LG Oven Got Error Code? Here Is How To Fix

Are you having problems with your LG oven? Modern ovens have a lot more features than ovens in the past, which means that more things can go wrong with them.

We understand that no one wants to spend all day trying to fix an oven, so we put together this guide to help you.

If you need more help, LG offers support through their page. However, they do not list what the error codes mean there for each exact model.

To find that information, you can check out the owner manuals for LG ovens.

We covered the error codes below, however, there might be some variations between the models, so please read the whole article

If your problem persists, be sure that you check out your owner manual for the unit.

List of Common LG Oven Error Codes:

  • Error Code F1 – Stuck Button
  • Error Code F1 – Temperature Sensor Is Open ( For Model# LSE4613ST )
  • Error Code F2/F4 – Temp Sensor Short-Circuited
  • Error Code F3 – Touch Button Short-Circuited
  • Error Code F4/F10 – Door Lock Malfunctioned
  • Error Code F5 – Realy On The Control Board Malfunctioned
  • Error Code F6/F8 – Main Power Issue
  • Error Code F6 – Oven Is Overheating ( For Model# LSE4613ST )
  • Error Code F7/F9/F11 – Oven Not Heating Up

First Steps

When something is wrong with your LG oven and you have no idea what it is, these are the first steps that you should take to identify the problem.

Always start by checking the oven settings. Sometimes, we can accidentally set the temperature or timer to the wrong setting.

This would make it seem like the oven is stuck preheating forever.

While you are at it, be sure that the oven door is completely closed. This might cause your oven to make a sound or never finish heating.

If neither of these simple fixes is the issue, you are going to need to check the oven for an error code.

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These are codes that let you know what is going wrong and will guide you through correcting the problem.

If you still have your owner’s manual around, it will be helpful here.

However, we have collected the LG oven error codes for you here. They may vary by model, so be sure to keep that in mind while you troubleshoot your oven.

Explanation Of LG Oven Error Codes

Error codes appear as “F” followed by a number. In some models, the oven will beep or flash the error code as well.

This can get annoying if you can not turn off the oven, so in some cases, you might want to unplug it.

Before you try fixing the oven, you will want to clear the error code. First, press “CLEAR/OFF” before you try using the oven again.

If the error code shows back up, turn off the circuit breaker the oven is using and wait at least 30 seconds before you turn it back on.

If the error code comes on again, then your oven is likely going to need to be repaired by a professional.

If you are comfortable with handling the repairs yourself, then you can do them.

This will save you money as you will only need to pay for the new replacement part and not hiring a repair technician.

Always be sure that the oven is unplugged before you open the back panel. You should also have someone help move the oven, as they can be heavy.

Placing the oven on a sheet of cardboard can also prevent your kitchen floor from being damaged.

Please keep in mind, that some error codes definition can be different for different LG models, depends on the year of manufacturing.

We know it could be a little bit confusing with these different definitions of the error codes, but you can leave a comment and ask us if you are not sure what to do next.

Error Code F1 – Stuck Button
Error Code F1 – Temperature Sensor is Open ( For Model# LSE4613ST )

When you see this code, there is likely a problem with a stuck button on the control panel or touchpad.

It might also mean that there is a bad connection between the touchpad and the control board of the oven.

There is no simple solution on that. But you can try to disconnect the touchpad ribbon cable from the control board and clean it by using an eraser.

If it will not help, get a new touchpad.

Touchpad ribbon cable cleaning

Another F1 error code definition means that a temperature sensor or thermistor is open and the control board unable to get readings from this sensor.

Error Code F2/F4 – Temp Sensor Short-Circuited

An F2 error can mean that the oven’s temperature sensor is malfunctioning or short-circuited.

This means that it will no longer work properly and you will need a technician to check the oven for you. The part might need to be replaced or repaired.

Error Code F3 – Touch Button Short-Circuited

F3 means that a wire leading to a touch button has short-circuited. The control panel buttons or wiring might be causing the issue.

If you restart the oven and it still appears, you will need to contact a repair service for help.

Error Code F4/F10 – Door Lock Malfunctioned

This error indicates that the oven door lock is malfunctioning. You can try to replace the part yourself or hire a technician.

If you want to replace it, be sure that the oven is unplugged.

Next, remove the back panel and take a picture of the wiring on your phone, you can use this as a guide to reattach them the right way when you are done.

Then you can disconnect all the wires that connect to the door lock motor.

From there, it should be easy to remove the door lock and install the new one.

