple as an obstruction. 

Diagnosing the washer error code yourself is the first step to figuring out whether you need to call a repairman or not. This problem is one of those issues that you may be able to fix yourself unless it involves replacing a lid switch, a locking system, or the main operational board.

What Should You Do With An E42 Code?

When it comes to home repairs and fixing problems, always look to the easiest solution first. It is typically the simplest problem that is the root cause of a repair.

Check for Obstructions

In this case, that would be checking to see if anything is sticking to the lid lock that is preventing the door lock from working. If you see something, clear it and run the washer on a diagnostic cycle to check for other problems. 

Check the Lid Switch

Look to see if the lid switch is broken or damaged. The lid switch is near where the door meets the washer. A small rod will push the lid switch down when it’s closed. A lid switch is the most used part on a washer, takes a lot of abuse, and can break over time. 

A lid switch that looks okay will still need to be tested for continuity. You will need a multimeter to do this. The multimeter needs to be set to the lowest ohms of resistance. A switch that doesn’t get any reading is bad and needs to be replaced.

Replacing a lid switch isn’t challenging. You will need the part, a screwdriver and maybe some pliers. You will need to be able to get to the switch, take off the wiring, and switch it out. 

Be sure to always turn off the water and the power before doing any repair work on your washer. Also, always run a diagnostic cycle after each repair to make sure there aren’t any other issues.

Replace the Lid Lock

Assuming the lid switch is fine, you or your repair person will need to replace your lid lock and the wires attached to it. Once that is done, repeat the diagnostic cycle to see if the error goes away. At this point, this should solve your problem. However, there is a chance you will get the error again in the diagnostic cycle. 

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Replace the Main Control Board

Those who get the error after replacing the lid lock will need to replace the main control board. You will need to run the diagnostic cycle one last time to make sure there aren’t any more errors. 

Fixing an Electrolux Washer

Source: Washer and Dryer repair service

The Electrolux washers don’t normally break down but, like any other washer, could see some issues after years of use. They are designed to remain as simple as they are smart and fixing them isn’t a big problem for appliance repair people. 

You can fix many of the common issues of your Electrolux front load washer yourself with little to no tools. Tools like a screwdriver, clamps, and pliers will be the most you will need for basic repairs. 

Good Housekeeping rates the Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Washer with SmartBoost high on the favorability scale. The magazine named this washer the best one to prevent stains from detergent. 

U.S. News also touts Electrolux washers as being excellent for conserving both energy and water with the washer using only 85 kilowatts an hour in power and between 10 to 15 gallons of water per cycle. That earned this washer the Energy State honor of Most Efficient Clothes Washer for 2021.


How much would repairs cost?

Repairs for this type of error fall on the low end of the cost scale but it would depend on your repairman. Typically, most washing machine repairs cost around $200 after including the service call.

How is the Electrolux washer cleared and reset?

Anyone can easily reset the Electrolux washer. All you need to do to clear the error messages is unplug the washer. Wait between 30 seconds to a minute before plugging it back into the wall outlet.

How do you run a diagnostic mode on an Electrolux washer?

The diagnostic system on an Electrolux washer is easy to run once you gain access to the diagnostic mode. That isn’t hard but it’s best to rest through instructions first as there are time limits to press certain buttons. 

How to Enter the Control Panel?

Press the cancel button but don’t hold it down. Then press any other button within 10 seconds. You’ll then have five seconds to turn the selector knob all the way to the left. 

Next, look for a button on the far left under the display. You will hold that button and the cancel button down at the same time for at least three seconds. The flashing lights on the display will tell you that you are in the diagnostic mode.

All it takes to run diagnostics on this washer is turning the knob clockwise between one and 10 clicks with each additional click testing a different part of the machine. You will notice that water will come out of different places in the washer as these tests continue. That is normal. 

  • ONE – turn the know once clockwise from the start position to test/activate the hot water solenoid.
  • Two clicks will activate the bleach water solenoid and cold water will come through the bleach compartment.
  • Three clicks activate bleach and wash water solenoids and cold water will come through the softener compartment.
  • Four clicks will activate the prewash solenoid and cold water comes through the prewash compartment.
  • Five clicks will deactivate the door lock, allowing the loading door to be opened and the light should come on. Check to make sure the interior lights work.
  • Six clicks will activate the door lock and start the tumbling process, which includes the boost water heater to come on.
  • Seven clicks will activate the drain pump and setting the washer for a high spin. There is no eight click activation.
  • Nine clicks will give you any error codes. E00 means there are no errors. See the end of this article for more error code repair guides.
  • Now, turn the knob 10 clicks from the start position to get the latest software version.

Finally, you will need to return the knob to the start position by turning it clockwise. Press cancel and the far left button again simultaneously and keep pressing until the lights stop flashing.

What if the door lock on my Electrolux washer won’t open?

The door lock will not open if there is water in the machine. That means if you have a draining problem, you will also have a door lock problem. Try running the spin cycle to get all the water out of the washer tub. 

Once all the water is out, try the door again and see if opens.

Some Electrolux washers have problems with the door lock when the display is off. Turn on the washer to check that. Make sure the door lock icon is not showing when you turn on the washer. 

Can I bypass my lid switch?

Yes, there are always ways to bypass a lid switch but this isn’t advisable. Lid switches are meant to start the machine water, tumbling, and other cycles when the doors are closed.

It’s a safety feature to ensure cycles don’t function unless the door is fully closed. 

Those with children or pets will particularly find this safety feature useful as there have been some cases of both crawling into an open washer.

With front-load systems, you don’t want the washer to start until the lid is fully closed because that could amount to a mess on the floor.

However, some people wish to bypass the lid switch if it is bad and they can’t replace it right away. You can do this by pressing something, like a piece of plastic, into the lid sensor to permanently engage the activation behind the sensor.


This shouldn’t be a permanent solution. Lid switches are cheap and easy to fix and won’t take a repairman long to do it. 


Door locks and lid switches are some of the typical problems a washer will have over the years of use. These are problems that are routine and easy to fix. They won’t cost a lot of money either, even if you do call a repairman, because parts aren’t expensive. 

Learning how to diagnose and even fix some basic issues with your Electrolux washer now will save you aggravation when a problem actually happens.

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