Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes Explained

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This is a guide on what Frigidaire Dishwasher error codes are and what they mean.

There are quite a few of them that are more common than others, but this will show a good portion of them and how you can fix them.

The codes stand for things that are possibly wrong with the dishwasher so that it is easier to get it fixed or to know if it is even fixable by you.

Here is a list of Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

1. Error Code HO:

This code stands for what is called heat delay, or low water temperature. It is very simple and just means that the water temperature needs to rise before the cycle can start.

2. Error Code LO:

LO stands for low rinse aid, and this is another simple one that tells you that you need to refill the rinse aid dispenser so that it can perform at its highest level.

3. Error Code PF:

This one stands for power failure. This will happen when there is a power outage, or a breaker goes off. To fix this error code try opening and closing the dishwasher door to reset the cycle.

4. Error Code i10:

This code will pop up when the water level is abnormally low for some reason. If this pops up check to see if there is any leaks or clogs in the water supply line.

5. Error Codes i20, i40, iFo:

These all mean the same things. The drain line is restricted, so what you need to do is check the drain line for any holes, kinks or clogs. It is also recommended to check the filter as well and clean them if need be.

6. Error Code i30:

When the i30 error pops up it is saying that the bottom pan has a leak to it. So, what you will need to do is check the hose connections and make sure that the unit is level, so the water goes where it needs to go.

7. Error Code i50:

This one is drain or wash motor failure. What you need to do when this shows up is to restart the unit. This will either mean pressing and holding the cancel button or completely turning off the power at the breaker.

8. Error Code iCo:

Electronic control system failure. The solution for this one is going to be the same as the i5o error. Either restart by pressing and holding the cancel button or completely shutting of the power at the breaker.

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9. Error Code UO:

This one is saying that the vent is open. When this pops up the first thing to do is to check the vent assembly and wiring to make sure that everything is in correct order.

10. Error Code UF:

Vent failure or the fan is not running. Same thing as UO you want to check the vent assembly, wiring, and replace the vent fan in order to get it running again.

11. Error Code ER:

Membrane Switch Failure/Stuck keys. This will happen when one of the keys is throwing the wrong signals. Check to make sure that the wiring between the keypad and main control board is in working order.

12. Error Code CE:

Configuration Error. Just like the ER error code the fix for this one is to check the wiring between the keypad and main control board as well.

13. Error Code CL:

This one stands for Close door or the door switch is open. Check all the door switches to make sure that they are not broken or damaged in any way. Once you have checked those then check the connection between the door switches and the main control board.

14. Error Code dP:

This one means drain pump. This one will pop up when you are doing a relay test and the drain pump activates.

15. Error Code FL:

Water valve open. Once again this is going to mostly be seen when you are doing a relay test. This one lets you know when the water valve is activated during the test.

16. Error Code Hs:

Hall Sensor Error. This is an error code for the motor. The way to deal with this is to check the wiring between the motor and the main control board. The next step would be to replace the motor if needed.

17. Error Code rA:

Rinse Aid Reed Switch Failure. The first thing to do is refill the rinse aid dispenser and check to see if the error code went away. If the code is still there, then the next step will be to check the wiring between the dispenser and the main control board. If more is needed after that then replace the whole dispenser assembly.

18. Error Code RE:

Rinse Aid Reed Switch. This is telling you that the rinse aid reed switch within the dispenser is closed.

19. Error Code RF:

This is another error code for the rinse aid reed switch. This one however stands for the rinse aid reed switch is open. Refill the dispenser and if that does not work replace the dispenser assembly.

20. Error Code Rt:

This is the relay/ triac test. This will pop up when you begin the relay test mode on the dishwasher.

21. Error Code Sd:

Sd stands for detergent dispenser and will pop up because the dishwasher is in relay test mode and the detergent dispenser has been activated.

22. Error Code Tu:

Turbidity Sensor Failure. This one will pop up if the sensor has failed and what you will need to do first is to check the wiring between the turbidity sensor and the main control board. Then replace the turbidity sensor if that is what is needed.

23. Error Code i60:

This one is an error stating that there was a problem found within the water heating system of the dishwasher. If this pops up restart the machine by pressing the cancel button or cut power to the machine at the breaker so that it completely resets.

24. Error Code UL:

This one is a relay test code that will pop up when the UL test is activated.

Often the most common problem that you will run into will be power failure, this is under the PF code.

This one will pop on if there is a 10% or more power drop to the appliance.

With this one if it is happening more and more often check that the voltage going to the machine is what it needs to run properly.

The second most common one is going to be the HO code, and this is very common when you have an old dishwasher.

This one pops up when the water is taking a long time to heat up. A good trick to help stop this is to turn on the hot water before starting the dishwasher to make sure that all the cold water is flushed out of the lines first.

The final most common one is going to be the LO error code. This one pops up when the rinse aid dispenser needs to be refilled.

It is the easiest one to fix as you simply just add more rinse aid and then start the cycle up again.

There may be more codes than these as things like dishwashers are coming out with new models all the time. However, these are the most common ones that you will find among all of them.

If there is an error code that is not on the list, contact Frigidaire for more information on what it could possibly be and how they can help get it fixed for you.