Be sure that you reconnect the wires correctly, or you will have more problems with the oven.

Error Code F5 – Realy on the control board malfunctioned

This means that there was an issue with the oven relay board. You will want to restart the oven by unplugging it or cutting power to it in other ways. Be sure to wait at least 30 seconds before you turn it back on.

Error Code F6/F8 – Main Power Issue
Error Code F6 – oven is Overheating ( For Model# LSE4613ST )

This means that the circuit board is not getting the right amount of power or is broken.

You can check which it is by unplugging the oven and letting it sit for 10 minutes before you turn it back on.

Also, check the double breaker to make sure all 2 breakers is ON and none of them is tripped.

But If the code reappears, this means that the circuit board needs repairs or replacement.

Error Code F7/F9/F11 – Oven not heating up

This code covers many different heating issues, so it can be hard to figure out what is causing it.

It means that the oven temperature did not go over 150F in 5 minutes, with the door closed.

It can be caused by a failed oven relay board, a bad oven sensor, or other heating problems.

Be sure to restart the oven before you try fixing it, sometimes that is all this error code needs.

To test the oven sensor, you should start by turning off the oven and removing the sensor.

Then do an Ohms test, a good sensor will have about 1,080 Ohms when it is at room temperature. If it is a lot higher or lower, you will need to replace the sensor.

Another problem can be with failed Oven Relay Board, when relay contacts gets dirty and not providing continuity, thus not sending power to the broil or bake elements.

Check this article to see how to fix this problem.

Other Common Oven Codes

Child Lock

When your oven displays “Child Lock”, the control panel can not be used.

This is a safety feature that you can make use of if you have young children at home.

This is not an error code, but if it was accidentally turned on, it can be confusing at first.

When you want to disable the child lock, press the “Oven Lock” button and hold it down for 3 seconds.

This should cancel the lock and allow you to use the control panel on your oven again.

If the display “Child Lock” does not go away and you can not regain control over your oven, you will want to contact a repair service.

Be sure that you shut the oven down right away if you can, especially if there is food stuck inside of it.


This is another code that is not technically an error but will lock the control panel.

This shows that the self-clean function is being used and that the oven can not be used until it is finished.

If you can not get rid of the code, then your unit is malfunctioning and requires repair service.


When “HS” is displayed, this means that there is a “hot surface” on the stovetop. It will stay on until the surface has cooled down.

To manually clear this code, press the “CLEAR/OFF” button.


When you see “PF” it means that there was a power failure with your oven. You can push “CLEAR/OFF” to clear the display. This most often happens if your area experiences a blackout, as this code is meant to let you know that the oven lost power at some point.


This code stands for “Sabbath Mode” and is usually used on the Jewish Sabbath and Holidays.

When this mode is on, the oven will not turn off until the mode is turned off. All buttons work on the control panel except for the “CLEAR/OFF” button.

To exit this mode, all you need to do is press and hold in the “SETTING” button for three seconds. This should give you control over the oven settings again.


Those are all of the common error codes that you might see displayed on your LG oven.

Remember, if you are having problems with the unit, always start by resetting it. Oftentimes, this can be enough to solve whatever issues the oven was having.

However, if the error code reappears, you are going to have to try further steps to fix it.

Using the owner’s manual for your oven can help you figure out what is wrong, you will simply need to find the code in the instructions.

If you are comfortable fixing the oven yourself, always remember to unplug it first.

If you were cooking on it recently, be sure that you give the oven at least one hour to cool down before you start handling it.

If you can not figure out what is wrong, a technician can help you with the repairs.

Some models have more error codes than what was listed here. If you are confused, be sure to consult your owner’s manual. LG has them listed on their website, where you can download them as a reference if you have misplaced yours.

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  1. LG range keeps flashing back and forth between the time and tESt and I get no heat from my oven now. I lost my owners manual ( found it online) tried to set the time (after having a power failure) by holding the clock symbol and pushed a button (I think it was #3) then start/set. I have tried pushing OFF/CLEAR and it still does it, unplugged the range and even flipped the circuit breaker. What else could I do to clear it off?

  2. Our new lg stove is indicating the door is open but it is not. What is that caused by, the hinges or the latch. It started after I cleaned the oven. (Self cleaned)

  3. This L S G 4513 is 15 months old and the oven has not been used a lot and we are getting f 3 error code

    • We were better off with out all this technology that does not last and we are left with a big repair bill old stoves lasted for ever simpler was better

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