Electrolux Washer Code E13 – Troubleshooting Guide

Electrolux washer code E13 means water has leaked and is in the tray. You always want your washing machine to work well. After all, there are probably about five loads of clothes that must be done before the weekend. Let’s explore code E13 and how to fix it.

Repair guides for other common error codes are linked to the bottom of this article.

Every code means something and this Electrolux washer code E13 means water has leaked and is in the tray. It could be a bad hose, a pressure sensor, a switch, a problem with the main board, bad wires that short circuit the appliance, and even a crack in the tub. 

What Should Be the First Thing I do?

Check the Washer Tub

Those who overload washers will find it will take more take to fix problems that overloading causes than the time they save in doing an extra load. Be sure your washer isn’t overloaded. 

Source: Onsitego

Sometimes, an overstuffed washer tub will result in water sloshing outside the tub and falling into the tray. 

Those who have had a washer for a long time and have put it through heavy use will occasionally get a crack in the tub. You will need to pull the laundry out of the tub, put them aside in a waterproof basket to get a good look at the tub. 

If you can’t see because of water or detergent, you are going to need to drain the tub. You can do that by either putting the washer on a drain cycle or by force draining the tub. As long as your washer isn’t giving you any other problems, try putting it on a drain cycle.

Be sure to watch to see how the water drains, whether some leaks, and where it is coming from.

However, it could be the code has stopped your washer from operating at all. In that case, you will need to force drain it.

Once all the water is out of the tub, use a flashlight and look closely for any cracks. Call a repairman if you spot a crack. The tub will need to be replaced. 

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Look at the Drain Hose


A drain hose should be 8 inches or less into the standing pipe. Check that to make sure it is placed correctly. Look for any twists or kinks and correct them if you see them. 

Check the Air Tube

There are times where the air tub wiggles out of its connection. It can twist and kink up too, so it’s good to check those. 

Air tubes can also get blocked. They are attached to the pressure sensor. You should disconnect the tubes, blow into them to ensure there isn’t anything blocking them. 

Any problem you find so far could be your problem. If the hoses or air tubs are problematic, either replace them or repair them and then run the washer through the diagnostic cycle to find any further errors.

Larger Problem Areas to Inspect

Those who don’t find any problems at this point in their inspection can assume the problem is going to be either in the pressure sensor or the main control board. You will need to check the frequency of the pressure sensor. For that, you will need to pull out the main control board. 

The control panel is on the machine’s top. You will need a screwdriver to remove the screws on the panel and you must also take off the plastic ends caps on the panel. Pull the panel up while lifting it out.

The pressure sensor should have a frequency between 44.5 Hz and 45 Hz. You can check the frequency with a digital manometer. 

You will need to measure the frequency on the pressure sensor wiring connector. It’s on the main control board and should be checked when the washer is running with an empty tub. 

A frequency that doesn’t fall within the required range means your pressure sensor needs replacing. Get it replaced and then run your washer on a diagnostic cycle to see if there are any other problems. 

A normal pressure sensor frequency means the problem lies with your main control board. Get your repairman to replace that and then run the diagnostic cycle to check for more errors

What to Know About Electrolux?

The Electrolux front load washer always received praise from consumer groups and others. Good Housekeeping picked the Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Washer with SmartBoost as the best washing machine to prevent detergent stains. 

Additionally, Consumer Affairs used more than 3 million reviews to give the Electrolux washer a high overall satisfaction rating with most in the 3,4,5-star category. 

Electrolux washers were designed with water and energy conservation in mind. It saves on both using only 10 to 15 gallons of water per cycle compared to 40 gallons per cycle than standard washers use. It uses only 85 kilowatts an hour in energy, earning the Electrolux washer the Energy State honor of 2021’s Most Efficient Clothes Washer.


How much would it cost to fix an E13 code?

Source: City Support

It’s hard to tell an exact cost because the final price depends on exactly what is causing the leaking problem. However, most experts state that the average price of fixing a washing machine falls around $200. 

The Electrolux washer is fairly easy to fix and parts, including the pressure sensor and even the main control board, are simple to replace. It’s a matter of disconnecting wires and reconnecting them to new parts. You may be able to fix those things yourself if you are handy and have some tools. 

Those who aren’t confident in their handyman skills should call a repairman. 

How do I reset the Electrolux washer?

You can clear and reset the Electrolux washer by unplugging it, waiting more than 30 seconds, and plugging it back into the wall outlet. The error code will no longer be displayed.

How do I run the diagnostic mode on the Electrolux washer?

Running the diagnostic mode can be a little confusing at first, especially if this is the first time you’ve tried it. Once you learn how to enter diagnostic mode, running the cycle is easy. It’s just a matter of turning the program knob to a certain number of clicks. 

Entering the Control Panel

Press the cancel button. Then, press any other button. You must turn the selector knob to the far left within five seconds. There is a button on the far left under the display. You must press that along with the cancel button at the same time and hold them both for three seconds. 

Your washer’s display will now produce flashing lights and it may beep. That is normal. It is notifying you that you are now in diagnostic mode.

Now that you are in the diagnostic mode, you turn the program knob to different numbers of clicks to test the washer’s various parts.

Diagnostic Mode Guide:

  • One click tests the hot water solenoid.
  • Two clicks tests the bleach water solenoid.
  • Three tests water and bleach solenoids.
  • Four tests the solenoid for prewash.
  • Five opens the front door. Open it to make sure the light comes on.
  • Six resets the door lock. Now the heater will activate and tumbling will began.
  • Seven tests the drain pump. High spin will start.
  • Nine clicks will show you all the error codes that are affecting your washer’s function. An E00 will tell you there are no problems. Be sure to write down all codes for your repairman. Several Error code guides are linked to the bottom of this article.
  • You will get the latest software if you turn the knob 10 clicks. 

Once you have completed running through the entire diagnostic cycle, put the knob back in the starting position. Press the far left button and cancel again together and keep pressing until the lights quit flashing.

How to force the Electrolux washer to drain? 

You can drain the water from your washer with a large bucket, a stool, and some time to do it. Put the bucket near the washer and get comfortable on the stool. Wiggle the drain hose from the pipe and hold it upward until you are ready to pour the water from it into the bucket. Lower the hose to the bucket and gravity will do the work. 

If you find your bucket is getting full before the washer basin is empty, put the hose back on the washer pipe and empty the water. Then repeat the process.

Be sure to always lower the hose as you go so that it is always lower than the water level in the washer to keep gravity working for you.


Electrolux washers may be the smart washers of this modern age but things can still happen over time. That is particularly true if you put it to a lot of use. Fortunately, they aren’t so high-tech that you can’t diagnose and fix some things yourself. 

This brand of washer is designed to be user-friendly in diagnosis and repairs. That will be user-friendly on your repair costs as well.

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