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Reader Comments (86)

  1. Because it dehumidifies faster, a 70 pint dehumidifier needs to run for a much shorter period of time than smaller capacity dehumidifiers to dehumidify any size space under any conditions.

  2. I am having a FGID 2476 SF7A Dishwasher installed in Dec 2020. Periodically, the wash cycle will stop (the solid blue light will start to blink, and dishwasher stops making noises). An error code of i25 shows up – this is not listed in any of the error code tables. Are you familiar with this code?
    If I press and hold Start, it sets the time back to 125 minutes; pressing and holding Start again will tell me to close the door. The dishwasher then resumes operation until complete.
    The stop/error code does not seem to be consistent. It does not happen all of the time, but does happen at least a few times a week+.
    Any Thoughts?

  3. My Fridgidaire dishwasher is Noe emptying properly, and is showing PF code. We have tried turning off power, holding in start cancel switch, but still not working. Model # PLDS999CC0

  4. I have a Frigidaire dishwasher model: FGID2466QF7A.
    The light indication on the user interface were dark.
    Pressing buttons seemed to do nothing.
    If I cycle power; 188 is displayed on the display and most LEDs are illuminated.
    The Start button causes the stat LED to flash for about 3 seconds and then the display goes dark.
    If I press the option button 199 is displayed but the it goes through the same process, Start LED flashes for about 3 seconds and the LEDs on the display go dark.
    Have you seen these symptoms before?

    • I can tell you it’s not the Control Board.
      The 188 I believe is not an error code, but a start-up check number indicating what it should be doing.

      So if I figure out what 188 is supposed to be… that item is my problem.

    • It’s the damn door lock sensor.

      I don’t even recall how I stumbled on this. I think I was just looking at all the individual electronic sensors.

      First and closest is the lock. “Well this don’t make sense? It looks like it’s tripped already.” Manually cycled the the plunger being held back by the two coil springs…
      The LED indicators light up.
      Running a test now and it seems to work fine.
      I’ll button her up and let my wife give me her opinion.

      • Hi Ron,
        My dishwasher is giving the same codes. I can’t quite follow what you did here to clear it. Did you need to remove the panel and move the switch, or were you able to do this without disassembling? Thanks!

  5. Hi Eugene, I have a Frigidaire dishwasher that errors out just about every cycle with 65 min left as a drain blocked error code I20. I’ve disconnected the drain line under the sink and verified it’s discharging fine into a bowl and I’ve removed and reinstalled the unit to make sure the drain line isn’t kinked. I’ve also made sure the filter is clean and still get the code. Any ideas?



  6. I have model FFBD1831US 18” built in. The display shows a 4 on the right and half of a vertical bar on the left. Is that I4 code? Pressing buttons doesn’t do anything. I turned off breaker for a few mins, when turn on the washer makes noise like it’s running with 4 in display and then stops running and code stays. Any idea how to fix?

  7. The power went off. Later I opened the dishwasher. Now I can’t get it closed properly. The latch isn’t in the correct position since it didn’t go through the full cycle? It was showing PF code but no longer. I think I should have restarted it instead of opening door.

  8. I get error message “washing drying Er clean S” . Do you know how to fix? Turning off power for 10 minutes did not fix. Thank you.

  9. I noticed that after running the Water/Service Test on my Frigidaire dishwasher model FGHD2465NF1A some of the expected LEDs did not turn on and after ending the last test step the Clean/Sanitize LED does not go away even after opening the door as the documentation states. The appliance has been turning itself on lately or just stopping after 15-20m of starting a washing cycle, it has also had the “rA” error but the rinse level is just fine. Just before the service test it was showing an “HS”. It looks like many things are failing within a very short period of time. It looks to me like the control board just went kaput. Is there any test I can run to have a better idea if this part is really the culprit before getting one and spending almost $200 that might not fix the issue?

    • For me it sounds like problem with the main control board. Check paper service manual for your model: 1) Behind bottom kickplate 2)On the inner side on the front panel (metal panel where handle attached to) By the way, did you try to flip the breaker OFF/ON?

  10. Frigidaire Gallery model FGHD2465NF 1a I am receiving a code “PL” I was given this dish washer and told it was throwing an “error code” the owner said he could reset it and it would continue to work properly.
    That is all the info I have at this time. I cannot find the above code on any list.
    Do you have any suggestions as to want to check?

      • Mr Smith,

        The “PL” code was incorrect.
        The correct code that appears is “Washing/drying “ER” cleaning “S”.
        This appears a few minutes into any cycle I try to run. The “rinse only” light is flashing on & off also.
        I was given this dishwasher so I don’t have any history other that what I have stated above.
        Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

      • did you find out what the code s means ,i have the same one , if you find out pls let me know ,the touch pad is 300.

  11. Hi Eugene, I have a model FGID2476SF dishwasher, 15 months old, that since about one month instead of shining a green light on the floor at the end of the wash cycle shows the blue light flashing twice at 5 sec interval. The wash cycle is normal. It looks like an error code but what does it mean?

    • better to run diagnostic mode and see what kind of errors stored in the memory. Check kickplate of your dishwasher, there should be service manual


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