Samsung Dryer Error Codes Explained

When something goes wrong with your Samsung dryer it sends error messages flashing on a screen.

These Samsung dryer error codes help you understand where the trouble might be coming from.

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Some of these Samsung dryer error codes are easier to understand than others.

And some of the problems may easily be corrected with a simple step, like closing the dryer door or removing lint from the lint filter.

But many of these problems cannot be solved by untrained people.

And if you aren’t a trained professional, you shouldn’t attempt to fix these problems yourself.

Samsung dryer error codes explained

Explained below are the Samsung dryer error codes you might see:

1) bE

The ‘b’ stands for button. ‘bE’ means ‘button Error’.

When this flashes on the digital screen, the dryer is telling you that a button is stuck.

You might have pressed a button to hard to too many times and it didn’t toggle back to its original resting position.

In other words the button is still actively pressed, and the dryer won’t operate.

Take a closer look at the buttons and its edges and see if it just failed to return to its original position.

Otherwise, if it’s really stuck and you can’t flick it back, you should call the repair center for help.

2) dO, dE, or dF

The ‘d’ stands for door. ‘d’ error messages means that the door of your dryer is the reason why it’s not running.

dO or dE simply means ‘door Open’ or ‘door Error’.

You may have forgotten to close it, didn’t close it hard enough, or a clothing item is caught in between.

dF, on the other hand, means ‘door circuit Failure’.

When this flashes on your digital screen it means that electricity going to and from your dryer’s door is failing.

The dryer is telling you there is something wrong with the dryer door’s switch or wiring (harness).

Check the wiring and the door switch to see if there are loose connections. Otherwise, it’s best to call in a repairman.

It may be that either the switch or the harness is damaged and needs replacement.

3) Et

The ‘t’ here stands for ‘technical’. Et means your dryer is suffering from a serious technical error.

This ‘Error is too technical’ for the machine to explain and for you to understand.

When this happens, try to unplug the dryer and wait for several minutes.

Then plug the dryer back. If it returns the same error message Et on your screen, then something in its electronic components crashed.

The thing that commands the dryer is called the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory).

It is the communication center of your dryer, located on the dryers PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

This is where it all happens: orders are received, commands are given, and actions are executed from this place.

When the EEPROM or something in your PCB malfunctions, your dryer’s screen will flash an Et error message.

Your dryer’s PCB needs to be replaced with a new one. It’s a job only your dryer repair center can do.

4) FE

The ‘F’ here stands for frequency. FE means that your dryer is experiencing a power source ‘Frequency Error’. There are two probable cause for this:

1) The place where you live doesn’t have a strong and consistent supply of electricity.

This means that the electricity that comes to your house fluctuates irregularly — sometimes it’s strong, sometimes it’s weak.

And when it’s weak, your dryer can tell, because it isn’t getting enough power. It will send you an FE message.

2) It can also be a faulty power frequency sensor in your dryer.

Your power company may be supplying the needed frequency (60 Hz) but because of a damaged or malfunctioning frequency sensor, your dryer is sending the FE error message.

Contact your repair center right away. They can help you diagnose the real cause of the FE error message, and guide you in what steps to take.

5) hE

The ‘h’ stands for ‘heat’. hE means ‘heating Error’.

This means that the heating system on your dryer is not producing enough heat or the heat sensor (thermistor) is not sensing heat accurately.

Whether your dryer’s heater is gas or electricity powered, have your repairman check for any of these faults.

The problem may be caused by a fault in the gas supply, which limits the supply to the heater coils.

Make sure the cut-off valve for the gas supply is fully open.

In case of electricity powered, your repairman will first check if your dryers circuit breaker is closed.

If it’s open, no electricity will flow to the heater. But then he’ll have to find out what electrical problem trips the circuit breaker.

If it’s faulty or damaged wiring, then he’ll replace that, too. Also, if the fault is with the heat sensor, the repairman will replace it.

6) oD

‘oD’ means ‘over Dry’. When this happens, it may indicate that the dryer didn’t sense that the clothes were already dry.

Either the moisture sensor malfunctioned or something was causing it to misread the moisture level inside the drier.

If a moist object or film is stuck on the sensor, it might think that the dryer tub still has a lot of moisture.

This could make it send an inaccurate oD error message. Check the moisture sensor and wipe it dry.

If the oD error persists, call in your repairman. Your dryer might need a new moisture sensor.

If the thermistor registers a normal resistance (10,000 ohms) reading, then the error message is probably due to some faulty or damaged electrical wiring.

Knowing how to read and understand these Samsung dryer error codes will also help you understand your repairman better in how he troubleshoots and repairs your dryer. Never attempt to do it yourself.

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Our Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You
“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”

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