LG Dryer Error Code D80 D90 D95 – How To Fix It?

LG dryers are known for being superior appliances. Not only are they nice to look at, but they are smart dryers.

In fact, they are so smart that they will tell you exactly what type of malfunction they’re having through the use of error codes.

While no one wants an error code to pop up, they are convenient because all you have to do is decipher what it means and make the repair.

Today we will discuss LG dryer codes d80, d90, and 95. We’ll explain what each code means, and how to fix them.

What Does Flow Sense or d80, d90, or d95 Error Codes Mean?

The Control panel on your LG dryer displays 4 bars illuminated by Flow Sense.

D80, D90, D95 error codes on LG dryer indicate poor airflow caused by lint restriction in the vent line or flexible vent hose. A higher number, let’s say D90 – higher restriction.

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This can result in your dryer shutting down to avoid overheating which can pose a fire risk.

Flow Sense: How it Works and What Causes the Errors

Approximately 80% of residential home fires in North America begin inside a dryer. The main cause of dryer fires can be one of several things:

  1. The exhaust vent for the dryer duct is too long, has too many elbows, or is simply too clogged with lint.
  2. The hose is crushed, constricted, or clogged with moisture and lint which is preventing proper airflow from the dryer.
  3.  The vent cap located outside your home is clogged with lint. This means an accumulation of lint is backing up through the dryer vent and is collecting inside your dryer.

Troubleshooting Flow Sense Errors on Your LG Dryer

When the Flow Sense indicator begins to show a problem with or without the error codes d80, d90, or d95, it’s important to not only check your dryer vent, but completely clean it as well.

The cleaning process includes the vent beginning on the back of your machine, and goes all the way to the cap or hood vent outside your home.

You’ll want to be sure to check outside to see exactly how little or how much airflow there actually is.

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When your home is equipped with a louvered vent cap, good airflow is signified by the flaps being nearly parallel to the ground below.

You’ll also want to remove the lint trap, and use a flashlight to see how much lint is stuck under. Lint that becomes stuck in your LG dryer’s lint trap can cause an increase in drying times.

This is because the lint acts as a plug, thus restricting proper airflow.

Troubleshooting Steps to Take for the Error Codes

  • First, disconnect the dryer exhaust vent hose from the back of your dryer.
  • Next, add a load of wet clothes to the dryer and begin a drying cycle.
  • If your clothes dry within a normal timeframe, then your issue is definitely inside the exhaust system.
  • If the clothes are still wet, the issue may be a bad thermal fuse or heating element.
Lg dryer d90 error code vent clogged

LG Dryer Error Code d80

The error code d80 on your LG dryer means that there is an air blockage of 80%.

This means your dryer’s air exhaust is not pushing enough air out of your dryer through your home’s outdoor venting.

So, in other words, your dryer is 80% clogged either inside the air exhaust hose on the back of your dryer, inside the wall ducts, or the outdoor vent.

Here’s how to fix this issue:

  • Check the lint filter to ensure it is clean and free of lint
  • Disconnect the exhaust hose from the back of your unit and check if it’s blocked or clogged by lint.
  • Check inside the wall duct for visible lint blockages
  • Move outside your home, and check the outdoor vent to see if you see lint build up in there

Please note that some outdoor air vents are located on the side of your home, and may possibly even be on your roof.

LG Dryer Error Code d90

D90 is much like LG error code d80, except your system is more restricted.

The error code d90 displayed on your LG dryer means there is an air blockage of 90% in your system.

Basically, the air exhaust system attached to your dryer is not pushing an adequate supply of air through to the exterior exhaust system.

The d90 error code shows that your dryer is clogged by 90% between the air exhaust hose on the rear of your machine, inside wall ducts, or in the outdoor vent.

Here are the steps you should take:

  • Check the lint filter to ensure it’s clean and free of lint debris
  • Disconnect the exhaust hose from the back of your dryer and see if there is a build up of lint inside
  • Disconnect the exhaust hose from the wall in your home and see if there is a build up of lint inside
  • Move outdoors, and check the outdoor vent to see if there is a build of lint inside

If you find a build up of lint in one or more of these places, it’s imperative that it’s all removed. Do your best to not leave even a small amount of lint through this system.

LG Dryer Error Code d95

The error code d95 indicates your dryer’s exhaust system has an air blockage of 95%. This means the dryer is not pushing an adequate amount of air from the dryer through the venting system to outside.

The error code d95 basically means your dryer’s air flow is restricted by 95% somewhere inside the exhaust system.

