Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code – Troubleshooting Guide

Dehumidifiers can help regulate the air so that everyone breathes comfortably. Frigidaire, known for its refrigeration appliances, is a name brand. so it may be troublesome when the f0 error comes up. 

The Frigidaire dehumidifier f0 code could mean several things. The basic meaning is the machine is failing to operate. The code doesn’t tell you why it isn’t operating. However, the problem probably lies in either the voltage or the temperature surrounding the machine. It could also be a a lack of refrigerate, a sensor, failed humidistat or some other faulty part.

Read further to find out more about how to fix this issue. 

How a Dehumidifier Works?

Dehumidifiers use a refrigeration system to cool air drawn from the surrounding area and over a coil. This system removes the excess moisture from the area and that makes you more comfortable. 

People tend to feel uncomfortable and find it harder to breathe in humid conditions. The relative humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent in a room that is 68 degrees. When it’s higher than that, you start to feel sticky. A dehumidifier replaces that humid area with cooler, dryer air. 

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The Parts of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a simple machine, no matter which brand you own. Its main parts are a fan compressor, a reheater, compressor cooling coils, and a reservoir. 

The fan compressors work on a refrigerant gas to cool the coils, like an air conditioner. Most of the time, this refrigerant gas is freon. The reheater collects the heat produced in the cooling process. 

The coils pull humidity from the air. Moisture is collected on the coils. The reservoir collects water created as it’s drawn from the air as it drips from the coils. The dehumidifier then pushes the air back into the room. 

There are other parts like a thermistor, a humidistat, and a control board that help message when to operate, how to operate, and function. If any of these parts fail, you could get this error code.

Checking Your Power Supply

Understanding that there are only limited basic parts involved with a dehumidifier, the problem can only be a couple of things. The first thing that could be causing the f0 error is the voltage. 

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Dehumidifiers require a certain amount of power to work properly. The outlet where you are using the machine should be a 115V-10% outlet. You may want to check your outlet to make sure it has enough power running through it. 

One of the big problems with humidifiers is people don’t always plug them directly into an outlet. They are trying to adjust them for someone with health issues like a child or spouse, so many times people use extension cords or power bars to provide current to the dehumidifier. 

This may be the source of your problem. The problem may not be with the outlet at all. It may be how you are trying to power the machine. 

Check the Temperature

Dehumidifiers only work in certain conditions and one of those is temperature. The room temperature should be between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A dehumidifier won’t work properly when it’s near freezing in a room because the refrigeration is affected. 

It also won’t work when the temperatures are above 90 degrees. While a dehumidifier will make the room slightly cooler, it isn’t an air conditioner and will struggle when a room is too warm for it to properly cool down air to collect moisture. 

Resetting Your Humidifier

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this error code because it takes a licensed service technician to fix parts like the humidistat, compressor, or thermistor. You can reset the unit to see if that clears the code. 

Resetting your Frigidaire is easy. You just unplug it from the outlet, wait five minutes, and plug it back in. This will reset the components and should erase the error code. Reset the controls and press start to see if the dehumidifier runs normally or if the error persists. 

What To Do If Error Continues?

You can check some parts like the sensor to do a diagnostics yourself. If the error pops up on the display again, contact an Authorized Frigidaire Service Center. You can start by calling the support center number that should be listed in your owner’s manual. 

You will also want to pull your warranty information in case the repair is covered by the warranty. The repair may be completely covered if your dehumidifier is new enough.

Can I test parts to see if any are the problem?

You can use a multimeter to test parts like the humidistat for continuity. The humidistat would be a common problem with an f0 error reading. The dehumidifier will fail to run if the moisture level in the air is so high that it causes the contacts in the humidistat to close. 

The machine will not run if this happens. You will need to replace the humidistat if it doesn’t have continuity.

Can you recharge a dehumidifier?

Yes, you can add coolant or refrigerate to recharge a humidifier. One of the problems the f0 code may be indicating is the machine is low on refrigerate. This is like adding the product to a refrigerator or air conditioning unit.

The only problem is that refrigerates like freon are highly regulated so they are hard to get. They are also expensive. You will need an Authorized Frigidaire Service Center to do the recharge.

Why does my Frigidaire dehumidifier keep shutting off?

It could be that the sensor isn’t ready the humidity level properly. Humidity starts setting in the unit.

This will lead to the machine shutting down before reaching the right moisture level in the air. A dehumidifier that also has a thermistor that works paired with the sensor could have a faulty thermistor too. 

How do I know if my dehumidifier compressor is working?

Some dehumidifiers have indicator lights that confirm the compressor is working. Check that. Also, listen for the blower. A blower that constantly runs could be a sign the compressor isn’t functioning well. 

What happens if the compressor is failing?

A compressor can overheat if it’s struggling to work or if the coils become chilled by heavy frost. Many dehumidifiers have an overload switch that shuts off the compressor to protect it from damage. 

How much would repairs cost?

It depends on the exact repair but most dehumidifier repairs will cost between $50 to $200. While you can troubleshoot some things on your own, an HVAC technician should work on complex issues. 

What are some common problems with dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifiers typically have issues like freezing up, drain line clogs, dirty coils, and component failure. 

Could my f0 problem be related to my unit freezing up?

This could be one of the issues affecting your machine and causing the f0 problem.  Freezing can happen if you are constantly running it hard or have it in an area that is colder than 41 degrees.

When you run a dehumidifier or air conditioner too hard, condensation could freeze on the coils.

You can fix this problem yourself. Simply turn off and unplug the machine for a few hours and try restarting it. The coils may function again once they’ve thawed.

The Lifespan of a Dehumidifier

Most dehumidifiers last between five and 10 years. Brand models like what Frigedair produces tend to last 10 years or maybe more. More expensive models also tend to be more durable than cheaper brands.

Reader Comments (2)

  1. My 50 pint per day Frigidaire dehumidifier stopped working after five years of operation and displayed the f0 code. The operating voltage and room temperature are both within the manufacturer’s specifications. I contacted Frigidaire Service at 800-954-9044 as directed in the “Use and Care” manual and was given the phone number of the nearest authorized Frigidaire repair center. The technician at the repair center informed me they do not repair their dehumidifiers as Frigidaire makes no repair parts available and assumes your only recourse is to replace the unit. When asked about the F0 code he did not know what it meant. I am now in the process of selecting and purchasing a new unit. I was considering a GE Energy Star dehumidifier but like Frigidaire they also do not repair their dehumidifiers. Disappointed !

  2. I have a Frigidaire Dehumidifier that is about 7 years old. It stops running and I get an EC code on the display. I have it set up for continuous draining, so the tank should not be filling up. What does that mean and is this fixable. Or should I just plan to replace the unit.


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