LG Dishwasher OE Code – 3 Causes and expert fixes

The LG dishwasher error code OE is one that many owners will experience at some point in time or another. These are the solutions to repair it.

OE Error Code Simply Means Water isn’t Draining

The OE error on your LG dishwasher indicates the water in the dishwasher isn’t properly draining from the appliance during the operation cycles. There may be a clog in the filter system, the waste spigot may be clogged, or there is a drainage problem with the dishwasher.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to turn off the machine so you can check the parts for possible solutions. You’ll need to check each of the following systems for clogs or restrictions.

  • Filter system
  • Waste spigot
  • Drain hoses and drain pump

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Check the Filters in your LG Dishwasher

If the filters are clogged, you’ll want to clean them to remove food and debris which has piled up. Food residue can get stuck in the filters over time. Especially if you use the dishwasher regularly.

This can cause the drainage to get backed up, which will in turn lead to the OE error code.

LG dishwasher

To check the filters, remove the bottom rack of your dishwasher and turn the spray arms until they’re out of the way so you can reach the filters sitting below it.

Clogged or Kinked Drain Hose

There might also be a clogged or kinked drain hose. If this is the problem, you can check the drain lines and if they are kinked, just straighten them out.

If they are frozen, this might require allowing the dishwasher to sit, unplugged for some time, until the lines thaw out.

Simply straightening out the drain hose will often allow the water to begin flowing normally when the dishwasher operates.

If this was causing the error, you should notice the code will go away next time you plug in the machine to restart it.

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When pushing the dishwasher back into place, make sure you hold onto the drain hose.

This will help prevent it from kinking when you push the machine back into its compartment below the counters.

You’ll want to take your time moving the dishwasher back into its compartment (housing area), especially if you are dealing with a longer hose that will sit below it.

If it kinks when you’re pushing the dishwasher back into place, you’re eventually going to have the same OE error code issue in the near future.

So, work slowly as you’re pushing the dishwasher back into its compartment, in order to avoid this issue from reoccurring in the future.

Spigot Clog

Another solution to fixing the LG dishwasher error code OE is to check if there are any clogs in the spigot.

Remove the knock out plug from the spigot with a hammer (or another forceful object).

Make sure that the plastic debris isn’t stuck inside the spigot, as this will not allow you to check further for any clogs or items which might have gotten stuck with regular use.

Using a hammer and screwdriver, you can force any items that are dislodged in the spigot out with the exertion you’re applying inward.

Test the Drain Pump

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You might also need to check the drain pump to see if it is operating normally.

To do this you’ll press the power button to turn the dishwasher on and press the spin key until you turn it to the highest speed setting on your LG dishwasher (this might vary based upon the model you own).

You’ll then press the start/pause button on the dishwasher, which will begin the spin only cycle.

If you hear a humming sound while you are performing this test, it is an indicator that your drain pump motor is no longer working how it should.

This will lead to the water back ups, and the dishwasher’s inability to properly drain the water.

If there’s a hum, clean out the drain pump filter and run your dishwasher on a tub clean cycle.

If the problem was a clog in the drain pump, this might resolve it.

If the motor has died, it might require a replacement part in order to get your LG dishwasher to operate once again.

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