The issue may be in the exhaust hose on the back of your dryer, inside your wall ducts, or even at the outdoor vent.

Here is how to check for a clog:

  • Check your dryer’s lint trap to ensure it’s clean and free of lint
  • Remove the exhaust hose from the back of your dryer and look for a blockage
  • Remove the exhaust hose from the wall inside your home and look for a lint blockage
  • Check the outdoor vent to ensure there’s build of lint inside

There’s no doubt you will find a build up of lint in one or more of these places. If so, be sure to use the proper brushes and tools to clear the blockage.

Once the blockage is cleared, the error message will go away and you’ll no longer be at risk of your home catching fire. Have you experienced any of these LG error codes? Where was your issue and what steps did you follow to fix it? Comment now, and let us know!

Reader Comments (51)

  1. I purchased my lg wash tower in December 2021 and about 2 months ago started getting the D80 error code. I have checked the vent hose and no lint anywhere, length is short and almost straight to wall vent. I’m in a condo so don’t know how to check the wall vent but I’m sure the strata is required to have regular cleaning for insurance purposes. Laundry unit is in a closet…does it matter if door to closet is closed when dryer is running? Unplugging unit seems to get rid of error code for a few loads but eventually comes back.

    • Brand new ThinQ washer dryer was professionally installed yesterday. Vents were professionally cleaned before the w/d was installed. Very first load in the dryer stopped with d80 code. The installers came out and put on new exhaust hose, which was shorter than the first. The vents were checked for blockage, but no blockage found – very clean and clear. Outside vent cover was replaced with a larger one. Installers tested the dryer and it seemed to be fine. First time I go to use the dryer I get the d80 code. Both times the clothes were dry because the code came at the end of the cycle. We turned off the power in the laundry room for 15 minutes to reset the system but when I used the dryer for the 3rd time, the d80 code came on at the end of the cycle again. Reset again. The next load again showed the d80 code, again at the end of the cycle. I ran the dryer again with a large load of towels on time dry and no error code. Then again with a small load on normal settings and got the d80 code again.

  2. I bought mine new yesterday to replace a 20-year-old Maytag. I was consistently getting D90 when connected to the duct-work which runs about 12-feet to the outside. I removed a plastic grocery bag worth of old lint using a plumbers snake (pretty gross). After that everything works wonderfully. I now wonder if my old dryer would have lasted even longer had I realized the ducts were clogged.

  3. Just had dryer vent cleaned and got a new dryer. The first load of clothes we got the d90 code and the dryer keeps shutting off. Clothes are not drying.

  4. This is definitely a design flaw and a company problem. Has the company responded to any of these inquiries ?
    Has anyone heard of a class action lawsuit against the company regarding this problem?

  5. Brand new and I get the dreaded D80 error code on the test. The duct run falls within the specs for length of run and elbows. Duct work is clear and lint free. The outside vent in clear, and actually I need to replace it because it’s permanently stuck open. Since it’s permanently open a stuck flapper shouldn’t be causing an issue…..I would think. The airflow at the outside vent feels the same as with nothing connected. Can’t be lint in the trap as this has never been run other than the initial test and a hour burn off like I was told to do. Reading all the comments I’m guessing they got a huge design flaw in their system. Trying my first drying load now.

  6. We had cleaned our ducts prior to purchasing this dryer and also immediately started getting the D90 error message. At first, we thought it was a malfunction since we had cleaned our dryer ducts. But then we noticed some moisture on the floor. We decided to go into the attic and disconnect the duct from the vent in the roof and found that a screen right before the vent had become fully blocked by lint that had become hardened and stuck to the screen. Once we removed that, the error message went away. So the sensor did truly alert us to an issue even though we thought we had thoroughly cleaned the ducts before we had the dryer installed. So thankful that we double-checked before contacting Lowes to say that there was a problem with the dryer!

  7. Thanks to the D90 error code and these posts I check my outside vent and found major clog where a bird had built a nest with twigs, grass clippings, etc.

  8. Hi I’ve been getting error 90 just looked up what issue could be as a new vent was recently placed on outside of my home. I’m glad I finally looked it up as my vent outside was completely covered in lint an that’s sooo scary. Dryer does turn off upon error code so that’s a good thing

  9. I am having the same issues as the above commenters. Brand new machine just purchased at the end of Feb 2021 and since first load have been getting d80 error. Had professionals come in and check the vents and perfectly clean. Was thinking the vent hose is just too long because it goes up into the attic and out through the roof (dryer is located on second floor) but am able to feel air come through when testing. At this point I think the dryer is just too sensitive. Not sure what to do to get rid of these errors.

