Electrolux Washer Code E11 – Troubleshooting Guide

The Electrolux brand machines are part of an evolution of technology that continues with “smart” features that mean less work for those using them. Error codes occasionally come up to warn you of problems with the machine.

Don’t be overly concerned. Most of the problems associated with these codes are pretty simple to fix once you understand what the code means. In fact, you’ll find that you can fix many of these issues yourself with few tools and a little bit of time.

Sometimes even the best machines have error codes. The Electrolux washer code E11 comes with a beep and a flash. This code means the washer took too long to fill.  It could be one of three problems. Either the machine isn’t filling with water, or won’t fill with enough water, or it has a draining issue. 

The code can also be an E10 or C1 code, depending on which model you have. These codes apply to the standard washer, a top-loading washing machine, or a washer-dryer combination. 

What Causes These Problems? Code E11

Multiple reasons exist why you are experiencing these problems with your washer. They include:

  • The water tap is closed.
  • Your water pressure is too low.
  • The drain hose isn’t in the correct position or isn’t at the correct height.
  • The inlet hose valve filter is dirty.
  • The drain pump and filter need cleaning.
  • The drain is blocked.
  • The air tube is kinked.
  • You used too much detergent.
  • The pressure sensor is defective.
  • The inlet valve is defective

The good news is most of these things can be fixed without calling a repairman and all are pretty cheap to resolve. Fixing them doesn’t require a lot of tools or special knowledge, but will require a little thought and patient. 

About Electrolux Washers

Electrolux washers have routinely gotten good reviews from consumer groups and are considered to be one of the best washers tested. It has excellent performance under testing and is easy to use.

That means there isn’t anything significantly wrong with your washer so most error costs will be easy to fix by you or your repairman.

What Can I Do to Fix My Washer?

Whenever you want to fix a mechanical problem, you always take the easiest and obvious possible problem first and work your way to the more difficult replacement parts. With this washer, the first thing you do is check your water tap. 

Checking the Water Tap

Turn on a faucet near your laundry room and see if the pressure is low. Low pressure throughout the house may be either a water leak issue or a problem at the water department. 

Assuming your pressure is good, turn off the tap to the washer and take off the inlet hose.

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Put a bucket under the tap and turn it on. You should be able to fill a 2.5 gallon (10-liter) bucket in one minute. 

Check Your Drain Hose

Sometimes, a drain hose can change position, become kinked, or isn’t set at the correct height. Check your user manual for the correct length of the extension and correct height but generally, the drain needs to be between 24 inches (60 cm) and 40 inches ()100 cm above the machine base.

The inlet hose or air tube can also become kinked, so check them too.

Clean the Water Valve Filter

This is located where the inlet hose is attached to the washing machine. It is next to the tap. You can clean it with a small brush, like an old toothbrush.

Clean the Pump and Its filter.

Washing machine pumps, the pump blade, and the fluff filter can become clogged so they all need to be cleaned. You can sometimes rotate the pump blade with a pencil if it is visible to get to the filter. The instruction manual for your washer should have instructions on how to clean this part of your machine. 

Check for Drain Blockage

To do this, do a small wash using only water and no detergent or clothes. Put the drain hose in a bucket or sink to see if it’s properly draining. 

If water has leaked and is in the tray, read Electrolux Washer Code E13 Troubleshooting guide.

Check Air Tube for Blockage

The air tube is connected to the pressure sensor. Those who are handy can easily disconnect it and blow it into the air tube to make sure it isn’t blocked. Reconnect to pressure sensor.

Use Less Detergent

electrolux washer

Source: Visat Detergent

One unusual cause of a drainage problem could be the amount of detergent used. This is particularly true if you use a powder. An abundance of detergent creates too much foam and that can bloc the water level system. The system then senses there is water and won’t allow anymore to fill the bowl.

When to Call a Repairman for E11 code

It may be time to call a repairman to look at the pressure sensor or inlet valve if none of what you’ve done works to fix the problem. It’s great if one of the mentioned methods resolves the problem! However, you will need to reset the washer to eliminate the error code if you find one of the more common solutions fixes the problem. 

You should test the pressure sensor before calling a repairman to see if it is faulty.

Easy Way to Check the Pressure Sensor

A pressure sensor like this should have a frequency between 44.5 Hz and 45 Hz. You may not have a machine to test that but there is an easy way to see if the problem is the pressure sensor. 

Start filling the basin with water. Then unplug the washer. Watch to see if the water stopping filling. If it did, the pressure sensor needs replacing. 

If it didn’t, then you will need to run a diagnostic cycle to see what other problems you may have.

FAQ for Electrolux Washing Machine codes

How do I reset an Electrolux washer?

Resetting your washer to eliminate the code is simple. Just unplug it and wait 30 seconds to a minute before plugging it back in. The code should disappear.

How do I run diagnostic mode on an Electrolux washer?

Getting into the diagnostic mode is slightly complicated but easy to operate once you are in the mode. Here are the instructions to run a diagnostic cycle on your Electrolux washer:

  • Press and the Cancel button, then press any other button. This allows you to enter the control.
  • Turn the selector know t the far left cycle within five seconds of entering the control board.
  • Press and hold the cancel button and the far left button, found under the display, at the same time for three seconds.
  • Now you are in diagnostic mode. Lights will flash on the display.
  • Turn the program know once clockwise from the start position to activate the hot water solenoid.
  • Two clicks will activate the bleach water solenoid and cold water will come through the bleach compartment.
  • Three clicks activate bleach and wash water solenoids and cold water will come through the softener compartment.
  • Four clicks will activate the prewash solenoid and cold water comes through the prewash compartment.
  • Five clicks will deactivate the door lock, allowing the loading door to be opened and the light should come on.
  • Six clicks will activate the door lock and start the tumbling process, which includes the boost heater to come on.
  • Seven clicks will activate the drain pump and setting the washer for a high spin.
  • Nine clicks will give you any error codes. E00 means there are no errors.
  • Now, turn the knob 10 clicks from the start position to get the latest software version.
  • Turn the knob clockwise to the start position. Cancel and the far left button at the same time and hold until the lights stop flashing. 

Tell your repairman of any error codes that pop up.

How to force an Electrolux washer to drain? 

Forcing your washer to drain is pretty simple. Get a large bucket and then disconnect the drain hose from the pipe. It should wiggle loose. Keep it up in the area until you are ready to dump the water into the bucket. Lower the hose below the basin’s water level and let gravity do the rest. 

If you have to stop to empty the bucket, just put the hose back on the drainpipe until you are ready again. You will need to hold the hose lower as the basin empties since you are depending on gravity to do the work.

Error code E42? Read about Electrolux washer Doorlock Device Fails.

Conclusion: Error Codes Electrolux

Knowing how to run a diagnostic test on your Electrolux washer is handy, especially if you have an error code. Understanding some of the basic issues that can pop up with your washer and how to remedy them will keep your wallet in check

Owning a “smart” washer that can send an error code shouldn’t intimidate you. Some of the same problems can affect both older and newer washer models. You just have to think through the process to figure out a solution.

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  1. Same here. Replaced a Maytag that was working perfectly – because I needed a new dryer. Now the Electrolux is sending an E11 error code and the installer will not come back to remedy it.

    • My washer is 2 yrs old & E11 code came up 5 wks ago. Repairman has been here 3 times, replaced panel & pressure sensor & still not working. So frustrating!!!

  2. Electrolux front loading washing machines have so many problems. there are no qualified service people in most areas of the USA! I spent over $1,000.00 last September 2020. In September 2021 the washing machine began have a multitude of problems. I regret buying this Electrolux washing machine.

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