      • I have the exact issues on my lg dlex9000v, owned for 2+ years now, issues from the very start. LG under warranty replaced everything, multiple service visits, etc. I did install a vent booster, which was an excellent idea, however – it still throws flow sense codes while sitting the middle of the room with no hose attached whatsoever. It’s the extra large capacity (we have 4 kids) and it seems the firmware that runs it is programmed for the smaller unit, so any large sized load triggers it. We can run small loads all day long, no issues, hence my conclusion. That said, we paid a LOT extra for the large capacity not knowing that LG’s firmware programs are likely the same as what runs the smaller sized dryers. I really don’t want to buy a new dryer, is there anyway to remedy the situation with the thermostats? Can they be moved closer together?



      • jeremiah, i wish i know a proper solution for this kind of problem, to be honest. I can only tell about possible solutions. This is how LG dryer works in terms of measuring airflow… There are 2 temp sensors (thermistors) , one located on the blower and the second one close to the exhaust. The difference in temperature between sensors (in and out) will tell the control board is any restrictions in the vent line and in what proportion. I don’t know exactly why this happens. I could call it a design flaw.

    • We’re having the same issue. We’ve had the vent cleaned and still getting error code d80 or d90. Brand new machine. Problem has been present from the beginning.

  10. Brand new from home depot. 2nd load I get d80 error. No line to even be blocked in trial runs. Still get error

    • Seems like LG dryer flow and temp sensors are too sensitive. It requires some volume of air pushing through the vent. Try to run dryer without attaching the vent hose. Will it give you the same error? if yes, you have a bad dryer. Return it

      • There is no “flow sensor” in the traditional sense. LG us an idiotic 2 stage temperature differential check. One upstream thermostat, and a downstream thermostat. They are both downstream from the blower. One is labeled “safety” thermostat and is in all models. The “flow sense” models have the “high temp” thermostat and if the two don’t match temps, it triggers the fault. And the cheap Chinese made thermostats are well known to be inaccurate. That is also why brand new units tested even without duct work will trigger the fault.

      • I have the similar issue. Everyone tried they can not fix it. My Machine had Heat issue. It was like thermostat tripped off. I reset it but now stuck with the D90 flow sense. I am sure it is to do with these thermostat. What can i do?

        The appliance repair guys have no clue. They just threw me under the bus. They say buy a new one. I don’t get it.

      • As an option, install Air Vent Booster. it helps with airflow. But i am not sure if it will help to fix this issue in your case.

  11. We had a brand new LG laundry town delivered and are having the same problem. We paid for install and went to use it for the first time and the dryer keeps giving us error codes d80, d90, d95 and shuts off after 4 minutes. Duct is very short, direct to outside, and clean. We tried disconnecting the vent hose and get the very same error.

  12. I have had the D80 code from day one with this dryer. I have disconnected the hose and run the test from the app and still get the code. Anything I can do before I call it in for repair? it seems to be drying but just annoying seeing the code each time.

  13. New dryer was just delivered and the Home Depot installer said the vent on back of dryer looked clear and also looked inside wall and said all looked good. I am getting a code D 80 on only some loads of clothes. The vent is being checked on Friday. Can we use the dryer at all while your getting a code D 80? Thank you!

    • Well, you will not damage your dryer for sure, by running it even with an intermittent error D80. I recommend you double-check dryer vent, especially outside, where the exhaust flapper. By the way, how long is your vent line from the dryer to outside?

    • My first new dryer came last week and kept giving the d80 error. Our vent is 100% clean. Home Depot decided it was faulty so they sent me a new one today. Still getting the code on some loads. I will be interested to see what they tell you on Friday.

  14. When I run a heat test, I’m getting a d80 code (even when I disconnect exhaust). No code when I run the dryer, but the clothes aren’t getting dry.

    I also opened everything up and cleaned out around the thermal fuse and temp sensor. It hasn’t made a difference, and I still get the d80 code during heat test. Any ideas?

  15. The D80 Code shows up on medium to larger loads. If I have a few towels or small load, no D80.. I’ve had a service call in the past (no issue found), have had the dryer vent cleaned in last 30 days, but still get the D80 code.. Dryer is about 4 years old… Any thoughts on next steps?

    Thank you

  16. With dryer disconnected from the vent, I am still receiving D85-90 codes. Can the dryer have issues with not pushing enough air out? Vents are clean lint filter are clean!

    • Can you check that airflow coming out from the dryer is strong enough? if yes, then check temp sensor on the blower wheel. Sometimes lint can stick to it and wrap around the sensor


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